Finding a good luggage solution for your motorcycle can be trickier than it should be. Although I subscribe to the less is more thought process when packing, it still is a pain to choose the perfect bag. Too big and the bag can flop around like an empty pillow case. Too small and you're bungee cording everything under the sun and looking like Jed Clampett rolling down the road. Nelson-Rigg is a long time player in the motorcycle luggage game and the Route 1 line is just what the doctor ordered to get you the perfect travel bag set up.

The Route 1 line ranges from the everyday carry tank bag all the way up to a roller bag. The folks at Nelson-Rigg have been doing their homework and addressing one of the biggest concerns when it comes to moto-luggage, the dreaded black bag fade-out. We’ve all seen faded old Cordura fabric completely beaten down by the sun and left to turn a weird purple. But have no fear, the new UltraMax fabric is designed to combat those UV rays. Each bag comes with a lifetime warranty. A large portion of the bags in the line are expandable and all of them (even the tank bag) come with a rain cover, reflective piping and rigid construction.