I used to be that guy. You know the one, too cool to wear gloves while mobbing around on my Ninja 600. I credit my years of mountain biking with teaching me the importance of a good pair of gloves because after digging gravel out of my palm for the third or fourth time in my impetuous youth, I was done with fileting my hands open. Given higher speeds and more mass in motion, wrecks on motorcycles are even more violent. Luckily, I learned my lesson on the lesser of two evils.

Recently I’ve been rocking a pair of Icon 1000 Axys Gloves. The majority of the gloves are made from cow leather combined with a little goatskin in the palms and a few panels of chloroprene rubber on the backhand. The cow leather in the palm is soft and feels good against bare skin. While the leather is fairly thin, an extra layer of goatskin is tasked with protecting palms. Sporty diamond-stitching ensures the goatskin will be there when you need it. The thinness benefits tactile abilities as it’s easy to pick up and grip objects with the Icon 1000 Axys Gloves on. It’s also helpful if you ride a motorcycle with a touchscreen TFT display. The gloves have accordion panels running up both sides which stretch when you make a fist to grab the grips, another design element that makes them super comfy.

The Axys Gloves have a small leather tab at the wrist which is handy when pulling them up, especially once you’ve thrown the first one on. Making sure they stay on your hands is a cinch thanks to a hook and loop Velcro closure at the wrist. The knuckles are covered with D30 protectors but the one for my index finger sits back too far and doesn’t quite line up correctly. The back of the hand is perforated which allows a little air to funnel through but I’ve worn the gloves on days with temps hovering about 50 degrees without chilling my hands to the bone.

While fashion isn’t paramount in a dependable pair of motorcycle gloves, the Icon 1000 Axys Gloves are admittedly smartly styled. They’re two-tone, with what I call a Kangaroo yellow leather underside and black on the top half. Diamond-stitching dresses up the palms. The backhand is a well-tailored blend of black leather tempered with a touch of textile. D30 knuckle protectors inject a little ill disposition. A metal Icon 1000 badge on the back of the wrist are the gloves’ crown jewel.

Gone are my days of picking rocks out of my palms. With age comes wisdom. I’m seasoned enough to know that the Icon 1000 Axys Gloves are a quality pair of motorcycle gloves that are tailor-made for spring and summer rides. They’re not cold weather gloves, nor are they waterproof, which is why I relegate them to sunnier rides. They rate high in comfort and style and at $80 won’t break the bank.