When I finally got a chance to take our BMW F 850 GS on some real off-road situations I was caught a bit off guard. It wasn't quite as stable as what I expected. But after I settled in a bit on the Colorado trails I realized it wasn't the motorcycle that was causing that anxious feeling of washing the front end. The tires that came on the Beemer were rated as 90/10, meaning they were intended for 90% street use and 10% off-road, which translates to 100% on-road use in real world scenarios for me. So once I got the bike back up into the Black Hills of South Dakota my first order of business was to equip the middleweight adventure bike with some legit trail tires. I didn't want to go full-on dirt mode because the bike would still be ridden on the street, rather aggressively street ridden to be exact (we have some rad twisty roads here in the Black Hills). So after a chat with our in-house tire merchant Rich, we settled on the Avon Trekriders which are classified as a 50/50 tire.

The Avon Trekriders proved to be just what the doctor ordered.

I was pretty stoked to get back out on the dirt with the new, meatier Avons but to get there I had to do Vanocker Canyon and then a bit of gravel. Vanocker Canyon is one of my favorite roads in the hills and I'm super familiar with it so it provided a perfect spot to test the Avon's road prowess. To my delight the Trekriders didn't slow me down a bit in the twisties. Granted, the Beemer isn't exactly a corner carver but it's very capable on a curvy road. I had no issues driving the bike deep into turns and feeling stable. When I got to the gravel section I was greeted with the traction I had been searching for with the 90/10 tires. I switched the traction control off and began to just goose the bike to see how badly it would spin, and a bit to my surprise it was actually trying to wheelie! The big lugs in the tires dug in and had plenty of bite where before the rear tire would light up like it was on ice. As I turned onto the trail the stoke level was high and I wasn't disappointed. It was like a totally different bike. The unstable feeling in the front end was gone and accelerating through loose sections was 100% better. Before with the stock tires I had relied heavily on traction control to help me through the trails but thanks to the grip of the Avons I pretty much exclusively left it off. If you want to truly unlock the potential of your ADV bike then this is a great choice to not only have the tools to get the job done in the dirt but also be capable on the street. I don't have enough miles on them to talk longevity but if you are looking for a high mileage tire this probably isn't for you. If you're like me and looking for a good time in the dirt, have no fear, this is the tire for you.