If you're a performance V-Twin rider, Metzeler has an all new tire called the Cruisetec that's right up your alley. The Cruisetec is the latest in high performance cruiser tires and is a game changer for those who ride fast and hard.

I was fortunate to have had a chance to test ride these and put about eight hours worth of riding on them with multiple bikes: Indian Scouts all the way up to big Harley Baggers. Because this tire is a revolution and not an evolution, you're going to get some key upgraded components such as high levels of cornering grip, while retaining your typical cruiser longevity and life.

The way they do this is with their chosen compounds and tread pattern. It's a completely new and unique design to Metzeler and this tire. Now whether it's a smaller bike or a heavier bike, that stability is going to give you a more confident feel and not give you that squirm when you're going through a corner under heavy load. Metzeler did a good job at the silicates and the cuts in this tire to offer you a tremendous amount of confidence whether it's one of those dewy morning rides or if you're just caught out in a rain storm.

I put about eight hours on these things, and I was really impressed. It was really fun on the Indian Scout, which is a light bike and we were able to really rail it in the canyon roads. For this ride, we were in the Ozarks, a beautiful and technical place to ride. After the Scout, I mounted much larger bikes in a Harley Davidson M8 Streetglide and an Indian Dark Horse. I was really surprised on the feedback and confidence this tire delivered on these bikes, and these were not old motors we're talking about either, these were cammed M8 motors, or fitted with full exhaust setups that really produce a good amount of grunt.

It wasn't that easy to kick these things loose. It felt good, and it was an enjoyable ride. I think these tires actually supersede what most V-Twin cruisers are capable of doing. This tire exceeded my expectations and made me rethink of what a cruiser tire is and is capable of. Some key highlights from the day's ride are:

  • Quick warm up time
  • Great in inclement weather (dew-covered road in the early morning)
  • No squirm or roll under heavy load: braking or mid corner acceleration
  • Great feedback - I felt connected and knew exactly what the tire was doing
  • Smooth over grated roads and bridges - due to the tread pattern, the tire is smooth and straight over grated surfaces

This test was only a day long, which is good enough to test performance and feel; however, the question of longevity still remains. Metzeler claims the Cruistec will last the same as most oem equipped cruiser tires, which will come to light with more ride time. Metzeler has proven that the Cruisetec is the next standard for performance cruiser tires.

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