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Top End Kit for VTX1300

AFT Customs, the world-class custom metric bike builder, announced the availability of its new performance kit for the Honda VTX 1300 and the newly released Honda Fury. The kit comes complete with pistons, cams, and gaskets resulting in a 20% gain in horsepower and torque over the stock motor.

“We are really pleased with the way the motors run,” stated Jim Giuffra, owner of AFT Customs. “The bike is noticeably faster and is much more fun to ride.”

The pistons are forged by one of the top piston companies and come in at 11:1 compression ratio, a huge difference over the stock 9.2:1 pistons. In addition, the cam, manufactured by a leading cam manufacturer, provides additional valve lift and duration without requiring engine head modification. All the gaskets in the kit are OEM from Honda.

All the components within the kit have been carefully researched and test through countless engines builds.

“This is the same kit that I personally use on all of my Honda builds. It will help you keep up with traffic while keeping your pocketbook intact.”

The AFT Top-End Performance Kit fits the Honda VTX 1300 from 2003-2010 models and the 2010 Honda Fury. It retails for $995.99 and can be purchased through AFT Customs by calling direct at (209) 223-3848 or by going online to

About AFT (Amador Fine Tune)

Amador Fine Tune is a full service bike shop that has been in business for nearly 20 years. They offer one-off products and are a dealer for over 100 different suppliers. AFT Customs is about professional craftsmen and are certified to work on all metrics motorcycles including: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Though customizing metrics is relatively new, AFT Customs have been winning awards for its bikes for years and boasts over 30 world class awards including the 2005 and 2008 AMD World Championship for their metric builds and has over 30 feature articles in top industry magazines worldwide. They provide minor modifications based on customer specifications to full ground-up projects. All builds focus on style, performance, size and functionality. For all your metric needs—big and small—contact the experts at (209) 223-3848 or visit them on the web–