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Burly Brand Black 16″ Ape Hanger Cable/Brake Kit

J&P Cycles Part Number: 162-377

Manufacturer Part Number: B30-1108

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Important Fitment Note

Fits non-ABS models only. This kit is intended for use with Burly Brand Handlebars and stock height risers. It may not fit with other manufacturers' bars and risers due to their different dimensions.


Description for Burly Brand Black 16″ Ape Hanger Cable/Brake Kit

• Complete install kit for Ape hangers

• Includes black vinyl brake line, extended clutch cable, extended throttle cables and all necessary wiring to install extended handlebars

• This kit is designed to work with Burly Brand handlebars and may not fit with other manufacturers' bars due to their different dimensions

Product Specs

Product Specs for Burly Brand Black 16″ Ape Hanger Cable/Brake Kit

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Fitment Note:

Fits non-ABS models only. This kit is intended for use with Burly Brand Handlebars and stock height risers. It may not fit with other manufacturers' bars and risers due to their different dimensions.

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Compatible Models

Harley-Davidson® Models

  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200C : 2014–2017
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CA : 2014–2015
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CB : 2014–2015
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CP : 2014–2015
  • Sportster 1200 Forty-Eight XL1200X : 2014–2017
  • Sportster 1200 Seventy-Two XL1200V : 2014–2016
  • Sportster 1200 SuperLow XL1200T : 2014–2017
  • Sportster 883 Iron XL883N : 2014–2017
  • Sportster 883 SuperLow XL883L : 2014–2017
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for Burly Brand Black 16″ Ape Hanger Cable/Brake Kit

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I wasn't sure about this kit as it's measure using stock 2" risers. Only my Harley Davidson Sportster Custom XL1200C comes stock with a 4" riser. I was able to install this kit with standard tools and got the job completed! This was my first ever ape hanger install and first time getting in depth tear down, and it wasn't bad at all. It took me a while to do it, but was able to get it done and it looks great!!!


I absolutely love this kit! Tried it with 16" bars on my 2016 Harley Davidson Sportster Custom XL1200C and the Idle & Throttle cables were a little tight, so I went down to 14" bars and it's PERFECT!!! I gave it 4 out of 5 stars due to the fact that the threads were smaller than factory, so after a week of it leaking I put some plumbers tape on the threads and it's working fine now! Aside from that this kit had EVERYTHING needed, and I learned how to solder in the process.


I put 16" Roland sands on my wide glide 2011 and I wired it all up and came to find out afterwards that didn't really need the wire extension the bike comes with enough to just use the cablea only.


Kit fit my 2011 Wide Glide with 4" risers and 14" bars. If the bars were 1" longer it would have been too tight. Great fit and good look


just installed the new cables, was able to find good instructions on how to install on burly's youtube clips.


Very good product had everything I needed ay a great price to do it myself


Works great easy installation not a problem thanks!


Great for DIY in your garage for a first timer.


they was shipped fast and everything work perfect


The kit is a great value. I really like the way the wiring extensions plug together, no soldering! Everything I needed and clear instructions.Highly recommend


All you need is this!

dirt floor

Directions are not real clear on how to get the wiring harness apart at the buttons. .but other then that pretty simple. .


Great Product. Wires fit existing wiring harnes. Great price!


Cable kit worked very well, although I had to solder every wire connection, the supplied connectors would not work with my application.


bought this kit with the kst kustoms 16" bars the fit is nice have more than enough clutch cable. the wiring was easy and it actual had a paper diagram to write down where the wires go. if I had to do it again I would buy this kit.


Good product, but bad customer service from JP cycles on this order.


well im not totally disappointed with this kit so ill just say that it comes with everything you need and its really easy to do. however, after i extended the wiring and ran them through the handlebars they came up about 4 inches to short and i had to splice and solder wiring to extend the extension. i feel kinda ripped off honestly but whatever, i guess my advice is to get a kit thats longer than what you need. i had the 16 inch kit for 16 inch bars.


wires for internal wiring could be a fraction longer. other than that awesome kit


Thank you feels great


Just the what I needed for the job and for the best price


Giving this a 2 ONLY because the clutch cable fit, and the heat shrink tubing was the right size. for my '99 XLH1200 sporty, the brake cable was sized wrong, luckily was able to straighten the right angle parts on my stock cable to make it fit, BARELY. have burly cable sitting in a box. wires supplied by burstly have square connectors on the end for the actual plastic wiring housing. It's not fun to try to get them to work with the existing pieces, trust me. Ended up cutting and soldering all of the wires to make it work. Was a lot of unnecessary work that I would have just bought wiring for in the first place had I known I would be doing it. Annoying kit to say the least, maybe it works better with different models, but this should be updated to say that is sucks for '99s.


The "cheap" route wasn't the best route. Overpriced for quality, or lack thereof. Clutch cable broke in case at threads (I did NOT over tighten). Brake line, routed the best possible way, still a bit snug but acceptable. Color matched splice wires helpful, but I hope that dollars worth of 18gage wire bundle was a gift and not part of the $200 price tag! My recommendation, HAVE CABLES CUSTOM MADE.


All the cables and wiring were great!!! The installation was quick and easy.


Best place to order from, great customer service.


Fast / Easy online ordering !


Everything you need! Made the install easy!


Do it yourself if you want it to look clean. Good quality and works great. I ended up cutting the connectors off and just using the wires.a


I bought the kit so that I wouldn't have to measure out wires. I ran into several issues with everything in the kit. The cables are a bit long. I'm running 16" apes with a 1" riser on my forty-eight sportster and the clutch and throttle cables are a bit too long. The extension aspect of the kit isn't that strong. Ended up pulling them apart when trying to get them through the bars, even with the heat shrink it wasn't strong enough to withstand the force needed. I also had several of the connectors break off while pulling through. The bars are the NYC nice curves apes that only have one 90 degree angle on them. The fact that all connectors are in the exact same spot really don't help with trying to pull everything through the bars. Some sort of staggering would be very beneficial. I ended up cutting and soldering extensions on myself, and then just soldering on the ends of the connectors on to be able to plug them into the connector. I would say save yourself the headache and just measure and get the cables you need, and spend a little time soldering your own extensions. You'll save yourself a lot of money, headache, and time in the long run.


I have had eyes on the bike ever since I installed this setup, it's unbelievable!! Great Quality Also.




worked perfect with my J&P 16 in.ape's.


Awesome kit very detailed and very nice, comes with everything you will need to install your apes, also on my bike I have enough length left if I ever want to add a set of risers I can do so.


Fit great,wiring very easy to setup weather you use the plug and play or solder them. Cables exactally what I expected and are a good length not to to long.


Cables all fit perfectly on my 16" bars with a 4 1/2" riser. The wire extensions were all the same color code as HD OEM and impossible to screw up. Everything worked out perfectly, quickly and I love the results.


easy install


BUY THIS KIT if your swapping stocker bars for apes on ANY HD. Id be hard to piece all of the parts together for a lower price than burley.


Fit perfect. Great directions on wiring


worked perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All cables fit perfect!


great to have everything in one kit, personally I soldered the wire extension on to the origionals, better electrical connection, make sure you have tranny fluid, gasket, & brake fluid on hand.


Cable kit just right fit. The electronical ends of wire are hard to re connect with the clips.


I've been working on cars/bikes for over 25 yrs and this was the BEST after market kit I've ever used. Beyond user friendly! GREAT price too!




Cut the kits wires and stagger them.... Like BUTTA!


Completely cuts out the stress of measuring and can easily be installed with the purchase of bars rather than waiting on another order. Did have a small issue with clutch cable but Burly took care of me!


The cable and line kit (with wiring extensions) was all in all a decently put together kit, as in everything you need is right there in the box. I installed 16" burly gorilla apes on a 1.7" JP cycles riser, in turn, I bought the 16" Burly cable and line kit. The things I don't like about this kit are all personal preference. So take it as such. In my opinion if I had to do this set up all over again I would've gone with an 18" cable and line kit for the 16" bars on a 2" riser. Everything that burly supplied in the kit fit a little more snugly then I care for. The wiring extensions for the left side handlebar controls were super snug and when turning the bike all the way to the right the wires tighten up and pull after the extensions were installed. If the wires extension supplied were 1" longer it would've been perfect. While we are on the subject of the wire extensions I would suggest that you solder the extensions together instead of plugging the two connectors together and hoping that the heat shrink provided holds them together as you are trying to route them internally. Throttle cables were OK Brake line was OK The clutch cable on the other hand could stand to be 2" longer. While I'm turning the bike the clutch cable will go from the front of the bars to behind the bars depending on which way you're turning the bike. I expect that this will eventually lead to the cable rubbing through the finish of the handle bars and the cable eventually failing prematurely. I read in another review here someone suggesting having custom cables made. I agree with that 100%. It'll cost you more money but in my opinion it will save you the headache down the road if you are doing the bars and cables yourself.


Nice kit, everything fit well on 2016 HD Forty Eight with 16" Burley Narrow bars. For how much this kit costs, I think they should have made it plug and play instead requiring to cut and splice into the factory wiring, for this I give 4 stars.


This kit came with everything I needed for my handlebar install. Never did a handlebar install but this kit made it so much easier than I thought! I will for sure buy again if I do another install


Good all in one package. The clutch cable isn't the smoothest and this kit should be for about 18" bars cause they are a little long.


This kit met all of my expectations!!! Perfect fit! Easy install... completly satisfied!


Although it took some work it works perfectly and was a great purchase!


it has everything I need to make a simple swap to ape hangers


Fantástic. Great job J&P. And Delivery very fast.


Easy to install and came with everything I need even to extend my running lights which I didn't expect after hearing others stories about having to relocate theirs


Good product, but bad customer service from JP cycles on this order.


The wires were good color coded but the front brake cable was the same size as the stock one and Burly brand was not helpful at all!!!


good deal, nice shape, good quality.


I wired the bars internally, and it was extremely easy. The kit is very user friendly and even includes a convenient place for you to match your wiring colors up for future reference.


Well worth the money. Makes extending your wires easy and clean. When finished there is only one splice, opposed to two if you would cut off the plug and lengthen them from there.


Another easy install from Burly Brand.




easy to install,fast shipping


totally satisfied


fit well easy to install


Awesome kit fit well with just a few mods since my bikes a "00" Dyna it don't have the pigtail connector under the tank but I just bought some connectors to fit the wires that came with the kit and it was a easy fix made my wires plenty long so I could run them internally. Gotta love burly products, and Jp fast service.


wires had the wrong terminals on them.


Great service received my order in 2 days


Quality and condition A+. The wiring extension was wonderful to have. Not sure why the kit came with a 90° throttle cabl and 45° return cable, but it will work. Everything fit with no problem, and by far the easiest install I've done. The wire extensions man, it's the wire extensions! Recommend this kit hands down. Pleased with delivery time, as it was in the time given. Will continue to order from J&P Cycles.


The cables fit perfect. I was not able to use the wire extenders though. I had to actually splice and solder the wires. Over all a could kit.


Everything in this kit worked great, minus the fact that I didn't see anything staing the brake cable was for non-ABS models only.


They made it so easy to install . Great product. Only thing I wish they did was put a heat shield on the clutch cable like the factory does. But everything else was great. I just taped the cable with muffler tape.

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