A number of years back I bought a Kriega US-20 when I was looking for a versatile bag to add to my quiver of motorcycle luggage. At the time I wasn’t too familiar with the brand but the bag seemed to be very utilitarian and was waterproof so I decided to give it a shot. Over the past years it has become my go-to bag, so when I was looking for luggage to use on the FTR1200 for the El Diablo Run I looked no farther than Kriega.

We had gotten our hands on a pre-production model of the FTR1200 so there wasn’t any model-specific luggage out just yet, making our choice to go with the Kriega system that much more important. We chose the Kriega Drypacks because they are modular and incredibly adaptable to all sorts of bikes. In the past I had primarily used the US-20 on Harleys even though it was more designed for the adventure-touring crowd. The way the bags are designed and the straps that come with them make it easy to mount on any type of bike.

On top of that (literally), they are made to mount together in a variety of situations. All of the bags, the US-10, US-20 and US-30 are designed to attach to each other either by stacking them on top of each other or on the sides of a drypack like saddlebags.

The latter is exactly what I did. I mounted the 30 liter to the tail of the Indian then attached the US-20's resulting in a US-70 system...20+20+30=70...get it?  There were no additional straps needed and everything fit together quickly so it's easily removable when you need to pack or unpack. And the modular waterproof bags make it easy to separate gear instead of lumping it all into one giant bag. The roll-top waterproof design has never failed me and everything I have packed in them always stays perfectly dry, a huge positive when you're on the road. No matter what type of ride you have, if you’re looking for a rugged piece of luggage that you can add to in the future the Drypack systems from Kriega are a great choice. The modular system is well designed and will keep your gear dry mile after mile.