By Robbie Barajas/Director J&P Cycles

When I was given an opportunity to attend the 2019 MotoGP race in Austin, Texas, I jumped on it. I live in Kentucky so I had to pack for a five-day trip and jump on a flight to Dallas where I met up with many of our corporate J&P Cycles’ team for a ride down to Austin (read all about it in our Danger Dan and J&P’s Run to the Handbuilt article!). I grabbed a brand new 2019 Harley-Davidson Low Rider from EagleRider at Maverick Harley-Davidson that was pretty much bone-stock. In order to get five-day’s worth of clothing, gear, and the toiletries down to Austin I strapped a Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Bag to the Low Rider. I chose this bag mostly for the 46-liter size. I was able to get two pairs of jeans, six shirts, one jacket, five under shirts, five pairs of socks, five clean undies, rain suit, glasses, gloves, a backpack and toiletries in this bag, no problem. On the way back I added a couple souvenirs as well.

Robbie used up just about all 46 liters of the Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Bag's storage space. 

Out-of-the-box this bag has several straps to accommodate different mounting options. The bag is made of durable, weather-resistant 1200 dernier textile material. The connectors and clips are well-made and secure the bag tightly. It comes with a tethered rain cover in the bottom compartment under the bag, which is definitely a useful feature. Another is the shoulder strap for carrying the bag on and off the bike.

Starting with the outside of the bag, there are two small quick-access side pockets, one large quick-access top pocket, one bungee cord setup on the front that is good for something like a light jacket, and a couple of water bottle pockets on each side. On the inside of the bag there are a couple of mesh pockets for small items, a compartment for a laptop or tablet, and the main storage compartment.

The Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Bag has numerous straps which make tying it down a cinch. 

While this bag is great for road trips it’s not a practical daily use bag mainly because of its large size. If you were taking this on and off a couple times a day as well as needing to cover the bag if you hit rain, it would require a lot of attention. Although it has a shoulder strap, the strap is very thin so it is not very comfortable to carry. Figuring out how to attach the shoulder strap in a good position to keep the bag balanced is not user-friendly either. As a heads up, if you need to take this bag on a plane it will fit in overhead storage on larger planes. If you’re on a smaller plane, it will not fit in the overhead so you will have to check it. Overall the Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Bag is constructed solidly and does an outstanding job for a three-to-five day trip. At a price tag of $178, consider it money well-spent.