ICON steps up its game once again

ICON’s mission has always been placing top-level protection on the most at-risk group of motorcyclists. Today, we announce a natural evolution of this statement: Every new model motorcycle jacket and pant we make, from this point forward, will come equipped with CE certified D3O impact protectors.

The benefits of this world-leading impact protector is twofold. First, this polymer is a patented technology that is industry leading in its impact abosorption qualities. Second, the form and function of D3O allow us to create a lighter, more comfortable garment that a rider wants to wear.

From military applications to sensitive electronics, heavy industry applications and now ICON apparel, the world’s best turn to D3O to keep physics at bay.

D3O’s patented technology allows us to engineer garments that appeal to street riders who would otherwise go without any protective motorcycle apparel. From, our signature Stryker Vest, to our premium ICON 1000 line, D3O has been integrated into many of our products with critical acclaim. With this latest announcement, we take that success one step further.

Every new ICON jacket and pant, regardless of price point, features this world class protector. As a brand dedicated to pushing both technological and design boundaries, this integration is a natural step for our ever-expanding customer base and is a continuation of our promise to every rider that wears ICON.

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