“Get your motor running, head out on the highway!”

Steppenwolf’s lyrics will soon be ringing true because won’t be long until spring has sprung. But if your Harley has been sitting in a cold, lonely garage over the winter, it’s going to need some TLC before you take it out. That’s why we’ve put together a list of Pro Tip and How to videos to help you with some of the basics and to get you motivated so your Harley’s in prime running condition when those sunny days roll around.

Put in New Motorcycle Oil

It’s quick, it’s easy, and your motorcycle’s engine will love you for it. Every Harley owner should put in some fresh oil as a rite of spring. Patrick runs you through a quick oil change on a Harley-Davidson Dyna.

Consistent oil changes can be the key to long engine life. Changing it yourself keeps more money in your pocket to buy parts with! Includes every step from oil drain and fill to checking levels, as well as the tools and any replacement parts you may need. The process will be similar on most Twin Cam Dyna models. Check your manual for details on your specific model.

Tools and Replacement Parts List:



Fast Funnel

Filter Wrench

Check Your Motorcycle Tires

Now is the perfect time to put on a set of new tires. Safety, traction, and gas mileage all benefit. Patrick just wrote a very helpful How to Choose Tires for Your Motorcycle article. He also did an overview on some new rubber we’re really excited about, the just launched Michelin Commander III Tires.

Michelin Commander III Tire Overview

Michelin's Commander III is split into two categories with the Cruiser and the Touring versions to tailor the tire to your riding style. The Touring tire boasts 25% more life on average than any of its competitors while the Cruiser is designed to shine in wet conditions.

Check Your Motorcycle Battery

OK, let’s see those hands. How many of you put your battery on a trickle charger over the winter or at least went and fired your motorcycle up regularly? Now let’s see those hands of people that didn’t! Neglecting your motorcycle battery is easy enough to do. If it barely has enough charge to turn your bike over or it’s getting up there in age, swapping out for a new one is your best bet. Nobody wants to start out the riding season worrying about if their battery’s going to crap out on them and leave them stranded somewhere.

How to Choose the Right Battery for Your Bike: Pro Tip

You probably don't give your battery a lot of thought until its not doing its job. When it does give up the ghost there are a few things to work out when choosing your new one. Size, cold cranking amps, terminal location and battery type are key pieces to getting the right unit.

Clean Your Motorcycle Air Filter

Your engine’s going to be much happier if it’s breathing free and easy. If you haven’t checked your air filter since last riding season, pull it out and take a look. Bet ya that thing is crusty! Luckily, cleaning it up is a snap. So is buying a new one!

How to Clean Your Air Filter: Pro Tip

If you’re still rolling around with a stock air filter, ditch it. A high flow filter not only is a performance upgrade but lasts forever with proper care.

Check Your Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Plugs get fouled and corroded. They can tell you the story of whether your motorcycle is running rich or lean. Spring time is the perfect time to put in some new plugs so everything’s firing just right. You can also tidy them up with some spark plug covers like these from Kuryakyn.

Kuryakyn Precision Spark Plug Covers fills the gap between the upper cylinders for a clean custom appearance. Pure perfection when it comes to filling the void around the base of the plugs, head bolts, and surrounding area.

Time for a New Motorcycle Clutch?

How’s that clutch feeling when you pull in the lever? Are you grinding gears? Slipping? Is your cable loose? Frayed? Might be an easy adjustment or might be time for a new one. Patrick offers up some quick clutch tips for Sportster Evo owners, and if you’ve got other questions for your particular Harley model, don’t hesitate to call our Rider Service Center.

Evo Sportster Clutch Adjustment: Pro Tip

Is your Sporty clutch dragging a bit, or possibly too much play in the lever? You may not need a new clutch, just an adjustment. We'll walk you through the steps of an adjustment to keep your clutch in perfect working order.

Inspect Your Motorcycle Brake Pads

Nothing like grabbing a handful of mushy brakes hoping you’re going to stop in time. If you’ve been procrastinating about putting on a new set of brake pads, don’t. It’s not that hard to put on some new pads. You might want to bleed out those old fluids that have been stagnating all winter long while you’re at it. Or you can just outright upgrade for these 6 piston bad boys from Performance Machine.

Stopping Power with Performance Machine 6 Piston Calipers

All too often we overlook good brake systems on large cruisers. Well look no further. For 50 years Performance Machine has been building better brakes for your Harley-Davidson. Their 6 piston caliper is PM's hot ticket in regards to bolt-on brakes for large cruisers. If you are looking to add some proper stopping power to your machine, look no further.

Rub a Dub - Motorcycle Cleaners

After you’ve got your bike all prepped and ready to ride, there’s still one last thing to do – clean it!

In our Cycle Care Cleaning/Detailing Products article we review the Cycle Care Shine n Ride Aerosol Cleaner, Cycle Care Formlula 33 Spray and Wipe Polish, Cycle Care 8 oz. Formula 4 Leather Vinyl and Rubber Conditioner, and the Cycle Care Envirogreen No Rinse Bike Wash.

When that first bike night rolls around, you’re going to want your ride looking good. Bugs be gone!

Just think if you had to keep this baby polished!! Wonder how many hours owner Barry Zelickson spends wiping down his Road King.