By Bryan Rastok

Arai motorcycle helmets have a proud history and have been crafting helmets by hand since 1926 when a hatmaker named Hirotake Arai combined his passion with his profession. Now, three generations of Arai sons later, Arai Helmets is the most awarded motorcycle brand on the market. Their product has been ranked first in customer satisfaction in all ten annual J. D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Studies. It was also first (or tied for first) in three of four categories: Overall Satisfaction, Ventilation, and Styling. (Source: Wikipedia)


The most recognized name in the entire Arai lineup, the Corsair has long been revered as one of the most advanced, highest quality helmets available anywhere in the world. Arai's commitment , unwavering discipline, and invaluable experience all focused on rider protection and performance has given the world the Corsair-X. With features like the VAS shield mechanism, dramatically improved air flow and ventilation, and an antimicrobial Eco-Pure liner, the Corsair-X has certainly earned its place as the flagship model.

The Arai Corsair-X is the most evolved Corsair yet, featuring new technology to give you a superior helmet with more safety features than any other.

Shell Construction

•  Constructed of PB SNC2 (unique synthetic fibers) by Arai experts with a specialized resin that adheres the shell layers to create strength without adding weight.


•  The VAS Shield System is truly unique to the Corsair-X by moving the pivot point of the helmet lower than any other and recessed into the helmet deeper than most making this variable axis point almost flush with the helmet shell.

•  This shield pivot point allows a much smoother shell that upon impact will redirect energy as opposed to absorbing it.

•  The VAS Max Vision faceshield comes standard so you have better visibility in any weather and any season and features a clear Pinlock insert. A de-mist latch position slightly cracks the shield open. The VAS shield latch system holds the shield securely in place with no unexpected movement.


•  The interior is almost as impressive as the outside featuring an Eco-Pure liner that is fully removable and anti-bacterial.

•  A chin curtain is included to minimize air intrusion. The removable neck roll features additional exhaust channels to remove interior heat. Removable temple and crown padding allow for a custom fit.

•  Cheek pads feature emergency release tabs.

•  Easily use your ear buds or Bluetooth communication system with the peel away ear pockets designed for speakers.

Safety Certification

•  The Arai Corsair-X meets or exceeds DOT and Snell M2015 standards.


Arai has set a new benchmark in comfort, quiet, stability and ventilation in street helmets. With more of a "round-shape" fit, the Quantum series is a must-have for everyday street use.

Arai has a reputation for handcrafting the best helmets in the world. The Quantum-X carries on that legacy:

Shell Construction

•  With an all-new (PB-ScLc) Peripherally Belted - Super Complex Laminate Construction shell design that delivers high levels of performance at an affordable price.

•  The Quantum-X helmet has a round oval shell for head shapes with an even balance between length and width.

•  QVF and QVR upper ventilation ducts offer more adjustment and better flow-through.


•  New Variable Access System (VAS) shield provides a rounder shell shape and an easy-to-use changing system. The Quantum-X comes standard with a VAS Max Vision faceshield to provide better visibility in all seasons and for all types of riding.

•  The VAS shield is smaller and lower than the previous design with adjustable air intake vents that provide improved sealing which decreases road noise and water intrusion.

•  Clear anti-fog Pinlock insert for all-season visibility.


•  A fully removable, anti-bacterial Eco-Pure liner.

•  Water-repellent, ES chin cover that increases exhaust from the mouth area while reducing wind noise.

Safety Certification

•  DOT and Snell 2015 approved.


Purpose-built for the street, the Signet-X is another Arai benchmark in comfort, quiet, stability and ventilation. With a "long oval" head shape, the new Signet-X exemplifies that unique shape with a feature-rich package.

Arai strives to make the best motorcycle helmets in the world and the Arai Signet-X Helmet is no exception:

Shell Construction

•  Boasting an all new PB-ScLc (Peripherally Belted - Super Complex Laminated Construction) shell design built for performance with affordability in mind.

•  Long oval shell for head shapes with pronounced length, but a reduced width.

•  QVF and QVR upper ventilation ducts offer more adjustment and better flow-through performance.

•  The elegant new VAS (Variable Access System) shield provides a rounder shell shape and an easy-to-use changing system.


•  The Signet-X comes standard with a VAS Max Vision faceshield to provide better visibility in all seasons and for all types of riding.

•  Compatible with the VAS-V Pro Shade system.

•  The VAS shield is smaller and lower than the previous design with adjustable air intake vents that provide improved sealing, thus decreasing road noise and water intrusion. Quick-release lever for side pod and faceshield.

•  Clear anti-fog Pinlock insert for all-season visibility.


•  Fully removable, anti-bacterial Eco-Pure liner.

•  Water-repellent, ES chin cover which increases exhaust from mouth area while reducing wind noise.

Safety Certification

•  DOT and Snell 2015 approved.


With aggressive styling and uncompromising performance, the Defiant-X is your self-defining helmet for those who want to stand apart from the crowd.

The Arai Defiant-X possesses a sleek and sporty style that combines form and function.

Shell Construction

  • Features an intermediate oval interior fit shape.

•  Peripheral Belt construction born from F1 technology. The PB-cLc shell features technology developed in the highest level of racing in the world.

•  The Defiant-X shell is constructed from the layering of many materials with proprietary adhesives which allow for a larger eye port. Protection is further enhanced by the Super Fiber Belt that strengthens the shell like the bands of a barrel. This distinct belt resists the widening of cracks encountered in an impact while evolving Arai's most advanced shell in strength, weight, and protection.

•  When open, air flows freely into the helmet and when closed, the QVF-2 Duct prevents air from entering and functions as an exhaust duct, allowing hot air to be pulled from the helmet interior. To enhance the strong shell design, the open-close shutters are placed inside of the helmet. Air can flow over the mouth and act as a de-mister by opening and closing these shutters.

• To further enhance internal airflow, air channels originally designed for the Corsair-X were borrowed and updated and connected to new exhaust ports on the chin bar. This increased airflow reduces fogging potential and increases rider comfort.

•  The upper QVR-2 rear duct has three vent holes controlled by a single sliding gate. When open, air is pulled from the helmet interior.


•  Additional side and neckroll exhaust ports keep the back of the head comfortable by removing hot air as well. Anti-microbial material uses a low acidic fabric to help maintain a balanced pH level with the skin. This material is also odor resistant helping the helmet stay fresher, longer in between cleanings.

•  Arai's exclusive 5mm peel-away surface pads on both sides of the headliner and in the FCS Cheek Pads give you the option of 5mm more of interior width if needed (minimizing the need to purchase optional thickness pads), yet another level of fit customization no other helmet brand offers.

•  The fixed chin curtain is larger and helps to block out wind noise and control airflow efficiency under the helmet by creating a low-pressure zone in the mouth area, helping to draw breath out of the helmet. The chin curtain is made with water repellent materials so it helps block rain and will not weigh down with water.


•  This helmet is Pro Shade System compatible and comes with the Pin-lock Shield and insert.

Safety Certification

•  DOT and Snell 2015 approved.


The DT-X might be considered an entry level helmet due to it's price point, but the "DownTown-X" has the details and features normally reserved for the upper models.

The DT-X is another example of Arai's commitment to deliver more value to their customers, value that delivers performance year after year.

Shell Construction

•  The Arai DT-X Helmet features the PB-cLc (Peripheral Belt - complex Laminate construction) shell born from Arai’s exclusive F-1 helmet technology, made from the layering of various proprietary materials, bonded with specially-developed adhesives.

•  The upper edge of the eye port is reinforced with the Peripheral Belt, which is custom woven in-house using proprietary Super Fibers to increase strength and help redirect impact energy laterally, which also makes for a more compact shell.

•  Keeping with the Round & Smooth egg-shaped form, the Hyper Ridge along the lower edge of the shell increases shell strength and protection around the bottom opening, managing energy migration laterally. The new side exhaust vents, sculpted into the Hyper Ridge design, result in a more efficient and smoother airflow.

•  The DT-X utilizes Arai’s proprietary multi-density one-piece EPS liner, specifically tuned to each area of the helmet to maximize performance. The shell shape and strength, combined with the tuned EPS liner, minimizes helmet size and weight, therefore improving rider comfort.


•  The DT-X interior is made with an odor-reducing and dirt-resisting antimicrobial material.

•  Addressing the need of everyday riders, the Arai DT-X Helmet has a newly designed interior system that both new and experienced riders will appreciate. The new neck roll, which wraps comfortably around the rider's neck, reduces wind noise while also improving ease of ingress and egress. The addition of the FCS cheek pad makes putting on and removing the helmet easier while maintaining comfort around the lower jaw. Both the comfort headliner and cheek pads have 5mm peel-away layers for microfitting.

•  The ear pockets have molded recesses for easier intercom speaker installation.


•  The upper front vent is Arai’s newest design, incorporating both an intake and exhaust port, creating a "dual flow" effect and is aptly named the Dual Flow Duct. Air enters the front intake of the duct and draws out hot exhaust air from the rear. Toward the back, the newly styled rear Duct Flow Spoiler also incorporates a dual flow system for great airflow. The center duct hole takes in air and uses the low pressure from the left and right duct slots to draw out hot air.

•  This new ventilation system works well in many riding positions, allowing the front and rear vents to let cool air enter from the front regardless of the rider's head angle.


•  The shield-mounting mechanism features a new Variable Axis System (VAS) pivot operation feature.The VAS pivot cover is now smaller and lower than the previous design, yielding an average 24mm more area above the cover.

  • Pinlock equipped shield and insert.

•   As a result the shell is now smoother along the Snell test line in the temple area, thus increasing the helmet's ability to glance off objects during an impact.

Safety Certification

•   DOT and Snell 2015 approved.


Old school cool meets new age performance. The Classic-V combines a superior fit, advanced protection, and hidden ventilation all while staying true to that traditional look.

Heritage styling with modern luxuries.

Shell Construction

•  Proprietary PBcLc (Peripherally Belted, complex Laminate construction) shell.

•  The Classic-V has Arai's intermediate oval interior fit shape.

•  A fundamental Arai feature has always been the One-Piece, Multi-Density Liner. Molding all of the EPS densities into a one-piece EPS liner allows the various densities to work together during an impact. This allows Arai to make a thinner and softer EPS liner for a smaller overall helmet.

•  Behind the vintage look are modern technologies like patented hidden interior ventilation. Fresh air enters the three forehead channels flowing over the head, pulling away heat. Hot air then escapes through the hidden multistage channel and out the patented Venturi exhaust. Air flowing from the intake channels into the crown escapes through three holes in the EPS liner, pulling heat with it, into the hidden multi-staged air channel.

•  Arai incorporated three intake channels in the forehead area, allowing fresh air to enter the helmet and flow more easily to the crown. Once air enters the hidden multi-stage air channel in the EPS liner, it is then pulled out by the low pressure created by the patented Venturi exhaust manifold.

•  Proprietary PBcLc (Peripherally Belted, complex Laminate construction) shell.


•  Featuring Arai's anti-microbial material, using a low acidic fabric to help maintain a balanced pH level with the skin. It is also odor resistant helping the helmet stay fresher, longer in between cleanings.

•  Enhancing the "old school" look of the new Classic-V is the wide, stitched faux leather trim set in a recess channel in the shell for a clean, finished look. Completing the look is the faux stitched leather goggle strap holder that helps keep your goggle straps from sliding up the helmet while riding.


The original Arai open-face sport helmet was born in 1988. Now 30 years later, the RAM-Xis the open-face with evolved everything: ventilation, interior, liner, and shell, providing even more comfort as a touring motorcycle helmet. The new Ram-X raises the bar for the next generation of protection.

A new take on Open-Face helmets, the Arai Ram-X is sure to keep you comfortable and cool, while still providing top-notch protection. It incorporates the same ventilation system as seen on the Corsair X and maintains the high levels of air flow established by Arai. The new shell shape allows for better fitment, and also comes with a larger shield to protect riders from harsh elements.

Shell Construction

•  With a lighter weight and new resin compounds, the new shell fits lower on the head for better center of gravity and balance.

•  Top ventilation diffusers are the same as used by the Corsair X.


•  Large shield provides increased bug and wind protection.

•  Comes standard with the new Arai Variable Axis Shield Pivot System and the new Pro Shade Shield System (PSS).

Safety Certification

•  Meets or exceeds D.O.T. and Snell standards.


The XC-W is an example of a decades-long tradition of redefining how helmets can look and perform. The XC-W provides a measure of lower-jaw protection that’s been missing from previous open-face helmets which leave that part of the face exposed.

Stylish and functional, the XC-W is the ultimate touring open-face helmet.

Shell Construction

•  Thinner side pods provide a more aerodynamic shape.

•  Multi-density EPS liner.

•  Front and rear vents are taken directly from the RX-Q in addition to side cowl exhausts, completing the ventilation upgrade.


•  Fully removable Dry-Cool liner.

•  Vented neck roll extracts more heat buildup from the interior.


•  LRS levers assist in shield removal.

•  Multiple configuration for any occasion: with shield and peak, peak only for use with goggles or shield only.

Safety Certification

•  Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards.


Already regarded as the very best, the XD series takes the adventure-styled helmet to the next level with the XD4.

Packed full of customizable features such as fit, ventilation and look, the XD4 is the best all-around adventure helmet on the market.

Shell Construction

•  CLC (complex laminate construction) shell is a fiberglass composite, stronger and lighter allowing use of softer, less-dense liner materials inside for increased rider comfort.

•  Four top vents, dual intake/dual exhaust ventilation, dual I/C top intake vents and double delta bridged exhaust vents designed to draw significant volumes of air from helmet interior. Efficient chinbar vent (with interior and exterior controls) flows fresh air to the mouth area or across the shield interior to help prevent fogging, while large chinbar side exhaust vents draw out additional hot air.


•  Twin-cam shield pivot system allows the faceshield to operate fully under a peak that can be lowered for better aerodynamics.

•  Can be configured with shield and peak, peak only (for use with goggles) or shield only.


•  Fully removable/replaceable and washable liner. Arai’s Dry-Cool technology keeps you drier and cooler  for greater long-haul comfort.

  • EMERGENCY CHEEK PAD RELEASE SYSTEM was developed to allow easier access to an injured rider, the XD4’s cheek pads slide out easily – via the integrated pull-tabs built into the underside of the cheek pad – making helmet removal much easier for trained medical personnel.
  • Arai’s exclusive peel-away side/temple crown pads give you the option of 5mm more of interior width if needed. Yet another level of fit customization Arai prides itself on.