Headlights, obviously, are a very important part of your motorcycle. In the last few years there's been a lot of innovation in the lighting technology that goes into them. That is great for motorcycles because not only is it great to be seen, it's also a really good thing to be able to see where you're going at night.

If you're just looking to do something as simple as replace your H4 bulb or your H7 bulb in your headlight we got you covered. If you're not ready to take that step into the LED realm we offer things like this PIAA Powersports Xtreme White H4 60/55 Watt Bulb which is an incandescent bulb and a great upgrade over stock.

One tip about the halogen stuff is don't touch it by the glass. When you go to replace it you want to keep your fingers off the glass in a halogen bulb because the oils from your fingers can cause it to burn out quicker.

PIAA Powersports Xtreme White H4 60/55 Watt Bulb 

Now if you do want to take that LED step but are not quite ready to go into the full housing here, we do offer LED replacement bulbs which are much, much, much brighter than stock and a great way to go. The only thing I would warn against, make sure you have room in the back of the headlight housing for the rest of the LED apparatus and the cooling parts as some of them have little fans that fit in your headlight housing. If you want to go LED but don't want to go full apparatus you can just do the LED replacement bulb.

HogWorkz 5-3/4" LED Blackout HaloMaker Headlight 

If you do want to step up towards the biggest, baddest lighting situation you're going to want to go with units like ones from HogWorkz or Kuryakyn. HogWorkz 5-3/4” LED Blackout HaloMaker Headlight comes in both halo and non-halo but functionality of the beam is the same. Basically it's a vanity type ring in the halo that actually allows you to be seen a little bit better and looks really cool. You can get halo or non-halo in both 5-3/4” and 7" from HogWorkz and both are very, very bright.

The Kuryakyn 7" light is a little bit different. It also has a halo ring but with a lot more functionality. It has a complete array of LEDs allowing you to run different colors to match your paint or some other lighting you may have on your bike. It's also controllable through an app which lets you change lights, create crazy color combinations in addition to other cool functions.

Another way to set LED lights apart is their lumen rating. The higher the rating, 6,000, 7,000, 10,000, the brighter the light's going to be.

Also, for you custom-built guys and gals, and some of you with the older model bikes that need the whole headlight housing replaced, we offer the headlight housings. They come with or without a lamp, depending on your needs. For people with older bikes things tends to rust out, especially if you're in a state that's next to the ocean. Mounts are particularly susceptible.