Plenty of new motorcycle tech on display

Yamaha announced it will unveil “six world premiere models” at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015, which runs from Oct. 29 to Nov. 8. This includes a leaning three-wheeler concept in a two-front, one-rear configuration; a new 125cc introductory motorcycle; and electric off-road and sportbike concepts.

LMW 08H Concept
Yamaha says its “Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) technology is designed to create a new dimension of Kando.” Yamaha’s corporate philosophies states kando is “a product that surpasses customer expectations.” Or, as Sony explains it, the “power of wow.”

No other information has been released except for a teaser shot of the three-wheeler’s front end that shows both front wheels leaning in unison. We did notice it has dual telescopic forks on each wheel for rigidity and each wheel is equipped with its own braking system. The only other thing we could glean from the pic is its sport-oriented design. Yamaha did unveil a similar concept at Intermot in 2014 called the GEN01 three-wheeler, which it dubbed a “crossover” vehicle.

Yamaha isn’t the only Japanese manufacturer that will be unveiling a leaning multi-wheeler concept in Tokyo. Honda will also be introducing its NEOWING Three-Wheel Concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, a two-front, single-rear wheeled vehicle with a hybrid gas/electric powertrain.

PES2 & PED2 Electric Concepts
On the electric front, Yamaha will be unveiling two “experimental vehicles,” a PES2 sportbike and PED2 dirt bike. Yamaha says the two electric motorcycles will “share a new power unit (Yamaha Smart Power Module) with a monocoque structure that also functions as the frame.” The Yamaha Smart Power Module is a DC brushless motor teamed to a Lithium-ion battery that is detachable.

Of particular interest is the fact that the PES2 will have “an additional electric motor built into the hub of the front wheel to make it a 2WD motorcycle.” Performance is said to be comparable to Class II motorcycles (50-125cc). With its twin motor arrangement, we’re guessing the PES2 leans more toward the 125cc range, especially since Yamaha states it will weigh under 130 kg (286 pounds). The PES2 is said to be 1920mm (75.6 in.) long, 680 mm (26.77 in.) wide, and 1060mm (41.73 in.) tall. Its bodywork is sporty and edgy, from its faux tank to its tidy tail to “Super Duke” style side panels.

Yamaha PES2 Concept

The PED2 appears to be a little dual-sport concept as the dirt-bike styled motorcycle is equipped with mirrors, turn signals, a headlight and a license plate. The components seem fairly rudimentary, tires and brakes a step above what you’d find on a mountain bike, lending us to believe its power output will lean more toward the 50cc end of the scale. Yamaha says the PED2 will weigh under 100 kilograms (220 pounds) and measure out at a length of 2045mm (80.5 in.), a width of 775 mm (30.5 in.), and a height of 1205mm (47.4 in.).

Yamaha PED2 Concept

Resonator125 Concept
Yamaha will also be unveiling a more conventional introductory concept motorcycle dubbed the Resonator125. We commend Yamaha for building a beginner’s bike that doesn’t look stale. The Resonator125 will be powered by an air-cooled 125cc Single-cylinder engine with fuel injection. The seat and tail establish a café racer vibe. While the fork tubes are fairly thin, the rear sees remote reservoir shocks. It has what looks like a mount for a smart phone on the handlebar that makes us believe it will utilize a Yamaha app for a speedo and diagnostics. Yamaha directly states it targets “young people who have not yet discovered the joys of motorcycling.”

Yamaha Resonator125 Concept

Here’s more juicy details courtesy of Yamaha PR. “With a lightweight, slim and compact chassis and an instrument panel assembly using an innovative device, this model melds elements of the near future with the nostalgic for a new fusion of motorcycle eras. It also sports wood panels on the fuel tank and seat cowl with authentic wood grain material used in guitars and engravings on the muffler, fuel tank cap and more done with same intricate techniques used for brass wind instruments.”

The last thing that caught our eye about Yamaha’s Tokyo Motor Show lineup is that it will unveil a motorcycle-riding robot. Yep, you heard that right. “We will also unveil and display an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot that combines motorcycle and robotics technologies,” announced Yamaha.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.