By Bryan Rastok

Cafe Racer Styled BMW R9T

President of J&P Cycles Zach Parham has been around motorcycles all his life. While his roots are deep within the American V-Twin community, his love of motorcycles knows no bounds. Zach (who sets the example by riding almost daily, no matter the weather) picked up this BMW RnineT about a year before the aftermarket scene had started to produce parts for it. As J&P Cycles is known for being the "World's Largest Motorcycle Aftermarket Retailer" we have kept eyes and ears open for new products coming to this European segment.

Zach's BMW RNineT outside of our corporate offices in Coppell, Texas.


The first item to go on Zach's Beemer is the Puig Naked Retrovision Windscreen. The windscreen adds both looks and function. We like the Puig for the fact that it adds some cafe fairing shape to the font end without interfering with the handlebars. An added (and noticeable) benefit is the wind break off of your chest while riding. This is definitely a part that looks good and performs well.


We weren't done with the front, and while the 7" factory headlight was acceptable, it was in no way near as badass as the J.W. Speaker 7" LED Black Adaptive 2 Series Headlight. The new aggressive-looking LED headlight is not only bright but the "adaptive" feature of the light allows the rider to see through corners better at night as it illuminates more from side-to-side based on lean angle. That aggressive ring around the headlight is courtesy of Roland Sands Design and is the Tracker Black Ops Headlight Bezel. Front turn signals were cleaned up with the premium Rizoma LED bullet signals. The rear was cleaned up with a Daedalus taillight and license plate bracket relocation kit.

J.W. Speaker 7" LED Black Adaptive 2 Series Headlight shrouded by the RSD Headlight Bezel.

Give me some bass

If you think an opposed Twin can't rumble, you are wrong. The airplane-designed engine fires to life with a low rumble and a fast paced cadence. BMW does a decent job from the factory and offers a good looking titanium Akrapovic set of mufflers. However good as they look, they are quiet and leave the rider wanting more. Roland Sands Design remedies that problem with a hot rod-inspired set of slip-ons that make this Twin seriously bark and cleans up the rear end. The header exhaust pipes were wrapped with DEI Black Exhaust Wrap for both hot looks and to keep some of that heat off the rider.

RSD .. This bike needs more RSD!

Los Alamitos, CA., based badasses Roland Sands Design came into the RnineT aftermarket game strong with billet wheels, covers, and more. We threw some new radial valve head covers on for immediate style points and completed the motor look with a timing cover (breast plate). The valve heads are an easy install and retains all OEM function. The timing cover was still easy to install, but took a little moving of other parts around to gain access to the top bolts.

The small details matter and RSD has that covered, literally. The small plugs covering the shaft pivot bolt, inspection plug and final hub all help make a clean and custom look.

The stock footpegs leave a bit to be desired in the looks and grip department. Once again, RSD comes through with a new footpeg set and brake/shift lever options.  The footpegs are a deep cut design that will grip into anything (including knuckles when working around them), which also hold up to daily abuse. Same goes for the shift and brake levers which have some adjustability in the toe to accommodate shoe size.

The heavy hitter of this parts list so far is the wheels. We slapped a pair of RSD Del Mar Forged Aluminum Wheels to add to the blacked-out, custom look. These wheels are really nice, albeit pricey, but if you have been around the industry long, you know that motorcycle wheels are not cheap. The wheels from RSD are worth their price. The machine cuts are clean, the black color was not brittle, threads were spot-on and all mounting adapters lined up effortlessly. The new wheels take some unwanted weight from the bike and are a quick and distinguishable upgrade.

Every day necessities

To clean up the controls we added some PSR Bar End Mirrors which don't offer much for view, but slim down the profile a bunch. SP Connect offers a great solution to a phone mount that is sleek and doesn't add bulk to your phone case. Check it out, after installing it, I had to get one. Finally, we have added a 4 ft. RidePower phone charger to allow for endless media power while riding.

That wraps up where we are currently. Stay tuned as we continue to poke and prod on this beast and add more bling and go fast parts. Let us know in the comments what you think so far, or maybe what you would like to see us do.