Roland Sands Design entered the motorcycle footwear arena in August 2016 when it launched its Mojave Boots. One of their latest offerings is the RSD Fresno Riding Shoe, a lace-up hi-top made primarily of durable leather, except for the shifting area above the toes which is smartly made of a hard, textured plastic so it will last longer. The Fresno Riding Shoes are reinforced in the toe and heel, and both sides of the ankles are thickly padded. While undoubtedly protective, this padding created a noticeable pressure point on the outside of my ankle until I got the shoes properly broken in.

The RSD Fresno Riding Shoes look like a casual hi-top skate shoe but are reinforced in the toe, heel, and shifter area. 

Inside the Fresno shoes is a thin, removable insole that thickens toward the heel. The interior is lined with a breathable, waterproof fabric called Hipora. The tongue of the shoe is perforated which is the only place this breathable fabric works because there are no other venting holes and the shoe can get a little toasty at times. While the warmth was welcome during chilly, early spring rides, now that the needle on the thermometer is rising, a bit more ventilation would gladly be welcomed. On a side note, RSD does sell a perforated version of its Fresno Riding Shoes which are more suitable for summer months.

This lightning bolt on the back of the RSD Fresno Riding Shoes is highly reflective. 

While the shoe itself is jet black, there is a reflective lightning bolt on the back that’s highly visible when light hits it. The various leather panels of the shoe have been double-stitched together and the shoe is stoutly constructed. The tread of the sole has held up well and provides plenty of grip when I’m pushing a motorcycle around. It’s a sharp-looking shoe, one you’d never guess was built with riding motorcycles in mind. The shoes got the approval of the two toughest critics I know, my teenage daughter and my wife, who both complimented its styling. Now that they’re broken in, the Fresnos are comfortable enough to ride to your destination and pound pavement all day in, which can’t be said for some motorcycle boots I’ve tested. Besides a few wrinkles in flex points and a handful of scuffs on the toes, they look good as new.

At $200, the Roland Sands Design Men’s Fresno Black Shoes are priced competitively, slightly more expensive than the similarly-styled TCX Mood Gore-Tex riding shoes at $189.99 but $50 cheaper than Alpinestars Oscar Rayburns at $249.95. Rated high for construction, reinforcement, versatility, and style, and midrange in both comfort and breathability, the RSD Fresno Riding Shoes have grown on me the more I've worn them and there's plenty more wear and tear in store as riding season is finally upon us.

Even after a few months of wear and tear, the RSD Fresno Men's Riding Shoes still look almost new.