I had really stepped up my dirt riding miles this year and even ventured down the adventure bike path fairly seriously for the first time, wearing a handful of lids in the process as I am prone to do working for a large motorcycle parts retailer. But when I finally got my hands on the Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS I settled into my go-to dirt helmet for the summer.

Thats a lot of letters for a helmet name but it does a lot of stuff.

The name has a fair amount of letters in it but they all actually mean something so let's break them down a bit and talk technical stuff. The DLX refers to the Transitions shield that is fitted to this helmet. A Transitions shield will spoil you if you haven't owned one so prepare to be amazed. The shield will automatically darken depending on sunlight and vise versa when the sun goes down. It eliminates the need to bring a set of clears. Bell offers this helmet in a standard non-DLX version also...I highly recommend the DLX version, you won't regret it. The Transitions shield rules! What MIPS refers to is the Multi-directional Impact Protection System that is in the helmet. The dumbed down explanation is that it's a liner that fits in between the EPS and comfort liner in the helmet that reduces torsional impact if you have an accident.

The helmet is a dual-sport helmet but leans heavily to the dirt side for sure. While I did my fair share of street miles with it I ultimately started wearing it for its on/off road prowess. And that's where the helmet fits the best in my opinion. It's heavily inspired by Bell's dirt lineup of helmets and with good reason. The helmet feels light when you're wearing it and vents well through a series of brow and chin vents and one large mouth vent that can be opened and closed. The visor is adjustable but can start to tug on your head above 65 mph, but if you're looking for a highway helmet you probably aren't looking in this direction. Goggles can be worn with the shield all the way up or you can quickly remove the shield without tools and wear goggles sans shield. For more specifics hit the play button on the video. But the final assessment for me is a resounding I will be wearing this helmet much more in the future. It is the perfect choice for my Black Hills rips that always lead me from a paved to a dirt road.