Is it possible for a set of tires to be custom made specifically for your bike? After putting a few thousand miles on a set of Dunlop's Sportmax Roadsmart III tires, I almost feel that way. Of course, Dunlop didn’t actually whisk my bike away to their R&D facility, design tires for it, put ‘em on, and return it to our parking lot at the J&P Cycles offices. That being said, they perform so well on my Z900 RS, they leave the impression of being custom made.

Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III's definitely look sharp on my ride.

Dunlop’s Roadsmart III tires perform well beyond my expectations for a dual-compound sport touring tire. Their grip levels are fierce. I recently had a set of Sportmax Q3+ tires on my Kawasaki, and the Roadsmart III's deliver nearly the same level of grip. When put under pressure, whether fast acceleration, hard braking, or aggressive cornering, they've always remained steadfast and sure. The way these tires hold onto the road is impressive. They aren’t necessarily designed for your next track day, but the innovative and exclusive Multi-Tread dual compound construction is everything you could need for the street. They hold the road so well that I find myself able to push my riding on uneven, cracked, loose, or slippery terrain far more than I have felt comfortable with on other tires. The Roadsmart III's make it easy for me to blast away from traffic at a stop light during my commute, stop on a dime when things on the interstate get hairy, and spend the weekend carving up backroads at nigh inappropriate speeds.

The Roadsmart III’s profile is designed for sharp and precise handling. The feel on the front end is light, making directional changes smooth and predictable rather than twitchy. Equipped with the Roadsmart III’s, maneuvering through traffic and around road hazards and potholes is a breeze.

Despite my quick reflexes, not every road hazard, bump, or pothole can be avoided. Luckily, the Roadsmart III's resilient sidewall and carcass construction provides excellent shock absorption. Less energy and harshness is transferred to the rider and they deliver a stable ride. It doesn't compromise feedback from the road, either. It's not a wooden, numb, or disconnected feeling, further contributing to an excellent sense of control.

Dunlop has also engineered a compound with a unique and innovative resin integrated into it and designed a tread pattern meant to pull water away from the center of the tire, all to maximize performance on wet roads. Despite Texas’ reputation for being hot and dry, it rains a lot in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing ample opportunity to put the wet weather capabilities to the test. The Roadsmart III’s sink their talons into the road just as fiercely when it is wet and slick as when it is dry, leaving you less concerned with road conditions and more with adding miles to your odometer.

Tread design and Multi-Tread compound with an innovative resin for superior performance when conditions are unpredictable.

Like any rider who racks up a ton of miles, I put my tires through a lot. Mileage and longevity are important to me, and that is area where Dunlop makes bold claims with the Roadsmart III. Dunlop promises a tire that is engineered for wear characteristics that give it like-new performance over its life, as well as greater mileage than the competitors. Actual mileage remains to be seen, but I like what I’m getting out of them so far. I have more than 4,000 miles on this set at the time of review. They certainly don't look it. The wear bars remain nestled deep within the tread, and  performance and handling characteristics haven’t noticeably changed.

Long way to go to get to that wear bar even after 4,000+ miles. Engineered for longevity.

The Dunlop Roadsmart III is a fine feat of engineering, design, and materials. It delivers an unparalleled blend of grip, stability, precise handling, all-weather performance, and longevity with virtually no compromises. Performance touring is here, and the Roadsmart III's deliver on Dunlop's claims. If you're a daily commuter, a fan of long road trips, or are just looking for a tire that can rack up the miles without sacrificing performance and handling, the Roadsmart III's are made for you. Highly recommended.