High-performance budget sport-touring? Is that even a thing? Can you really have it all, or is it too good to be true? When Dunlop dropped the impressive Roadsmart III tires on the world, they didn't send their predecessor, the Roadsmart II, out to pasture. Instead they kept them in rotation (pun intended) by giving them a bit of an update with some new compounds for better wet and dry performance, handling, and longevity.

With my Roadsmart III's nearing the end of their life after about 15,000 miles, I was ready for some new tires. I wanted to save some cash this time around (I go through a lot of tires, so budget is always a consideration). Having walked away impressed with the Roadsmart III's, I opted for the significantly more affordable Roadsmart II's. I got them installed on my Z900RS and hit the road.

In my mind, what makes or breaks a tire can be broken down into four categories: grip, handling, longevity, and price. How do the Roadsmart II's deliver?


The Roadsmart II's hold onto the road like a dream. The tire compound provides excellent grip, regardless of the weather or conditions. From chilling spring mornings to scorching triple-digit summer days and torrential rain, the Roadsmart II's have never wavered. I've pushed them hard, accelerating, braking, with heavy loads, and at sharp lean angles and they've never slipped. Check one off in favor of the Roadsmart II.


Holding a line through a curve. Staying stable and smooth piling on highway miles. Making quick changes in direction through the twisties. Swerving and maneuvering through a parking lot at low speeds. Whatever you throw at them, the Roadsmart II's move with the best of them. They have a great profile for accurate and nimble handling. Are they on par with a modern hypersport tire like Dunlop's own Sportmax Q4? No, but keep in mind that even budget tires these days are in many ways more advanced than the tires you might have used on the track just a few years ago, so with that perspective, the Roadsmart II's are stellar.


I've racked up about 2,000 miles on this set of Roadsmart II tires and the tread is barely worn. The shape and profile of the tire hasn't flattened out, either. I experienced about the same results with the Roadsmart III, and they lasted for about 10 months and around 15,000 miles of riding. I anticipate between 10,000 to 12,000 miles out of the Roadsmart II.


The Roadsmart II's come in at an almost shockingly low price. They cost only a bit more than Dunlop's entry-level GPR-300 tires, so if you're looking for an upgrade in performance or longevity, they're a great option. A set can be had for a fraction of the price of the Q3+, Q4, or Roadsmart III tires, and in my mind, are one of the best bang for the buck tires on the market today.

At the end of the day, I wholeheartedly recommend Dunlop's new spin on the Roadsmart II tire. It's probably superseded the Roadsmart III as my favorite tire. They're a great buy. Get some.