Admittedly wind protection isn’t always at the top of my list of things to consider when I’m about to hit the road, but it generally comes to the forefront of my attention pretty quick when I get on the road. All too often the OEM windscreen isn’t up to par, and that’s not to knock the bike manufacturers, because it would be almost impossible for them to  accommodate every size of riders.

But that's where the MadStad Engineering kit shines. It's available in a wide range of heights and tints and can be fitted to a variety of rider sizes. The ability to slide it up and down as well as tilt it back and forth allow riders to tailor it to their height and riding style. MadStad isn’t just for adventure bikes (we tested the 20-inch version on a BMW F 850 GS) as they offer a line of windshields for your touring rigs as well. Don’t get caught on the road without legit wind protection, it can make what would otherwise be a memorable trip a miserable one.