Roland Sands is at it again with some new riding jeans. The RSD Tech Denim Jeans replace the Dalton jeans in the RSD lineup, and are a marked improvement over RSD's first foray into the pants department. I loved the Dalton jeans, but they had some significant shortcomings. After a solid month of wear (which amounts to roughly 1,500 miles of seat time), I think the Tech Denim Jeans do just about everything right, and are well worth the $200 price tag.

The Tech Denim Jeans are constructed of Cordura denim with a waxed finish. Cordura denim is an abrasion and tear-resistant fabric that's at least 4x more abrasion-resistant and has significantly more tear resistance than cotton denim of the same weight. Compared to cotton, it also retains more of it's strength over time as it is worn and washed. An Aramid reinforcement layer (basically Kevlar, just without the brand name attached) under the denim in key abrasion zones provides more protection. Armor pockets are sewn into the knees and hips. Removable Knox Microlock armor is included for the knees but the hip armor has to be purchased separately. It's a solid package of protection that'll help keep your skin and bones intact.

Knox Microlock armor is included for the knees.

The Tech Denim Jeans are billed as a slim-straight fit. For those of you turned off by the word "slim" and wouldn't be caught dead wearing skinny hipster jeans, I'm happy to say that the fit leans far more toward straight than slim. They look and fit a lot like a pair of Levi 501s. That means you get a classic look, and don't need a man bun to rock these. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit well without being either overly snug or too baggy. I'm a 38 waist but have a stocky, muscular build, especially in the legs, so a lot of jeans tend to be too tight on my hips and thighs even if the waist fits. I end up having to size up or go with a looser or relaxed style, resulting in unwanted bagginess. Luckily, RSD landed right in the middle and I really dig how they fit. I haven't washed them yet, but if my experience with other Cordura denim is any indication, I suspect they'll shrink a bit in the wash, then relax after more wear, resulting in a perfect fit. Waist sizes range from 28 to 38, and unfortunately, there are no inseam options available, so keep that in mind. I don't know about the other waist sizes, but the inseam on the 38 is around a 32-34. I normally wear a 30 inseam, but the extra length works well when worn with motorcycle footwear, and is great to keep the cuffs from riding up when on the bike.

Comfort, both on and off the bike, is excellent. Despite it's durability, the Cordura denim is soft and supple.  The pants move with you well and aren't restrictive, thanks to two-way stretch built into the fabric and a gusset sewn into the crotch. You get plenty of mobility and comfort. These are jeans you can wear all day, and on the rare occasion I'm not riding my motorcycle and put on my regular Levi's, I find myself missing the crotch gusset and thick but supple stretch Cordura denim. Luckily, they're comfortable enough for all-day wear, so I find myself wearing them more often than not.

Fit, finish, and styling are great, as is expected from RSD. The denim is indigo yarn-dyed, so the blue is rich and dark. It'll show the character of the wearer as it ages and fades over time. Seams that'll get the most wear are reinforced, riveted, and/or bar-tacked. The combination of durable Cordura denim, rich dye, and reinforced construction means these pants will probably be good for years to come. Rivets, zippers, and other hardware are given a stealthy blacked-out treatment. The details are rounded out with a leather RSD logo patch and a metal hanger over the right back pocket for your keys or hat, a nice touch. Since they fit great and styling is top-notch, they don't scream motorcycle gear, nor do they stand out as high-end fashion jeans. Gotta love good ol' classic rugged denim. You can ride to work (whether that's an office or a job-site), or go out on the town and no one will be the wiser.

It's not all roses, though. One gripe I have is the waxed treatment on the denim makes the pants a bit more smooth and slick than normal denim, which caused me to slide around a bit on the seat of my bike for the first few hundred miles of wear. Once that coating wears off the seat of the pants, they're great. I would've liked to have seen a pop of reflectivity somewhere, like the inside of the cuff, or something. I think that would've been the final "t" to cross to deliver the total package.

These have quickly become my favorite riding jeans. The combination of great fit, classic, rugged styling, durable materials, and riding-centric protective features at a solid price makes the RSD Tech Denim Jeans a great option.

Ride hard. Be Prepared. These jeans make it easy to live up to RSD's motto.