Wintertime can give you the biker blues. About now, a large percentage of the country is jonesing to ride, but snow, rain, and icy roads dictate otherwise. There is a cure, though. Winter is the perfect time to get out in the garage and work on your motorcycle. If you’ve been itching to put on some new bars or exhaust, now’s the time. It’s also the perfect window of opportunity to do even more intensive performance upgrades. Things like new cams are guaranteed to put more pep in your motorcycle’s step. And thanks to YouTube, there’s videos that show you how to do just about everything these days, step-by-step. We’ve got our own wonderful series of Weekend Wrenching videos to help you with a wide range of installs, and Pat Garvin is great at breaking things down in layman terms and providing helpful tips. Two of our most popular Weekend Wrenching videos are cam installs. If you’re looking to liven up your Milwaukee-Eight, a S&S Cycle Complete Cam Chest Kit is the way to go. Our Cam Replacement on a Harley Davidson Twin Cam (including Pushrod Removal) video is an oldie but a goodie and is one of our most viewed videos ever! So instead of sitting in your La-Z-Boy sulking, get out there and work on your motorcycles. It’ll make you both happy!

Cam Replacement on a Milwaukee 8 Harley Davidson Touring Bike

Watch as Patrick walks you through the process of upgrading the stock cams on a Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight-powered Road King. The S&S 475 camshaft is a bolt-in 100hp cam with the addition of a performance intake/exhaust and tune. In this video we'll walk you through the step by step installation using S&S Cycles Complete Cam Chest Kit. Installation will be similar for all M8-powered Touring and Softail models.

Mechanics Tip: To install the S&S Cycle 475C Chain Drive Cam Chest Kit with Black Pushrod Tubes  you’ll need a JIMS Camshaft Needle Bearing Remover and Installer and a JIMS Cam/Crank Sprocket Lock Tool.

Cam Replacement on a Harley Davidson Twin Cam, including Pushrod Removal

Watch as Justin Bramstedt, Research Manager at S&S Cycle, walks you through the process of upgrading the stock cams on a Harley-Davidson FLTRX. The S&S 510C camshaft set is designed to be used with the stock Twin Cam chain-drive system and is an economical way to improve the performance of stock Twin Cam engine. In this video we'll see the easiest way to remove your stock pushrods using a bolt cutter. Be sure to check out S&S Performance parts for more winter project ideas.  

Mechanics Tip: For the S&S Cycle 510C Standard Chain Drive Cam Chest Kit install a JIMS Cam Bearing Installation Tool for Twin Cam and a JIMS Cam Locking Tool for Twin Cam are needed.