If you own a Milwaukee-Eight powered Softail and are looking for a performance upgrade we did some exhaust research for you. We installed four "Made in America" 2-into-1 pipes on our 2019 Fat Bob to give you a look and listen at what some of the top brands are offering.   We also have you covered on the install side as we shot installation videos on all four pipes to guide you through the process.

Vance & Hines Stainless Steel 2-into-1 Upsweep has been refined from four decades of on-track competition as the company brings its roots back to life. Equipping your motorcycle with this system gives it a much more aggressive look. The V&H Upsweep has been engineered to maximize torque and horsepower, just what your M8 engine deserves.

Looking to get the most out of your exhaust system? 2-into-1 systems are the way to go! The Cobra El Diablo 2-into-1 has you covered with its one-of-a-kind header configuration and collector designed to perform much better than stock and give your motorcycle a wicked sound, too.

S&S Cycle SuperStreet 50 State Legal 2-into-1 Exhaust

Until recently, performance exhaust and 50 state legal have been mutually exclusive features forcing a rider to choose between making power and making sure factory warranties were not impacted. Thanks to S&S Cycle those days are behind us. Welcome to the new world order of high performance that marries a real deal V-Twin exhaust note with legit horsepower gains and wraps it all in a CARB legal package. S&S Cycle doesn't build anything unless it makes power and the SuperStreet does exactly that with a (claimed) 86 hp (+15%) and 110 lb-ft. torque (+10%) out of the new generation of M8 Softail models. Add to that, the perfect length and angle, clearing bags, passenger pegs and forwards.

Step up your H-D Touring performance with Rinehart's 2-into-1 exhaust system as the stepped header allows for a significant increase across ranges, especially within the low- and mid-range. The 2-into-1 system retains a classic and sleek look that never goes out of style while giving you the Rinehart sound that's known and loved by many.