Vespa enthusiasts, rejoice!

Vespa is not just a scooter. It is the most widespread and popular two-wheeled vehicle in the world. It is a legend built on over eighteen million units, on a record of technology and style that sets it apart over time, since the first unit in 1946 to the latest model, the futuristic and precious Vespa 946.

Vespa is the only scooter in the world that knows how to be loved, so much so as to be cared for and maintained well beyond the average lifetime of any other vehicle and to go beyond its function as an urban vehicle to become a cult object, a real collector’s item, a symbol of a lifestyle.

Vespa has been able to anticipate the cultural upheavals that have swept the world in more than six decades, taking on the role of protagonist in the lifestyle revolutions related to the young, fashion and music.

Vespa has been a protagonist in the lives of entire generations, becoming the bearer of values of elegance, freedom and friendship. And over the decades, Vespa has managed to create a unique style linked to its cosmopolitan soul. Now the web, a perfect synthesis of a world increasingly without borders, becomes the place to share these fundamental values for which Vespa is an ambassador.

The VESPA.COM website, a point of reference for Vespa enthusiasts worldwide, now hosts the new display windows of the Vespa Store, the web space in which – thanks to the possibility of online booking – the Vespa 946 made its debut, the most precious and technologically advanced Vespa model ever conceived.

On the new Vespa Store, a rich array of clothing, gadgets and accessories, conceived and designed drawing on the most classic Vespa iconography, is available to enthusiasts to live in Vespa style, dress with the same casual elegance, surrounded by preciously made objects that are reminiscent of timeless shapes.

The Official Vespa Store provides access to the five major sections that divide the items on sale:

Clothing: The rich Lifestyle collection consists of T-shirts, polos, jackets and windcheaters. Always characterized by top-quality materials and first-class workmanship and designed in the Vespa style that perfectly summarizes a neglected, graciously snobbish elegance.

Helmets and Accessories: In addition to Vespa helmets, find the most recent lines of the classic series with the flags of the world, belts, sunglasses and bags of various types, from practical and very young shoulder bags, characterized by an elegant “vintage” look, to large travel bags.

Gadgets: Get legendary perpetual calendars in perfect '50s style, including wrist watches and clocks, document holders, stationery and many other proposals, always decorated with historic Vespa images from original prints preserved in the Historical Piaggio Archive, to surround yourself in domestic life with real Vespa objects.

Vespa 946 Accessories: This section is dedicated to the sale of accessories for the new Vespa 946, to make the most valuable scooter unique. Each accessory – from genuine leather helmet bags to the top fairing, chrome luggage racks, genuine leather hand grips and special parts in aluminium – is made with the richness of materials and attention to detail that characterize the exclusive jewel that is the Vespa 946.

Vespa Special Collections: Peruse helmets and clothing, richly finished and exclusively dedicated to the most modern Vespa. To always wear, on every occasion, the elegant exclusivity of Vespa 946.

The new e-store, whose content and functionalities are accessible from the various desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms, consistently adopts the look and feel of the new, the official Vespa website, online for a few weeks and true “compass” for lovers of the Vespa and its style worldwide.

The new Vespa Store is immediately active for Vespa enthusiasts in Italy, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK.