We recently got to test a 2019 SV650X, Suzuki’s spunky Twin-powered middleweight. The motorcycle’s easy to handle, fun to ride, and is rich in character. And while we’re fans of the bike, we weren’t big fans of the exhaust. It’s big and both the exhaust note and looks are fairly vanilla. So we decided to spice things up a bit by throwing on a Lextek SP8C Carbon Fiber Hex Slip-On.

We were lucky enough that Lextek sent everything we needed to install the SP8C Carbon Fiber Hex Slip-On, including a link-pipe and Lextek Exhaust Assembly Paste. Although the slip-on is universal fit, a 51mm link-pipe and the paste must be purchased separately. Lextek also sent two clamps, one carbon fiber and one metal. I opted for the carbon fiber clamp because it’s super-light and matches the slip-on. That said, let’s run through installation right quick.

How to Install a Lextek SP8C Carbon Fiber Hex Slip-On on a 2019 Suzuki SV650X

1.       Remove heat shield (4mm Allen)

2.       Loosen clamp (6mm Allen)

3.       Remove bolt from mounting bracket (6mm Allen/12mm wrench)

4.       Remove stock pipe

Note - With the stock pipe removed I took advantage and wiped down the area behind it.

5.       Place clamp on link-pipe

6.       Slip link-pipe on and hand-tighten clamp

7.       Slip carbon fiber mounting bracket over on Hex slip-on

8.       Place clamp on slip-on

9.       Liberally lube inside of slip-on with Lextek Exhaust Paste (Quick Tip: Put gloves on so it doesn’t get on your skin)

10.   Slide slip-on onto link-pipe

11.   Hand-tighten second clamp

12.   Thread bolt through carbon fiber mounting bracket. Tighten slightly.

13.   Tighten both clamps fully. Lower one is 10mm, upper one is 9mm.

14.   Finish tightening mounting bracket bolt (12mm)

15.   Let sit for 30 minutes to allow exhaust paste to set.

16.   Fire up engine and run for 10 minutes.

While it looks like a lot of steps, putting the Lextek SP8C on the Suzuki SV650X was one of the quickest, easiest swaps I’ve ever done. It took more time waiting for the exhaust assembly paste to dry than it did to mount it on. At 4.3 pounds, the carbon fiber SP8C is easily a couple of pounds lighter than the bulky stock exhaust. The carbon fiber of the mounting bracket blends into the carbon fiber pattern of the slip-on so its almost invisible. Between its hex shape and carbon fiber, the Lextek SP8C matches the SV's sporty disposition much better than the stock can.

To test out the new exhaust I first did a 100-mile romp around my home in southern Oregon, then followed it up with a 400-mile blast down to the California Redwoods and back. The differences were immediately noticeable. There’s definitely more pop off idle. Better yet, it levels out flat spots in the powerband. Roll-on in upper gears is improved, and once you settle into steady freeway rpm Lextek’s slip-on has a deeper, richer tone. It does have a removable baffle but I left it in. After all, I did ride into California, but if I were to keep it on here in my home state of Oregon I probably would have taken it out and let it snarl unhindered.

We gave the Lextek SP8C a proper shakedown with a run to the Redwoods. 

Now for the million-dollar question – if this were my bike, would I put one on? Let’s break it down. Installation was a snap. At $329, its price point is on the lower end of the spectrum. It’s lighter, looks sharp, and sounds better than stock. It also gave the SV’s power output a boost.  Tally all those factors up and yes, if I owned a Suzuki SV650X, I would gladly throw one on.