Mention Klim and high-quality adventure riding gear instantly comes to mind. Deservedly so, because the Idaho-based company does make some of the best ADV gear around. Dig deeper into its portfolio and you’ll find out it makes riding jeans as well. Question is, are Klim’s riding jeans built to the same standards as its other gear? I’ve been working on the answer to that question for the past couple months testing Klim’s K Fifty 2 Riding Jeans.

Before even slipping a leg in the first thing I notice is how heavy the jeans are. There’s plenty of good reasons for the additional heft. First is its construction. Instead of standard 100% cotton denim, the K Fifty 2 Riding Jeans are made from a “Cordura Denim - Nylon Cotton Blend.” To the touch, you can’t tell the difference as the pants feel like any other pair of jeans. They’re a straight cut riding pant that easily slip over a pair of motorcycle boots and from length to waist, sizing is spot-on to what I wear in regular pants. Unlike other motorcycle jeans I’ve worn, the Klim K Fifty 2 Riding Jeans have a mesh liner that extends the entire length of the pants instead of in a few select areas to hold armor. It does have pockets sewn into the liner for the protective armor that comes with the pants. There are four Kevlar panels, two that cover the butt and hips and two in the knees, high-impact areas where an extra layer of abrasion-resistance is certainly welcome. Tally up the materials used in the pants, the full-length liner, Kevlar panels and armor, and you’ve got four good reasons the pants feel a little heavier than other riding jeans.

Protection levels for a riding jean are above average because the Klim K Fifty 2’s come with a full contingency of armor. Both the hips and knees come with impact-absorbing D30 pads. The jeans also come with a small Poron XRD tailbone pad, a first among riding jeans I’ve tested. The hip armor and tailbone pads slide out easily from the pockets stitched in the liner when it comes time to wash the jeans. The pockets for the knee pads have a Velcro closure so you’ll need to flip the pants inside out to remove them. The knee pads also Velcro into place so they don’t slide around, which is one of my favorite features. Too often I’ve worn riding pants where the knee armor moves all over the place and putting two small patches of Velcro at the top and bottom of the pads was an easy remedy. Klim made the attachment points on the pants themselves about four inches long so you can adjust the knee armor up and down to get it exactly where you want it.

Styling-wise, you’d be hard-pressed to know these aren’t a regular pair of jeans. There’s no fancy embroidering or stitching on the back pockets (two thumbs up Klim!) and the only badging is a “K” on the black label sewn into the back of the pant at the beltline. All four pockets are hand-sized, and the change pocket sewn inside the standard pocket on the right leg is actually big enough to be useful.

One of the Klim K Fifty 2 Riding Jeans best features is knee armor that is adjustable and Velcros into place so it doesn't slide around when you bend your knees. 

So back to the question of whether Klim’s casual riding jeans are made to the same quality as its ADV gear and the answer is a resounding yes. The K Fifty 2 Riding Jeans are rugged, durable and come with a full range of quality armor. These are the first riding jeans I’ve had that came with a tailbone pad standard. Ditto for the Velcro that keeps the knee armor from sliding around. Kevlar and Cordura construction help seal the deal. Granted, they’re on the upper end of the riding jean price range, but well worth the investment.

Peek inside the jeans and there’s tag with the Klim logo in yellow. Flip it over and it states, “It’s Not What You Ride, It’s That You Ride.” The K Fifty 2’s are testament to this statement because Klim has extended the quality it’s known for from the ADV world to the cruiser domain as well.