The all-new Bell Eliminator Helmet is an aggressive, lightweight design, that's both DOT and ECE approved. This helmet screams attitude and will work with any riding style. Here is our road tested review.

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Immediately, you notice the ventilation on this as the metal rivet style holes add to both the look and function. You can see at top of the helmet and in the chin bar, the ventilation holes are cut directly through both the shell and the EPS liner to give you maximum flow. There is no latch or closure on these, so whether you like it or not, you're going to get air.

The other thing that's really neat about this helmet is the new ProVision Shield. Similar to Pinlock, it creates a dual-pane layer making the shield fog free. Like most helmets nowadays that we're buying, this does have removable liners. After the summer months, things get a little funky, hand wash it, let it dry, and throw it back in, keeping you and your lid smelling fresh. Designs on this go from mild to wild, including this all new black chrome, which I really like because when I get off my bike, I like to check my hair and make sure it's looking right.

Bell Eliminator in Black Chrome

After about an hour in this helmet and riding around,there is a lot of good first impressions. First is the fit. I wear a size medium and that's what this is, and it fit really well. Even though it was about an hour to an hour and a half of riding, I didn't get any hot spots or really any of those uncomfortable feelings with a new helmet, so that's definitely a check in the plus column.

Next are the vents, which is of huge concern in this Texas heat. Usually, I wear earplugs when I ride, but today I decided not to just to really test out to see how much wind noise that I'd get. First of all, the vents work. I felt them immediately upon riding. That being said, you do get a little bit of wind noise coming through them. Really, it's not a problem. There are definitely noisier helmets out there. Since I almost always wear ear protection, I'm not seeing the wind noise as a concern as it's not as loud as I thought it would be, having those large cutouts that flow straight through.

I was surprised by the aerodynamics of this helmet, comparing it to other full faces out there on the market. I think it does a good job. Whether you're on a V-Twin or a sport bike, I think this helmet will be appropriate. Compared to other full-face helmets, the vision feels a lot wider, almost like a three quarter or one of the Bell Bullitt's with the thin chin bar. It's very clear and a very large field of vision.

The only downsides to the helmet are maybe that the visor is a little hard to use with a gloved hand; there isn't a firm latch there to pull up and down on. The other thing in question is the noise, depending on your comfort and ride style it can be more noisy than other full face models in the market.

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