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Dynojet Power Vision Tuner

J&P Cycles Part Number: 221-951

Manufacturer Part Number: PV-1


Gold Club Price: $494.99

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Description for Dynojet Power Vision Tuner

• Downloads and stores the stock calibration

• Select up to 6 different tunes that are stored on the device and can be flashed to your bike

• Dynojet preconfigured tunes for your bike pre-loaded on the device... ready to go, right out of the box!

• Identifies your bike’s information and automatically sorts hundreds of applicable dyno proven tunes for you to choose from

• Custom tunes loaded by a custom tuning shop or received via email and loaded on the device

• Display all J1850 H-D vehicle data as well as wide band air-fuel ratio2 and various calculated channels (such as MPG instant and trip MPG)

• AutoTune Basic and Pro3 calculates and stores fuel trims to optimize fuel curve

• Check and clear diagnostic codes

• Reset adaptive fuel trims and idle offset (with bike running)

• Integrated AMPS 4 hole threaded inserts for various mounting solutions

• Works with Auto Tune Kits 693-042 (no bungs inculded) or 176-305 (inculdes weld in 18mm bungs)

Note: No returns once installed, warranty and service handled directly through Dynojet.

Product Specs

Product Specs for Dynojet Power Vision Tuner

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Compatible Models

Harley-Davidson® Models

  • Dyna Defender FXDP : 2004
  • Dyna Fat Bob CVO FXDFSE : 2009
  • Dyna Fat Bob CVO FXDFSE2 : 2010
  • Dyna Fat Bob FXDF : 2008–2011
  • Dyna Low Rider EFI FXDLI : 2004–2006
  • Dyna Low Rider FXDL : 2004–2005, 2007–2011
  • Dyna Street Bob EFI FXDBI : 2006
  • Dyna Street Bob FXDB : 2007–2011
  • Dyna Super Glide 35th Anniversary EFI FXDI35 : 2006
  • Dyna Super Glide Custom EFI FXDCI : 2005–2006
  • Dyna Super Glide Custom FXDC : 2005, 2007–2011
  • Dyna Super Glide CVO FXDSE : 2007
  • Dyna Super Glide CVO FXDSE2 : 2008
  • Dyna Super Glide EFI FXDI : 2004–2006
  • Dyna Super Glide FXD : 2004–2005, 2007–2010
  • Dyna Super Glide Sport EFI FXDXI : 2004–2005
  • Dyna Super Glide Sport FXDX : 2004–2005
  • Dyna Wide Glide EFI FXDWGI : 2004–2006
  • Dyna Wide Glide FXDWG : 2004–2005, 2007–2008, 2010–2011
  • Softail Convertible CVO FLSTSE : 2010
  • Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB : 2008–2010
  • Softail Custom FXSTC : 2007–2010
  • Softail Deluxe EFI FLSTNI : 2005–2006
  • Softail Deluxe FLSTN : 2006–2010
  • Softail Deuce CVO FXSTDSE : 2003
  • Softail Deuce CVO FXSTDSE2 : 2004
  • Softail Deuce EFI FXSTDI : 2001–2006
  • Softail Deuce FXSTD : 2001–2007
  • Softail Fat Boy CVO FLSTFSE : 2005
  • Softail Fat Boy CVO FLSTFSE2 : 2006
  • Softail Fat Boy EFI FLSTFI : 2001–2006
  • Softail Fat Boy FLSTF : 2001–2010
  • Softail Fat Boy Lo FLSTFB : 2010
  • Softail Heritage Classic EFI FLSTCI : 2001–2006
  • Softail Heritage Classic FLSTC : 2001–2010
  • Softail Heritage EFI FLSTI : 2006
  • Softail Heritage FLST : 2001–2006, 2008–2010
  • Softail Heritage Springer Classic EFI FLSTSCI : 2005
  • Softail Heritage Springer Classic FLSTSC : 2005
  • Softail Heritage Springer EFI FLSTSI : 2001–2003
  • Softail Heritage Springer FLSTS : 2001–2003
  • Softail Night Train EFI FXSTBI : 2001–2006
  • Softail Night Train FXSTB : 2001–2009
  • Softail Rocker C FXCWC : 2008–2010
  • Softail Rocker FXCW : 2008–2009
  • Softail Springer Classic EFI FLSTSCI : 2006
  • Softail Springer Classic FLSTSC : 2006–2007
  • Softail Springer CVO FXSTSSE : 2007
  • Softail Springer CVO FXSTSSE2 : 2008
  • Softail Springer CVO FXSTSSE3 : 2009
  • Softail Springer EFI FXSTSI : 2001–2006
  • Softail Springer FXSTS : 2001–2006
  • Softail Standard EFI FXSTI : 2001–2006
  • Softail Standard FXST : 2001–2010
  • Sportster 1200 50th Anniversary XL50 : 2007
  • Sportster 1200 Custom Anniversary XL1200C : 2013
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200C : 2007–2013
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CA : 2013
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CB : 2012–2013
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CP : 2011–2013
  • Sportster 1200 Forty-Eight XL1200X : 2010–2013
  • Sportster 1200 Low XL1200L : 2007–2011
  • Sportster 1200 Nightster XL1200N : 2007–2012
  • Sportster 1200 Roadster XL1200R : 2007–2009
  • Sportster 1200 Seventy-Two XL1200V : 2012–2013
  • Sportster 883 Custom XL883C : 2007–2010
  • Sportster 883 Iron XL883N : 2009–2013
  • Sportster 883 Low XL883L : 2007–2010
  • Sportster 883 Roadster XL883R : 2007–2013
  • Sportster 883 Standard XL883 : 2007–2009
  • Sportster 883 SuperLow XL883L : 2011–2013
  • Sportster XR1200 : 2008–2010
  • Sportster XR1200X : 2010–2013
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic CVO FLHTCSE : 2004
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic CVO FLHTCSE2 : 2005
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic EFI FLHTCI : 2002–2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic FLHTC : 2002–2013
  • Touring Electra Glide Police EFI FLHTPEI : 2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Police EFI FLHTPI : 2005–2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Police FLHTP : 2004–2013
  • Touring Electra Glide Police FLHTPI : 2002–2003
  • Touring Electra Glide Standard EFI FLHTI : 2003–2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Standard FLHT : 2002–2009
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO Anniversary FLHTCUSE8 : 2013
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO EFI FLHTCUISE : 2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE2 : 2007
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE3 : 2008
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE4 : 2009
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE5 : 2010
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE6 : 2011
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE7 : 2012
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE8 : 2013
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic EFI FLHTCUI : 2002–2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCU : 2005, 2007–2013
  • Touring Road Glide Custom CVO Anniversary FLTRXSE2 : 2013
  • Touring Road Glide Custom CVO FLTRXSE : 2012
  • Touring Road Glide Custom CVO FLTRXSE2 : 2013
  • Touring Road Glide Custom FLTRX : 2010–2013
  • Touring Road Glide CVO FLTRSE3 : 2009
  • Touring Road Glide EFI FLTRI : 2002–2006
  • Touring Road Glide FLTR : 2002–2003, 2007–2009
  • Touring Road Glide Ultra CVO FLTRUSE : 2011
  • Touring Road Glide Ultra FLTRU : 2011–2013
  • Touring Road King Classic EFI FLHRCI : 2002–2006
  • Touring Road King Classic FLHRC : 2007–2013
  • Touring Road King Custom EFI FLHRSI : 2004–2006
  • Touring Road King Custom FLHRS : 2004–2007
  • Touring Road King CVO Anniversary FLHRSE5 : 2013
  • Touring Road King CVO EFI FLHRSEI : 2002
  • Touring Road King CVO EFI FLHRSEI2 : 2003
  • Touring Road King CVO FLHRSE3 : 2007
  • Touring Road King CVO FLHRSE4 : 2008
  • Touring Road King CVO FLHRSE5 : 2013
  • Touring Road King EFI FLHRI : 2002–2006
  • Touring Road King FLHR : 2002–2013
  • Touring Road King FLHR Anniversary : 2013
  • Touring Road King Police CA EFI FLHPEI : 2005–2006
  • Touring Road King Police CA FLHPE : 2007–2011
  • Touring Road King Police EFI FLHPI : 2005–2006
  • Touring Road King Police FLHP : 2004, 2007–2013
  • Touring Road King Police FLHPI : 2002–2003
  • Touring Street Glide CVO FLHXSE : 2010
  • Touring Street Glide CVO FLHXSE2 : 2011
  • Touring Street Glide CVO FLHXSE3 : 2012
  • Touring Street Glide EFI FLHXI : 2006
  • Touring Street Glide FLHX : 2006–2013
  • Touring Ultra Limited Anniversary FLHTK : 2013
  • Touring Ultra Limited FLHTK : 2010–2013
  • Trike Street Glide FLHXXX : 2010–2011
  • Trike Tri Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCUTG : 2009–2013
  • V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition VRSCDX : 2012
  • V-Rod ABS VRSCAWA : 2008
  • V-Rod CVO VRSCSE : 2005–2006
  • V-Rod Muscle VRSCF : 2009–2015
  • V-Rod NHRA Commemorative Edition VRSCX : 2007
  • V-Rod Night Rod ABS VRSCDA : 2008
  • V-Rod Night Rod Special ABS VRSCDXA : 2008
  • V-Rod Night Rod Special VRSCDX : 2007–2015
  • V-Rod Night Rod VRSCD : 2006–2008
  • V-Rod Street Rod VRSCR : 2006–2007
  • V-Rod VRSCA : 2002–2006
  • V-Rod VRSCAW : 2007–2010
  • V-Rod VRSCB : 2004–2005
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for Dynojet Power Vision Tuner

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Very easy installation and tuning. Works great and gives perfomance right of the box.

LT. A.J.D.

J&P prompte delivery as usual.The Dynojet Power Vision unit works as advertised. Easy install and good directions were included. One issue was that the advertised pre-loaded tunes were never loaded! The unit came through with nothing saved in its memory.If I didn't have access to a computer and internet I would have been out of luck. DynoJet staff responded to all questions promptly and were very helpfu.


it seems to be a real nice tool i like it


Quick shipping. Tuner is better than the one I had. No popping on deceleration and runs smoother. I now have a lot of ajustability for when I futher upgrade my bike such as the new cams I purchaced and a new exhaust. The people at Dynajet where very helpful with installation and programing. Will probably be buying the Auto tuner to go with this later on.


this is an incredible product, Read the instructions, one phone call to the help desk and "boile", downloaded the file, imported the file to my power vision, and off I went, no back fires, no overheating, smother ride period, you guys are amasing with your merchandise and people that really know thier stuff, thanks again.

scott c

Easy install!


Excellent product shipped in a timely manner


This tuner has potential, however, I was disappointed in the lack of maps available for my bike. Ended up using one of the few maps provided, but the bike needs plenty of tweaking. Would probably be better off to have the bike dyno-tuned and save the cash on the power vision, or throw in more money for the auto tune. There are several other suppliers of this product that claim to have hundreds of maps but you have to buy the PV from them.


Great product. very versatile. tune yourself without the dealership.


Absolutely amazing. With a PCIII I spent hours and hours in the dyno room building and testing maps for a unique build - same motor and I had a better tune in 30 mins with a cup of coffee in my hand - and 25 mins of that time was out riding the bike around. Hands down the best tuner around today. (As for "lack of maps for my bike" - pick something close, enable auto tune and let the Power Vision adjust it. Do that a couple times if need be - it'll get you there - that ability to auto tune is a big part of what you're buying. Don't use this thing like an old school Power Commander or you're only using 1/2 of what it can do.)


thıs ıs best tune prodct ı ever seen very easy to ınstall to bıke thıs bro...


One of the best tuner out there in the market today! You can save your stock tune and go back if needed with no problems. Also has a lot of useful gauges and tools that you can monitor like VE values, Engine temp, TPS, injectors, etc....The Touchscreen is a plus also :) Dynojet sent me 2 custom maps and I must say the customer service is superb.


Great tuner,easy to use and install and setup. I would recommend it.


hesitant about the buy... glad I did. easy to use and saved a lot of dyno $$$


Product works awesome as advertised. I didn't realize how useful it would be to my overall performance, but I am very pleased with the purchase. I would recommend to anyone wanting to upgrade their performance. Really easy to use and DynoJet techs are very reliable also.

Ted Wentz

2011 fxcwc (Rocker C) V&H Big Radius 2into2 and hypercharge air. Had a lot of pops on decel., cruse, u name it. HD service couldn't even tell it was out of tune on ride. Got the PV-2, followed instructions, wham bam ecm flashed and bike rides great. So worth the $$ for all you can do with it. Easy to install. Power Vision tech support great too. Needed to know which Map was best fit for my set up on pips and air, and they were right on it. Video instructs very clear and helpful. Recommend you get handlebar mount with it for auto tune, find that at Power Vision web site.


Nice tuner, only drawback is you have to have a Windows based computer. (I only own Mac), So i had to borrow a compoter to load the unit.


Very pricey. Great results. Fantastic service. I emailed engine specs at noon and received a custom download the same afternoon. The fuel remap works xlnt with the 97" upgrade, the cam upgrade, and the exhaust upgrade. You get what you pay for. I recommend this Tuner to anyone needing an upgrade.


This thing is awesome. It does way too much to tell here, it looks great and works very well. Had to find a mount online since it doesnt come with one, it doesnt need to stay connected to the bike but i want to take advantage of the features such as the tach and engine temp. If you buy this you will not be disappointed. The dynojet tech support is great too!


The perfect product


Didn't come loaded with the exact parts that i have on my bike but thanks to the auto tune feature, which is really easy to use especially if you watch their YouTube videos on it, it's never ran better. Can't wait to get it on the dyno to see how much power it's making now


So easy a caveman could do it. If you have any tuning knowledge at all you could do this in about 15 minutes start to finish. J&P cycles ROCKS.


Wonderfully easy to set up and use! Doesn't take up and space if you don't mount it you can just remove it after setting up your ecm.


The DYNOJET POWER VISION TUNER was very easy to set up and use. Make sure that you update the device first and then hook it up to your bike. The company is very easy to deal with and the customer service is quick to respond with specific tunes for your bike setup. Once you use this on your bike it will marry the device to the computer. That means that you can’t use it with another bike for flashing purposes. If do end up getting a new bike, simply let dynojet know and they will send you a code to unlock the device so that you can marry it to a different bike. I think the cost for this is around 100 dollars or something like that.


It couldn't be easier. It plugs into the diagnostic port, uses the bikes power, queries the ECM and gives you a list of tunes to flash. Then it unplugs and goes back in its box unless you mount it for real time viewing. It couldn't have been easier. There is also software to download custom tunes from the net which I have not done yet. The tunes included for my bike worked great. It runs noticeably better than the factory remap that was uploaded by Harley after my stage I upgrade. The other options available such as logging and real time data are great. It can read diagnostic errors as well as allow for manual adjustments of parameters. All I can say is that I wish I could get one for my car.


Spend the extra money and get this tuner! It acts as a scan tool as well so you can pull your own codes and monitor all of your sensors. Has many more features than the cheaper models. Also, on other models, you will most likely have to get your bike on a dyno anyway. Not with this one. It installs new programming so your computer will be constantly adjusting on it's own. Have never had backfire or popping. If you're not a computer guy, the instructions may be hard to follow, but the customer service is GREAT and the company supplies youtube step-by-step tutorials that easily walk you through what you need to do. Spend the extra money and you will save yourself a trip to the dealer later.


Bought this in Sturgis and Patrick from Dynojet did the install for me and set up a tune. It really made a difference in the throttle response. I'm still playing with the auto tune feature and the many other things that this does. Well worth the money, and I don't have to pay the dealer every time I make a change to the bike.


Incredibly user friendly. Very clear instructions. Costly but worth it.


Fantastic work like a dream


Simple instructions, great design, great performance enhancer.


noticable difference strait away,could not find tune for my pipes and air cleaner so e-mailed dynojet and they put me on the right path and scope of application is broad.breakout australia.


I used the Dynojet Power vision to tune my 2014 FLHXS after I added Rinehart Slimline duels, Rinehart 3.5 slipons, and an Arlen Ness Big Sucker 2. This tuner was outstanding and easy to use. I suggest once you install the software to your computer, go to the Dynojet website and run the Powervision Update Client web download with the Power Vision plugged in to your computer and powered up. Prior to doing this, I was unable to load the map I needed for my setup. Overall, it is a great product and is way better than the Power Commander III on my '07 Road Glide.

larry brasher

whew didnt eat for two weeks to get blew a load and worth every penny


Second one I have purchased. Fast delivery, worked as advertised.


Works great.


A bit complicated getting the "tunes". Once thats done the rest is straight forward and effective.


Dose not come with tunes as stated in the advertisement . its not an out of the box turn key operation. be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of time setting this up. With that said I have a 2014 HD soft tail deluxe cvo w/ the 110B engine . this required a custom tune and the time spent with a registered tuner. then the time spent to auto tune and learn the system . everyone has been helpful and good to work with , just be sure that you understand the work is not over just by strapping it on and pushing a button ! the full potential of this unit is only realized by purchasing the 18 mm . 02 wideband sensors plus the welding of the new buns to accept the 18 mm threads. nothing is cheap about owning a Harley Davidson and I can say the same for power vision

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