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J&P Cycles® Two-Piece Top Quality Rain Suit

J&P Cycles Part Number: 1500474


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Description for J&P Cycles® Two-Piece Top Quality Rain Suit

• J&P Cycles® rain jacket and pants are the perfect combination of function and safety

• The jacket's wide orange stripe is highly visible during the day and two reflective gray stripes make you easy to see at night

• The jacket is made of 100% waterproof nylon with sealed seams and a mesh nylon inner lining for added comfort

• Two outer and one inside pocket

• Inside is a fold-out storage pouch which can be worn around your waist like a fanny pack on those days when you just know you might run into a shower on a moment's notice

• The black pants are made of the same tough 100% waterproof nylon material

• Suspenders and boot straps hold the pants firmly in place, helping to stop wind-blown road spray from climbing up your legs

Product Specs

Product Specs for J&P Cycles® Two-Piece Top Quality Rain Suit

100% Waterproof Nylon
Product Color:
Black and Orange
Sold in Units:
2-Piece Set
Rain Gear
Warehouse Part Number:

Rain Gear Size Chart

NOTE: Some riders like to have their rain gear fit loosely and some like their rain gear to be fitted. Use this chart as a guideline when ordering and apply to your personal preference.

Jacket Sizing

Order this size jacket for wearing over leathers

Size Chest Measurement Size Chest Measurement
XS 38" XL 49"–50"
S 40" XXL 52"–54"
M 42"–44" 3XL 56"
L 46"–48" 4XL 58"

Order this size jacket for wearing over regular clothing

Size Chest Measurement Size Chest Measurement
XS 36" XL 47"–48"
S 38" XXL 50"–52"
M 40"–42" 3XL 54"
L 44"–46" 4XL 56"

Pant Sizing

Order this size pant for wearing over leathers

Size Waist Measurement Size Waist Measurement
XS 34" XL 42"
S 36" XXL 44"
M 38" 3XL 46"
L 40" 4XL 48"

Order this size pant for wearing over regular clothing

Size Waist Measurement Size Waist Measurement
XS 32" XL 40"
S 34" XXL 42"
M 36" 3XL 44"
L 38" 4XL 46"
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for J&P Cycles® Two-Piece Top Quality Rain Suit

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Good quality but can't for the life of me figure out how to get folded and stuffed into the attached pouch! Need to come with instructions!


Excellent suit for the price.


Rode through three rainstorms on a ride from Missouri to Florida last week and this thing kept me perfectly dry! Couldn't be happier!


Nice suit. Worked well in the Adirondacks. Only issue is the pants are extremely long would love if the Jacket and pants could be sold separately. Whole suit runs big.


Nice suit. Worked well in the Adirondacks. Only issue is the pants are extremely long would love if the Jacket and pants could be sold separately. Whole suit runs big. Found medium to be too big for the Mrs and the small is to small. Went with the bigger. Pants cover up to her chest. She's 5'4" so shes not a big gal. Love the gusseted flare bottoms that zip to allow putting on with boots.


Excellent product


Great deal for the price! Kept my wife dry for over 70 miles in some nasty rain!


This is just your average rain suit - no frills or extra crap to confuse you when you're trying to put it on. Had a good ride in the rain when I first got it. Seemed to do what it was designed for. Not a single wet spot.


This is a very well made rain suit. The design seems well thought out, and I'm very pleased with it so far.


very nice product. I bougt a cheaper unit from JP which lasted 6 months. Choose this one not a cheaper one.


Almost as nice as HD's!!


Worked great.




For the cost, I'm sure this suit is a good deal. It has some small fabrication flaws. At 5'9" 170 lbs I just barely fit into this "medium" catagory. It's almost snug around the middle, especially with that built-in storage pouch that feels like I have a copy of "Catcher In The Rye in my shirt pocket. I may lop it off. The sleeves could be a little longer, but it will work. Large would be too loose. Glad to have it


fits perfectly, and built great too! hope I never have to use it though!


Pretty good for the price. I went through a lot of rainy spots with this suit on and I stayed dry. There was one time that I didn't have my chaps on underneath the suit and I couldn't tell if my pants were wet or cold when I got home. But with chaps I feel underneath I felt dry the whole time. A little water came up under the jacket once but I didn't have the bottom buttons buttoned maybe that made a slight difference. The suspenders are just stupid in my opinion. I don't use them and the stretchy waist keeps the pants up. Overall good product.


Really nice rain suit.


I tried it on and it fits. I haven't gotten it wet yet (better to ride when its dry anyway) so I can't vouch for rain protection.


The rainsuit fit perfect and delivery was extra fast. Thanks!


nice product


My girlfriend didn't like it at first but when it kept her dry she quickly changed her opinion!!


good quality - like the way it folds into its own pouch - would be better with a hood


Very pleased. Fits well, even over leathers. Had to use this weekend and kept me dry. Rolls up into small size for placing in saddle bags.


Wish there was anything to indicate the best way to get the suit in the attached pouch. I was able to get it to work but it took far longer than it would have if I'd had some sort of direction. Seems like good quality, haven't had the chance to really test it yet.


I bought this for my daughter and she used this three times last week. Was comfortable and kept her dry during the Texas rains


Sizing was perfect as directed to fit over leathers. Look great and I'll be warm and dry.


Haven't had the opportunity to try out the dryness feature but am very confident in this product. The fit is great but I am only 5 ft 2 in so pants are to long but don't believe that w problem. At this point , I would recommend this product to anyone.


I am very happy with this suit .. Never had any other to compare with .. Folds into it's own self contained carrying case .. like a pig pocket .. keeps my dry keeps the wind out .. Seems to be good quality . Don't be in a hurry with the zippers fold material out of the way so it does not get caught in zippers..


The rain suit did keep me dry but I was not in any substantial rain. I do have three complaints about the rain suit. 1. The inner liner continued to get caught in my pant leg zipper. It took me about 10 minutes to get the liner material out of the zipper. This happened to me multiple times. 2. The jacket was huge on me and constantly blew around while riding down the road. 3. The suit has no hood.


Great quality, but not recommended for hot and weather. Looks great too.


The rain gear was great. We liked the fact that you could store them in small places or wear them on your waist. Easy to put on and off. Keep us dry!!


The rain gear I purchased was excellent quality. I was very pleased with the purchase. I like your tech dept. also. Very accommodating. I know I can purchase on line, but I still enjoy looking at your catalog. I have found things that I didn't know I needed. The on-line service is great if you're looking for more detail on a specific item. Keep the catalogs coming. Thanks


Good quality, good service


This suit is very well made and has all the ammenities needed like the boot stirrups. I am very impressed with this product. Great quality for a minimal price. Two thumbs up.


It fits just right. I normally order large and large fits well. I haven't had it in the rain yet, but feel confident that it will keep me dry.


This suit was for my wife who was going two up with me for a long trip through the Northeast. Unfortunately, we hit two days of rain. Fortunately she had this suit, and I was jealous. I have had my rain suit from the dealer, and it did not perform the way this suit did. Fantastic. I think I will be ordering one for me.


As good in quality as the rain suits by the 'motor company' for half the cost. Dry is dry. Thanks JP Cycles.


Good quality. The top half of the suit is a little small for the size of the pants. I like this part.


Jacket fits great - pants are way too big, but doable over jeans, so will keep. Excellent product, even tho the pants are too large.


This one is the best.


Best I ever got


Great suit. Sure comes in handy for those storm rides.


For the money, this rain suit can't be beat! In fact, my buddy bought a whiz-bang rain suit from Harley and while I was nice and dry, he ended up soaked. This is a GREAT rain suit!!


Worked great in Arizona rain.


Haven't had a chance to use it yet but it looks and feels pretty sturdy.


Not bad got the price

B Wo

Haven't had a chance to test these in the rain yet, but its good quality at the right price, and compresses down to fit in my travel bag, You could spend twice as much at the Motor Company and not get as nice a set of gear.




The rain pouch is in the way when you put the jacket on. It's made into the jacket.


Great suit! Very weather proff!


Fits good, havent had a chance to use it yet...


Very nice rain suit. My wife used it on a rainy, cold day when we got caught without jackets. It was warm and kept her dry. Now I have to buy one for her!! (So I can wear mine)


Great Suit. Looks great, keeps rain out. P.S. Don't touch exhaust pipes.


I bought slightly larger size and was very glad I did. Used on mountain roads around Mt. St. Helens in mist and rain OVER my leathers because it was so cold up there. I stayed toasty and dry. I don't have a farings! Suit will not balloon so long as wrist velcro is fastened tight and rain gauntlets, # 114-347 were worn. Easy suit to use except for built in storage thing. I still haven't the time to stuff the suit into that little pouch thing. I just roll it up and stuff into bags. Overall nice value.


Appears to be well made and fits very well. Looking forward that first big rain.


Hadn't had to use it yet. As far as fit, all fit good with the exception of the sleeves on the jacket are a little too short for a Large.


little tight in the chest but works as good or better than my buddies HD one for 3 times the price


Great price! I had been looking for a while


works very well


Haven't had to use them but the fit was comfortable and a great price. Folded up in the pouch easy .


good value for the price.


A bit big in the pants , but comfy for long wet day !!


looks like it will work well


Great rain gear. I used them several times on a recent trip to Yellowstone. Everything stayed dry. Zipper flare on pants fit over work boots so you don't have to take boots off to put pants on. Heavy enough so they don't flap in the wind.


Yes great


Works good. The storage pouch makes it ez to grab + go. Only flaw is the jacket runs a little small.


The order arrived promptly and the rainsuit fit good. It seems to be well made. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but leaving on a trip in a couple days so may get to try it out then.


I had one of these rainsuits and lost it when my saddlebag fell off my bike. I liked it the first time. I rode in the rain a few times with it and I always stayed dry. I like the fact that it folds into its own pocket. when I ordered a new one I had forgotten what size I originally had and ordered the wrong size. J&P cycles process was easy to follow to send it back and get the right size.


Good quality product, works as advertised.


Well made, heavy weight material. Have not yet had a chance to use but sure it will do the job.


Suit was well used after purchase. Rode from TN to FL for the week and it rained heavy on the way there and the way back. For the price the suit worked well. Water came up between the pants and jacket but in heavy rain I would expect that. Nicely packs back into sewn in pouch and nice to leave in saddle bag. Worth the price for something only needed on occasion.


This rainsuit is solid. I used it last weekend and stayed dry as a bone.


Clunky and difficult to get on. the velcro on the wrists could be much sturdier as well. The pants are great with boot rain covers but I would probably get a smaller size jacket.


Great product from fit to rain protection to pricing.


Thick, heavy weight and durable. Well worth the money. Better than other brands in the same price range. Recommended.


Did exactly what I needed it to do! Coming back from Sturgis, heading to Racine, WI I hit a storm and the suit worked!


Great purchase,Received quickly,4 days later rode 6+ hours in the rain. Some water got thru, but overall we're pleased with the performance.


Good quality. Fast service.


Very nice suit, fits great, high quality. Can't beat this suit for the price, very happy. Thanks J&P!!


Excellent product


Pretty good suit. Would be nice if you sold the pants and top separately. Pants are huge. Would've gave it 5 stars.


I'm returning the item but not for lack of quality. The sizing is way off, I recommend ordering two sizes up for regular clothing, three sizes over leathers.


great fit! has plenty of room to wear a hoodie underneath if need be.


Just now looking at replacing this suit. I bought this one in 2011 and wore it in more rain than I care to think about right now. Downpours in Louisiana, Minnesota, Washington State, Tennessee, North Carolina, Milwaukee....Geez I put a lot of wet miles on this suit. It does a good job and is a bargain. After 6+ years of heavy use, the Velcro is starting to get a little weak and one of the elastic leg straps is starting to un-sew itself from the leg bottom. BUT, the elastic on the whole suit is still stretchy. EVERY zipper still works perfectly! It really kept me dry except for that one time in Illinois when the rain and hail hit the pavement so hard it bounced about 6' back up in the air. That day I had some water come in around the neck closure before we could get to a gas station overhang. I can get this suit on in about 3 minutes and I have bad knees. Ill probably buy another one-I like it so much.


Rode in a storm with wind blowing and hard rain and stayed dried. Worked perfect.


I’m extremely happy with this purchase! I’m a 5’4” plus-sized woman. The 3XL is big enough to fit over my clothes, but the legs are quite long for me. The “overall” design of the pants keep them up comfortably under the jacket while I’m riding, and I love that both pieces fit into the pocket in the jacket. This rain gear will keep you warm if you’re already drenched, and keep you dry if you’re heading into rain. I highly recommend getting used to putting it on before you have to use it or getting to a well-lit and dry place to put it on if you need it on the road. Adjusting the leg cuffs and the suspender straps are necessary if the pants are too long. You’ll also need to zip away the pocket in the jacket to be able to zip up the jacket properly, although, the velcro closure alone is enough to keep the jacket closed in the rain. Overall, this is great gear for the price. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting gear to keep with them when they ride.


The price was right, but the zipper broke the second time I wore the rain jacket. I can now only wear it by using the velcro closure. The size was XL, which is what I wear for everything. (I have a 43" chest.)


I got one of these rain suits before my last long trip. It was great so I got one for my son for Christmas. He's real happy. He hasn't had a chance to wear it yet but said he plans on using it when he goes kayaking too, not just when he's on his motorcycle.


Works very well at keeping you dry. Pretty good quality. Only problem is that it's a little more bulky than I'd like to carry everywhere, but not bad.


Good suit but a little tight for those of us built more like Santa. Very good ability to keep one dry ALL DAY. I used it for 3 consecutive days of rain on a road trip and was always 95% dry. Breathes surprisingly well.


very good suit


Worked great.


The rainsuit it self is great, but the storage pouch is part of the jacket which took som time to find and madr it difficult to fold the suit neatly into the pouch!!


Works great, All day in the rain and never got wet. The built in storage is nice too


Looks and fits great, good buy for the money!


Excellent Value for the money. Very well made, fits correctly, and is very visible with the orange and reflective stripes. I keep this suit in my saddlebag at all times.

Dave Allison

Very good fit, works well with or without a jacket under it, anthe pants fit perfect. Thanks Dave


we got to use them for the first time today and they were great.


The pants did fit nice, I liked the straps for both boot/shoulders.


Nice suit for the price.


Excellent suit for the cost. I'd almost want to complain about the hook/loop closures since they grip almost too well. It's made riding in the rain comfortable and no stress.


Great raingear for the price. Love the orange and yellow banner accross the chest for visiblity.


The suit is a good bargain, however, I'm tall and the pants are too short (they always are), so my wife is making some adjustments.


These rainsuits are top quality! We recently used them on a long haul trip through very cold weather. It wasn't raining but the suits are so well made that they kept our body heat in and made the ride really enjoyable.


The quality is great but the size is way off. My last one was a xl and zippered over my leather. This is a xl but wont zip even without my leather. I'm guessing a 3X will do it. And its same jacket same me.


It fits nicely looks great Im not sure how it does in the rain though its still snowing outside.


rain suit works perfect, keeps me completely dry everytime, great product with an equally great price.


good quality. keeps you dry.


Bought 2 sets (his & mine) and am extremely happy with the quality & appearance. My only complaint was that I had to take my pants to a seamstress to hem them up (below the knee) as women's sizes are unavailable.




Very good rain suit.


Worked very well the first time I needed it good price for the quality.


Good value


Fits as expected haven't been in the rain yet but I'm sure it will keep me dry. Heavy construction more than expected for the price.


Great packaging speedy delivery while I look forward to not using it I love it.


Excellent design and perfect fit. It is exactly what I was looking for. My reg. size is large so I ordered the extra lare. Fits right over my leathers so just stop and put on when I hit the rain. AWESOME!!


Could have had a hood


First time I really tested this was on I-64 in SE Virginia during a tropical storm in bumper to bumper traffic. Exits were closed for flooding and with poor drainage from milling and patching, water was over my feet in some spots. It works, and it's a good value. One of the best purchases I ever made. Several hours later I got out of that storm and just left it on the whole way home since it was comfortable.


Bob from MD. I had to sew one foot strap but otherwise they are just what I wanted.


A lot of complements on the quality and appearance of the raingear.


High Quality, and the product works. I have used this rain suit for several years now, with the way it is made it will last many more.


No choice in size options. I needed a smaller pants then jacket. Store wouldn't let me swap.


Well made suit and a great buy for the money. This suit is much nicer than many other more expensive suits.


Good quality for low price!

Waldo Pepper III



I assumed that the top would fit and the pants would be too big and I would have to send it back because I didn't get to try it on before buying it. Nope, it fit perfectly. I haven't got to wear it in the rain yet, but it is very heavy duty fabric and well-made. I'm 6', 195 pounds with long arms and I ordered the XL and it fits great. The pants are a little long standing up, but are perfect when seated on the bike.


I finally got to wear it in the rain on my last trip. It performed flawlessly. No leaks, heavy duty material. I didn't want to review it until I used it, so this is it. For the price, it can't be beat in my opinion.


Recently went on 2500 mile ride to Tail of the Dragon from Michigan. Hit several showers and storms along the way and never got wet. Great product!


Used my suit in the Alps at altitude, 40 degrees with rain and snow. It worked great for two days straight and kept me dry. Great suit for the price.


Great suit for the price. Best money I ever spent.


Nice suit until it hits the pipes. The suit lasted one trip. Pay the extra money and get a better suit.


Price was right, quality appears to be above normal, have not had the opportunity to test it during inclement weather.


Thick, heavy weight and durable. Well worth the money. Better than other brands in the same price range. Recommended.


Great purchase,Received quickly,4 days later rode 6+ hours in the rain. Some water got thru, but overall we're pleased with the performance.


Great rainsuit at a great price. I haven't had to use it yet, but I unpacked it and checked it out for flaws - none found! Other rainsuits of this quality that I have checked cost over double the price.


Although I haven't had the chance to use the suit for it's intended purpose, easy to see that it's a quality piece of work, well made. The price was right as well, and it is a pretty good looking outfit too.


Good product I just got it. Pants a little long for the XXL. My length is 30 its about 6-8 inches longer. Need instructions to get suit folded in the attached pouch. I can not figure it out without tearing something. All in all a good buy.


Nice rain suit. Haven't had to use it yet & wish it had a hood. But fits good & I can tell its waterproof. At a good price too.


Very good quality rainsuit.


Clothing seems well made. Perfect around the shoulders and chest however tight around the gut and I am not at all fat.. I like it though,


I needed a rain suit after the move to Florida. Nearly everyday I get off work it rains almost all the way home. I went to the store in Daytona after seeing this suit online. Tried it on and thought the price was good. As I was on my way home I hit rain. With this in my bag I stopped and put it on. This suit worked FLAWLESSLY. Everything under the suit stayed dry as a bone. So glad I bought this. I feel alot less stressed about riding in the rain.


Suit melted first time I used it!!! Not satisfied ATT ALL !!! It does not appear to be heat resistant melted on inner parts of the leg on the pant


Nice rain suit but your sizing chart for this item is very confusing making you think you can order different sizes for the jacket and pants separately but you can't Order this size jacket for wearing over regular clothing: Order this size pant for wearing over regular clothing. I need a xl pant but 2xl jacket for wearing over regular clothing but couldn't order separately, Have to return item and order 2xl for jacket to fit but making pants too big


I got this for my husband for his birthday. He had to use it 2 days later and said it worked great!! He loved it.


Went with the chart when I ordered and the fit was spot on. Cool- wonderful- great, but did it work? ABOSOLUTELY. Ordered it with the Tourmaster boot protectors and within 2 days of receiving, was riding to work and noticed it clouding up. Pulled under the awning of a gas station and put on the rain gear and rode to work in a torrential downpour. Got to work and sauntered leisurely into the building while my coworkers scrambled from their cars in a panic. Took off the gear and was COMPLETELY dry. Spent my 1st 2 cups of coffee laughing my ass off at my coworkers who were calling me crazy but were now spending the 1st hour of the shift trying to accelerate the drying process! Thanks J&P!


Having read the reviews I was tempted to order one size larger. Am glad I didn't, top and bottom fit perfect! Can't comment on how it works in the rain yet, that will follow.Was able to get jacket and pants into the built in pouch!!


Got caught in a major thunder storm and hail storm with this suit on. Stayed dry and comfortable. Great product.


Great fit, heavy duty and durable at a great price!


The rainsuit is very good quality. The pants do run a little long.


For the money this is the best rain suit I've ever had. Fully adjustable fits good not clumsy or tent like. Definitely my go to gear.


Well made and comfortable.


used it the 1st time when I rode to florida. I got stuck riding in thunderstorm in s. carolina rain gear worked great.


Excellent quality, nice and roomy. Good solid fabric and stitching. Nice suit!


Nice suit great quality.


A little bluky but well made.


Rode from Mississippi to Colorado and back using this rainsuit, It rained on 4 of a six day trip the suit always kept me dry. Only suggestion to improve the suit would be to add heat resistant fabric to the lower legs.


Very well made. I have also used it to play golf.


It works. Got caught in a moderate rain for a littel more than two miles. No windshield and I stayed dry. Sizing is good. I'm 6'2" and 230 and the XXL fits well over my trousers and bike jacket.


Good Quality at a competitive price. Elastic at waist could be more generous in size.


great value


Looks great, fits well!


Rode in BIG rain. Worked flawlessly.


Very nice, good fit, may want to order a size larger if you wear bulky leather.


Great Suit, Good looking and very nice fitting, best on the market for the price. Better than any Harley Davidson suit out there....


The fit is great.


Got caught in some pretty heavy rain on the way back to PA after the open house in Iowa and kept dry by this suit. I recommend this suit.


I bought the rain gear at Sturgis and it performed great on the ride home to eastern Kentucky. I rode thru showers as well as a few heavy down pours and stayed dry and warm. Wish I would have had it on the trip there!


This suit was the best quality for the best price.


Fits great works good


fit great quality for price


Just got mine today. Tried it on for fit and fits fine. Nice detail to quality. Openings snitched up tightly to keep water out. May have to use it this coming weekend in rain.


I ordered the size recommended in the sizing chart, and the fit was tight. Order one size bigger than recommended. Performed well in the rain, however the first time I used it the seam for the Velcro closure ripped with the slightest pressure. I would recommend stepping up to a better selection if you plan to use this on a regular basis.

John Barnhart

Awesome rain suit... Got to try it out already, got caught in a hard down pour rainstorm out of town and it went on quick and easy... I actually stayed dry... A valuable necessity, a high quality product at a very reasonable price. I am so glad I got it, and will never go anywhere without it. Thanks again J&P!






A good quality product at a reasonable price. It is a little heavier than I had expected but I can live with that.


very high quality , sizing is right on the money


I have had to use this rain suit (well, only used the jacket) a couple of times when I ran into a light rain. Works like a rain jacket should. Good fit (I ordered one size larger so it would fit over my leather jacket if need be). Sleeves could be a little longer for us taller riders. No idea how to fold the jacket into it's inner pocket.


Have not had to use yet. Seems good. A little bulky. Take up a lot of room in saddlebag.


This rain gear is well made for the price JP is selling it. The picture does not clearly define the elastic in the jacket in the middle. I ordered this in 2XL & 3XL just to be sure of the sizing. This elastic felt like it was tight around my waist on both Jackets with not much difference between the main body of 2XL and 3XL. The arms were much larger on the 3XL. I did return both sets as I would like rain gear that :Hangs" rather than bunches up aound the middle. I think this is a good value for the price.


I like this rain suit. Keeps me dry and warm. Even nice to wear on cool mornings to keep cold wind off me. And the color comes close to matching the Harley rain suits, works just as well and costs less.


Very good rainsuit but on the small side for sizes


Very nice, it hasn't stopped raining since I received it. Good fit.


we got to use them for the first time today and they were great.


I will rate it in the middle as it has been a dry summer so far and i have not needed to use it. Looks good sitting in the saddlebag though.


very good quality


just a little to large


really nice suit


very comfortable and it definitely works well...heavier constructed jacket will stand up to high speed wet travel runs a little smaller than what I thought it would just order a size larger than you normally would.


I'm satified with my gear just what I was looking for.


Very good gear for the price


Perfect price and fits great!!!


I am 5'10" 280 I was able to wear this over 2 sweatshirts and a heavy leather jacket with comfort. Light weight yet strong. 3300 miles 10 days and 4 long heavy storms some after dark stayed dry and warm. Would buy again loved this rain gear.


Very good rainsuit, kept me dry on 2 different occasions in downpours on a Colorado ride! That was Most Important! Had 2 prior HD rainsuits and they both leaked!!!!! Great value for a basic rainsuit that works!!! Highly recommend!!


best rain suit for the money, compacts to a nice little pack that can strap to a sissy bar or handlebars.


Good rain suit!! Fits well and made well. Used it a couple of days ago. Rode for two hours in the rain. I would recommend it!!


Great product. Would have been nice to have instructions on how to fold it into the bag in the pocket. However, I love puzzles and figured it out after about 10 minutes.


Have finally been afforded the opportunity to wear this suit in the rain while riding. It kept me dry. the coat collar fit well and was not bothersome. the pants did not ride up or lift above my boots. not a whole lot of frills. but certainly a good, decent product for the price point.


For the price, good product.


Ordering process easy. The first rain suit had to be returned because of size. Return process also vary easy. The next suit received fits fine. Would recomend to a friend.


a bit on the small side for 4xx usually I wear a 3xx and have plenty of stretching room. These chineese made cloths are usually downsized


Fits well a little baggy in places.


Looks great fits well have not had to use it in the rain as of yet.


Good solid jacket - strong fabric. Order one size larger than you think you need.


Really good rain suit for the price you pay. I actually got to wear them the first day I got them becasue it rained and I had somewhere to be they kept me dry through 60 miles of on again off again rain. Only thing is I got a size big so I could wear warmer clothing under it, unfortunately it makes the pants big enough that I think they will hit the pipes when I ride so I have to wear chaps over the pants so as not to melt them. Rated them a 4 star cause it is a great rain suit, just wish the pants came with some heat protection on them.


jacket is tight for a 4x not sure it will fit over a leather,pants seem fine.


I'm 6 feet tall and 285Lbs. ordered a 4xl. The jacket fits perfect, but a hoodie would be all I could wear under it. A heavy leather jacket wont fit under it. Pants are 4xl, to long in the leg and a little tight in the crouch, but functional.


the suit is of good quality, but the size is off. at 6' 250 lbs I needed the 4X top but the bottoms are way to big had ordered a 2X the top was way to small but the pants were good, recommend selling top and bottoms separate.


Fits good no chance to wear it yet


nice suit, just will not fit too small


Loved the product, just wish it fit. Had to return


Works good

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