While we expected BMW to unveil the production version of its R 18 cruiser at EICMA, it was not to be. The Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer did, though, reveal the second custom motorcycle it built in-house around its 1800cc Boxer, the BMW Concept R 18/2 (pronounced: “Slash Two”). Whereas the first BMW Concept R 18 had more of a throwback design, the latest version is sleek and modern.

One constant between the two are the huge horizontally opposed jugs of the air/oil cooled 1800cc Boxer Twin at the heart of both. BMW did dress up the Boxer on the Concept R 18/2 with exposed cylinder fins ala a traditional V-Twin, chrome pushrods, a granite finish on the casing and gloss black valve covers. The look of the engine isn’t the only clue to its intended audience. The latest version is undoubtedly tailored toward the American market because between its hidden shock, drop seat, bikini fairing, pullback handlebars and cast wheels it bares many similarities to Harley’s Low Rider S Softail. The motorcycle’s metallic Candy Apple Red paint has been a long-standing favorite of American customizers.

Up front, the BMW Concept R 18/2 rolls on a 19-inch cast iron wheel while a 16-incher anchors the back. The wheels are wrapped in Metzeler CruiseTec tires. A universal shaft delivers power to the rear wheel and with the motorcycle’s overall lean design the 1800cc Boxer will certainly make this thing hustle. We’d love to hear the exhaust note coming out of its Hattech stainless steel pipes. When time comes to bring BMW’s hot rod of a cruiser to a halt, braking duties have been assigned to Brembo binders.

“After the BMW Motorrad Concept R 18, our aim with the Concept R 18 /2 is to demonstrate how flexible the basic engine and suspension are as a starting point for customization, and how easy it is to authentically realize different styles. And I have to admit: we were very impressed at how it was possible to bring this Boxer concept forward from the ‘30s via the ‘80s into the 2020s,” said Bart Janssen Groesbeek, BMW Motorrad Vehicle Designer for the Big Boxer Concepts.

The big question now is which style will BMW go with the production R 18. Inquiring minds want to know!