Be it calculated or accidental, a photo of Indian Motorcycle Co.’s new 2020 Indian Challenger was circulated yesterday along with photos of the new 2020 Indian Scout lineup. While an accessorized 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty is the primary subject in the photograph, lo and behold, right behind it is a new Indian with a new frame-mounted fairing.

While the latter half of the motorcycle is hidden, what is visible reveals plenty. The front end runs an upside-down fork, and unlike the massive tubes of Harley’s Road Glide (the motorcycle perceived to be its primary competitor), the fork legs are fairly svelte and the rake moderate, which leads me to think Indian is definitely aiming to make a sharper handling bagger. I’d wager the front cast wheel is a 19-incher mated to dual Brembo calipers.

While the 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty is the subject of the photo, flanking it is most likely one of the first photos of the production version of the 2020 Indian Challenger. 

The frame-mounted fairing is very angular, its design certainly based on aerodynamics. It sports a shorty windscreen and has a single headlight shrouded by LEDs. What captured my attention are the flared wind deflectors on the sides of the fairing that look adjustable. Pullback handlebars should leave riders comfortably upright. The photo also shows the Indian Challenger has a generous touring-sized tank.

If videos surfacing from Polaris’ Dealers Meeting are correct, the 2020 Indian Challenger will be powered by the new liquid-cooled PowerPlus 108, a 1770cc engine speculated to be a 60-degree V-Twin putting out a projected 120 hp. In the video that leaked after the show, the Indian Challenger has color-matched hard saddlebags.

“Let’s talk about one of the best, maybe worst kept secrets in the new product offerings that we’ve had in a little while. It was so top secret, last week it was actually on CNBC on one of the financial shows,” joked Polaris’ President of Motorcycles Steve Menneto in the video.

That said, the latest leak seems more a precursor to the impending launch of the 2020 Indian Challenger than a PR oversight.

(The Indian Challenger segment begins at 5:27 of the video)