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Locking up your motorcycle can be kind of a pain (but not as much of a pain as replacing it). You have to carry the lock and make sure you remember to remove it before you ride off—not to mention that good locks can be a bit pricey (but not as pricey as replacing your bike). Locking your bike costs a minute of your time, but if your ride is stolen all those hours spent customizing it are lost. We came up with a few tips that may help you avoid this situation.

Three basic ways to lock your motorcycle:

  1. On its own using a steering lock or disc lock to immobilize it.
  2. Tethering it to a stationary object such as a telephone pole or hand rail.
  3. Frame-to-frame to another bike when traveling in a group.

One thing applies to all three situations: common sense. Our security sources tell us that the best way to lock your bike is with multiple locks—preferably to a stationary object.

Example of a basic disc lock - Bully 5.5m Chrome Disc Lock with Pouch

Disc locks are best for situations where you can’t lock the bike to another object or as a secondary lock. It should be placed on the rear disc to minimize rear-tire movement. This will stop a thief from rolling the bike forward. While no lock on Earth can stop a determined thief, a disc lock will deter a criminal from just riding or walking the bike away.

Short of a pit bull, using multiple locks, or a lock and an alarm, is the best way to secure a lone bike in a parking lot. The Xena Ultra High Security Disc Lock Alarm covers both duties, but for optimal protection should be used in conjunction with another lock.

When traveling in a group, locking your bikes together is a smart idea. Cobra links, cable locks and chain locks are best for this since they tend to be large and flexible, allowing the lock to bridge the gap between two parked rides. Of course, locking one bike to an object and then to your buddy’s ride is a good way to go, too.

Locking your motorcycle by its lonesome should be your last resort. Try to lock your bike to a stationary object whenever possible. Not only does this help deter a single thief from taking a bike, it may also make a group of professional thieves think twice before throwing your bike into a van and driving off with it. The Bully Alarm Lock with Pager is just one option for this.

Example of a U-lock - Bully Alarm Lock With Pager

A U-lock is a good companion to a disc lock or an alarm because of its versatility and strength. The lock is able to pass through the front wheel and frame of a tire and hook to any stationary object. This prevents the bike from rolling forward, limits the turn radius and keeps the lock off of the ground. When locking your motorcycle, keep in mind that the ground is a great cutting surface for defeating a lock since it provides leverage. If the lock is off the ground, it’s much more difficult to cut. Always lock your bike in such a way as to make it difficult to defeat the lock.