Tech 2 Boot

For the casual off-road or ATV rider selecting the appropriate foot wear for your motorcycling adventure isn’t that simple. Most desire the protection of a motocross boot with the flexibility, comfort, and of course style of a conventional hiking boot. Now Alpinestars fills this niche with its Tech 2 boot.

Based off its industry-leading Tech 8 and Tech 10 motocross boots, the Tech 2 features a lower, above-the-ankle cut with a solid, yet flexible construction. The foot bed makes use of a piece of steel that shields the bottom of your foot from hard impacts; say, landing a jump or dabbing your foot down on a rock at speed.

Underneath a dual-density rubber compound sole provides traction in both soft and hard terrain. It also delivers an astounding level of feel and flexibility without sacrificing structural rigidity. The toe box is reinforced with polyurethane composite, as is the heel cup, similarly to the Tech 10. More protection comes in the form of the integrated calf plate, while the inner area features large suede panels enhancing grip and feel with the motorcycle. The interior of the boot uses a soft and breathable anti-bacterial liner.

Weight wise it feels comparable to a standard hiking boot. The Tech 2 doesn’t employ an inner bootie system so putting it on is as easy as sliding your foot into it. The opening is wide so there’s no need to wiggle or jam your foot into it. Simply lift up the tongue and your foot slides right in.

A simple, but extremely effective twin-buckle-plus-Velcro enclosure system ensures a secure fit and is easily adjusted with the innovative Tech 10-style ratcheting buckles. The boot also has a neat splash shield to help keep your feet dry when riding in the wet.

But perhaps the best feature of the Tech 2 is that it perfectly melds the best of both worlds. It offers the everyday comfort and freedom of movement of a premium hiking boot plus the solid, reassuring feel and protection of a standard off-road boot. Having spent a good amount of time smashing through tree-lined single track and rocky fire roads the Tech 2 boot has become one piece of gear we simply won’t ride without. Even better is its reasonable price tag of $169.95. If you’re looking for the one on/off-road boot that can do-it-all – from dual-sports and mini bikes to ATVs – you’d be wise to pick up a pair of Alpinestars Tech 2s.