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Motorcycle Air Filter Elements

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Motorcycle Air Filter Elements

You don't want to breathe dirty air and your engine hates it, too. Keep fresh air flowing with our huge selection of motorcycle air filters. An old, dirty air filter lets dirt and dust into your engine, which shortens the life of your motor, clogs up your fuel system and hurts performance. Problems with rough idling and general performance losses can often be attributed to this, as well.

J&P has hundreds of air filter elements, including paper, foam and cotton. Paper motorcycle air filters are most commonly found on street bikes, but are widely used because of their low price and disposable nature. Unlike foam or cotton, paper filters cannot be cleaned and reused, so take that into consideration when making your selection. Filters made with foam can be cleaned and reused. You can find them in action in dusty or dirty applications where denser filtration media can better keep out the small particles. Be aware that this increased filter density does mean less air gets through, so frequent cleaning is a must. Cotton air filters are the most expensive type available and for good reason. They can be washed and reused, and allow for much more airflow than foam filters. It takes a bit more effort and supplies to clean a cotton one, but if you do it right these could possibly outlive your engine! All our products are precision-made by top names in the motorcycle industry like K&N, Arlen Ness, S&S, LA Choppers, UNI, EMGO, V-Twin Manufacturing, and many more.

Having install problems? We've got you covered with free tech support on aftermarket motorcycle air filter elements and other motorcycle parts. Already spent the cash to buy one of the best air filters? You can make your air filter match the style of your bike with our huge selection of custom 
Air Cleaner Covers.