Anyone who’s seen Revival Cycles’ avant-garde Revival Six with both front and rear single-sided swingarms, hub-center steering and a Honda CBX six-banger with six trumpeting exhausts knows the Austin-based builders push the design envelope. Pushing that envelope was a recurring theme at the 2019 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show the Revival crew hosts, this year’s event featuring notable world debuts and seemingly boundless creativity.  

Revival Cycles debuted its latest build, "The Birdcage," at the 2019 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 

The world debuts included Revival’s own minimalist creation called “The Birdcage.” The cage comes from a puzzle comprised  of 138 titanium bars that make up the frame.  The engine is a monster Boxer prototype and transmission supplied by BMW. Revival’s touches to the powertrain included the addition of big fuel injection bodies and bell mouth velocity stacks. They also made the titanium exhaust.  You wouldn’t know it with a glance but the front end is based off BMW’s tried-and-true Telelever system. The monster engine gets a smidgeon of gas from a one gallon aluminum tank. With the absence of bodywork and a monster Boxer, the Revival team outfitted “The Birdcage” with dual 23” Firestone slicks to balance out the design.

The other motorcycle that created as much, if not more buzz at the Handbuilt, was Bryan Fuller’s 2029, which challenged the status quo of motorcycle building thanks to streamlined bodywork concealing the motorcycle’s internals and 3D printed metal parts. Fuller Moto’s statement said:

Fuller Moto gave a glimpse of the future of custom motorcycles with its 2029

“Imagine what George Roy, designer of the iconic Majestic, would have built 100 years later in 2029. That’s exactly what Bryan Fuller and Bobby Haas imagined, and that’s precisely what Fuller created in his masterful tour de force, using a combination of old world craftsmanship with cutting edge electric firepower and 3D printing for a host of the components.”

The 3D printing extends to the front stabilizer arm and steering plate on the hub-center steering. Fuller’s team embellished Bimota’s Tesi hub-steering because it had the proper dimensions for their creation. Beneath the aluminum bodywork is an electric motor off a Zero FXS along with a battery pack. The clear polycarbonate wheels create the illusion of free-floating wheels, adding to its mysterious nature. The build was commissioned by the Haas Moto Museum, who had several motorcycles from its collection on display at the show.

On the other end of the design envelope was Madhouse Motors’ 1957 Royal Enfield Indian with a foot- throttle (you read that right) and an internal tank shift.

Madhouse Motors 1957 Royal Enfield Indian features the first foot throttle I've run across 

“The foot throttle concept kind of came out of nowhere, but I wanted to see if it was possible because I hadn’t seen it before,” said Madhouse’s J. Shia. “A little dangerous (laughs). It’s super sketchy because your brain isn’t wired to do that.” The build features repurposed parts galore, from an old police light she modified and cut down for a headlight to a shift handle that came off an antique lathe.

Todd Egan injected a new performance-driven life into a MotoGuzzi by mashing two Guzzi’s together, then adding his own penchant for making things go fast.  

“The first bike, 01, is the merger of two bikes and two frames, a California 1100 and the back and lower half of a Guzzi Griso. It’s set-up and modified to 1380cc with cams and puts out about 140 horsepower to the tire, and it’s 400 pounds,” said Egan. A Marzocchi fork, custom rear shock and Marchesini wheels round out a wicked canyon destroyer.

Todd Egan's "01" mashes a MotoGuzzi California 1100 and a Griso together

Just when you’d thought you’d seen it all, you’d take another spin around the cavernous Austin-American Statesman hall and marvel at another stellar creation that somehow slipped by your attention the first go-round. That said, we’ll let pictures tell the rest of the story about the good times that were had at this year’s Handbuilt Motorcycle Show.