If you’ve never used heated riding gear before, you’re missing out. It can turn what would otherwise be a cold and miserable experience into an enjoyable one. And if you’re like us, you’re going to want to get in a ride here and there even during the winter months.

While Firstgear was already one of the leaders in heated motorcycle gear, the company didn’t rest on its laurels over the past year. Here’s five ways Firstgear stepped up its game with this year’s heated motorcycle gear.

1.       A new portable battery. Now riders have two options to power their heated garments. They can use the new portable battery or do it the old-fashioned way and wire it to your motorcycle battery. The portable battery is rechargeable and has a USB port so it can double as a phone charger if needed.

2.       New controllers. Out with the old two dial controllers, in with the new push-button one. Each garment has its own external button. Hold it down for three seconds and it powers on. There are three heat settings: Blue (low), White (medium), and Red (hot). Press the button once to cycle to the next heat setting. To turn it off, hold the button down for three seconds.

3.       New vest. Firstgear now offers a new Heated Black Puffer Vest for both men and women. It is a stand-alone unit and runs solely on a portable battery, so you can rock it on and off the bike, underneath your motorcycle jacket or by itself. Keeping your core warm is paramount when temperatures drop.

4.       Upgraded gloves. The new Firstgear Outrider Black Heated Gloves are hugely improved over last year’s. They’re much more heavy duty now thanks to the addition of knuckle armor and Knox scaphoid armor in the palms. The goatskin leather is durable and pliant. They’re also touchscreen-friendly.

5.       Pant liner is more stylish. Firstgear added a fashionable little logo down the leg and the 12v Heated Pant Liner now looks more like pants than sweat pants. The pants have the new controller which hangs on a flap that’s easily accessible when you slide into your overpants.

For a full run down of the latest Firstgear Heated Motorcycle Gear, be sure to watch our video review!