Solid, comfortable protection

Just because I’m the designated cruiser guy at Motorcycle USA doesn’t mean that I always follow the cruiser norm. I prefer full-face helmets. I’m all the gear, all the time, almost every ride (yes, I admit to the occasional jaunt riding like a squid). I also like full-fledged gauntlet gloves with plenty of protection.

For the past few months I’ve been putting a pair of Racer USA High Racer Gloves to the test. Offered in black or white with black trim, I’ve been wearing a black pair with tan Kangaroo leather palms in XL, and the sizing is spot-on for my hands. The Kangaroo leather used in the palm helps make them immediately comfortable and, despite how soft and supple it feels, is very resilient.

The opening of the gauntlet-style glove is flared and slips easily over a leather jacket sleeve. Two Velcro closures ensure a snug fit, a wide Velcro tab on the inside of the wrist teamed to a thinner one at the wrist itself. There’s an extra layer of grippy padding sewn in between the thumb and index finger, primary contact points with a motorcycle’s grips, which show little effects from wear. There are two more small pads made of the same material sewn onto the tips of the index and middle fingers.

Racer USA went above and beyond in the protection category, with hard-shelled carbon fiber guards protecting not only the knuckles and backs of the fingers, but also the back of the hand, the little bone that protrudes on your wrist, and the base of the forearm. The palm is also reinforced with Knox SPS palm sliders. The ring and little finger are sewn together with a small leather swath too since a rider’s hands are often still clinching grips when they go down.

A slight amount of air circulates through the gloves thanks to small perforations on the back of the hand, in between the fingers and in a little band at the end of the gauntlet. The Racer USA High Racer Gloves ventilate well enough that they haven’t been excessively hot during summer rides and have still been warm enough to wear into the fall on 50-degree days.

Double-stitching has been used to fuse the major leather panels together while single-stitching suffices in areas of less stress. The fingers are curling at the tip to match the shape of my hand, as a good leather product should, and there’s one frayed stitch at the tip of the index finger, but otherwise they’ve weathered favorably.

I’m impressed with both the comfort and high level of protection the Racer USA High Racer Gloves provide. While their online description says they’re CE-certified, all I know is they’re well-made and a high-quality pair of gloves at a competitive  price.

Racer USA High Racer Gloves
Sizes – Small to 3XL
Colors – Black or White-Black