Sena is one of the leading Bluetooth technology companies in the world. I was first introduced to Sena about three years ago with the slim and sleek 10R Communication System and its higher horsepower parent the 20S Evo Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System. I installed the 10R on my wife’s helmet and the 20S in mine. For the last three years, I have been using the various features on these headsets to improve my motorcycle commute and long-haul trips with friends.

In the past couple of years, I have started to become more of a technology nerd with the introduction of artificial intelligence platforms like Google Assist and Alexa. I have integrated the Google Assistant into many parts of my life including motorcycle trips. I started to realize how I could pair the two when I would ask my Google Home hub what the weather was like before I decided what gear to wear for the day. I started to integrate Google Assistant with my commute to find faster routes home in heavy traffic conditions, too.

Since I incorporated Google Assistant into a motorcycle habit it has taken a ton of stress away when dealing with changes in my trip or commute. It’s saved me from being stuck on the side of the road and from getting drenched with bad weather. Seeing how Google Assistant has come to my rescue on more than one occasion, I’ve put together a list of the best simple commands and helpful instructions to get you started.

  1. Install your headset and pair it with your phone. We have great tips and installation videos on our product detail pages on our J&P website. Our Bluetooth Communications Buyers Guide is also a great resource. Once that’s done, you will also need to have Google Assistant installed on your phone and set it up. Here is a great simple link to get that process going. Now that you are all connected, you are ready to start.
  2. Press the phone button on your Sena headset. This button is different on every headset so check your instructions for the correct button.
  3. Your headset should beep once asking for a command, which simultaneously opens Google Assistant on your phone. Simply say a command to begin. It will be awkward at first and practice makes perfect here. After doing it for a couple of trips or so it will be like second nature to you.
Example of phone button location on a Sena 30K 

Top 5 Favorite Google Assistant Commands for a Sena Headset

  1. “What’s the chance of rain?” – I use this in combination with not only local weather but weather in the city that I am traveling to. I might say what is the chance of rain, or what is the chance of rain in Dallas, as an example.
  2. “How long is it going to take to get me to work?” – I typically use this command when I first put my helmet on and let my bike warm up. This helps me understand how much traffic I will be dealing with on my commute to work.
  3. “Navigate to (Insert your favorite restaurant or watering hole)” – I use this command when I am riding, but may not remember the best path to get to my favorite places. This prevents me from having to stop and search on a map for restaurants.
  4. “Navigate to the closest gas station” – This is my go-to command on long trips, especially when traveling with other riders who might not have the same fuel capacity. Next time your friend rides up next to you and points to his fuel tank, say this simple command to save you both time.
  5. “Call my wife” – This is probably the most important command, especially when you want to let her know that your 30-minute commute has now turned into a 300-mile ride.

Bonus Google Assistant Commands for Motorcyclists

Here's some bonus commands you can use that are also helpful. Try them out for yourself.

• Set a reminder - Could be used for when you are thinking of something, but don’t want to stop and write it down.

• Set an alarm - When you need to be somewhere at a certain time.

• Location finder - Good when you want to mark a good road that you found.

• Play Music - Good when you’re not already crankin’ some tunes.

• Tell me a joke - Good for when you are trying to keep yourself busy on that long boring highway road.

• Set phone volume - Allows you to set your phone volume to a specific percentage.

We hope this article gets you thinking about how to automate your motorcycle trip a little more. If you would like us to spend more time on this and discuss more advanced commands and the particulars of integrating your headset with other smart home devices like your garage door or house, please comment below.