Indian introduced the newest addition to the FTR family last week, the 2020 FTR Carbon joining the FTR 1200, FTR 1200 Rally, and FTR 1200 S. While the S was already an up-spec model, the carbon fiber treatment brings the factory FTR the closest yet to the race-specific FTR750 flat track bike. The package includes a carbon fiber front fender, headlight housing, tank/airbox covers, and passenger seat cowl. A snazzy ‘FTR 1200 Carbon’ plate in the center console is another defining trait, while black Akrapovic exhaust complete the FTR Carbon transformation. Scrolling through photos, all that carbon fiber streaking down the back from tip to tail is admittedly a pretty sight.

From the engine to the chassis, everything else on the 2020 FTR Carbon are carryovers from the other models. This isn’t a bad thing, though. Its 1203cc V-Twin lights things up with a claimed 123 horsepower and 87 lb-ft. of torque. Its electronics package includes lean-angle sensitive stability control, traction and wheelie mitigation control, a power-assist slipper clutch, cruise control, and dual disc Brembos with ABS. Throttle response and traction control intervention can be adjusted according to rider preference and road conditions thanks to three ride modes. These modes are accessed through the 4.3” LED touchscreen dash which is Bluetooth-ready and has a USB fast-charge port. One item of note. When comparing spec sheets of the FTR Carbon and FTR 1200 S, surprisingly the FTR Carbon tips the scales 5.6 pounds heavier dry (502.6 to 497). There’s also irony that a model based on an American flat track bike is only available overseas in the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) markets. Wouldn't be surprised to see it matriculate to the States, though. Out of curiosity we peeked at its price in Britain and it’s $14,699 pound sterling MSRP is equivalent to $18,118 US.