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S&S Cycle Super ‘E’ Complete Carburetor Kit

J&P Cycles Part Number: 401-040

Manufacturer Part Number: 11-0419


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Description for S&S Cycle Super ‘E’ Complete Carburetor Kit

• Smaller than the ‘G’ its 1-7/8″ bore creates higher air velocity, which results in better low and mid-range response and power

• Recommended for engines with displacement up to 100 cu. in.

• Accepts stock late model throttle cables on all Big Twin models

• Adaptors available to retain factory cruise control

• Kits include everything needed for installation on your late Evo Softail including the manifold and air cleaner

• For models with longer strokes a custom intake manifold may be required

• This kit includes rigid mounting style manifold without mount flanges

Product Specs

Product Specs for S&S Cycle Super ‘E’ Complete Carburetor Kit

Bore Size:
Manufacturer Part Number:
Sold in Units:
Super E Kit
Warehouse Part Number:
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Compatible Models

Harley-Davidson® Models

  • Dyna Low Rider Convertible FXDS-CONV : 1994–1998
  • Dyna Low Rider FXDL : 1993–1998
  • Dyna Super Glide Custom FXDC : 1992
  • Dyna Super Glide Daytona FXDB-D : 1992
  • Dyna Super Glide FXD : 1995–1998
  • Dyna Wide Glide FXDWG : 1993–1998
  • Softail Bad Boy FXSTSB : 1995–1997
  • Softail Custom FXSTC : 1992–1998
  • Softail Fat Boy FLSTF : 1992–1999
  • Softail Heritage Classic FLSTC : 1992–1999
  • Softail Heritage Springer FLSTS : 1997–1999
  • Softail Night Train FXSTB : 1999
  • Softail Nostalgia FLSTN : 1993–1996
  • Softail Springer FXSTS : 1992–1999
  • Softail Standard FXST : 1999
  • Super Glide FXR : 1992–1994
  • Super Glide FXR2 : 1999
  • Super Glide FXR3 : 1999
  • Super Glide Low Rider Convertible FXRS-CONV : 1992–1993
  • Super Glide Low Rider Custom FXLR : 1992–1994
  • Super Glide Low Rider FXRS : 1992
  • Super Glide Low Rider Sport FXRS-SP : 1992–1993
  • Super Glide Police FXRP : 1992–1994
  • Super Glide Sport Glide FXRT : 1992
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic EFI FLHTCI : 1996–1998
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic FLHTC : 1992–1998
  • Touring Electra Glide Police FLHTP : 1992
  • Touring Electra Glide Sport FLHS : 1992–1993
  • Touring Electra Glide Standard FLHT : 1995–1998
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic EFI FLHTCUI : 1995–1998
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCU : 1992–1998
  • Touring Road Glide EFI FLTRI : 1998
  • Touring Road Glide FLTR : 1998
  • Touring Road King Classic EFI FLHRCI : 1998
  • Touring Road King EFI FLHRI : 1996–1998
  • Touring Road King FLHR : 1994–1998
  • Touring Tour Glide Classic FLTC : 1992
  • Touring Tour Glide Ultra Classic EFI FLTCUI : 1996
  • Touring Tour Glide Ultra Classic FLTCU : 1992–1995
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for S&S Cycle Super ‘E’ Complete Carburetor Kit

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This carb is awesome and easy to install and dial in. I highly recommend it for all big twins!!


Look good and function well. However I was a little dissapointed to find out Custom Chrome is made in Japan.


was super easy to install and get set up.


Bike hasn't started this easily, idled this nice, or run this smoothly in 2 years. I should have done this 2 years ago. Really easy install, too.


Great product and service from JP cycles


Easy install. Wotked great right out of the box, with very little tuning.


awesome thanks!!!!!!


Went on just like it was ment to be there and the owner of the bike is extremely happy with the performance. The absolute best performance carb I have ever worked with on a Harley.






always the best easy to install clear instruction very good performance improvment


Easy to install. Easy to tune. Another bullet proof product from S&S that was well made in the good old U.S. of A.


Easy, user friendly, online access on ordering and receiving of product(s)!


As always you cant beat S&S products there in my opinion the best , the scoot runs much better and mileage increase substantial.


Understood to be one of the best carbs. However, didn't need one..






Works well, easy to install, good instructions, great customer service, and looks great


P.O.S. Don't fall for any of these BS reviews by jp or s&s, my bike was fine until I put this carb on, now it revving so high I think something is gonna blow or if chokes out at EVERY red light. I am a Harley mech so I know what I'm doing, it's just trash.


I love the S&S Shorty Super 'E' carb. So far it is an outstanding carb for my 80 inch Evo. I had to tweek it some but overall it is great. I think it is the best thing I have ever done for my Road King.


I assembled and installed according to the easy instructions and it fired right up. I am extremely pleased with the S&S shorty and my machine hasn't run this good in a long time!!!!


Good packaging and datailed instructions


In my opinon A Great Carb,once you jet it right, hit the road and open the the throttle that Harley will respond.


Good carb


Awsome carb..replaced stock carb on 93 FXDL for a friend..Freekin scoot runs great should have seen the sh%^%$t eaten grin on his face...


Awesome Carb kit..easy to understand instructions..not hard to do at all..Installed on a friends FXDL Dyna project..Scoot ran 100 times should have seen him smile...Priceless..


I am very happy with this Carb. My bike has never run better. It was easy to install, every thing mounted up perfect. Adjustments were also easy to make. Only one little problem with old throttle cables binding. After a few minor adjustments now it works great. Instructions were a little confusing at first because they were for so many different models of bikes.Once I figured out the proper steps for my bike it made sense. I would highly recomend this S&S Super E carb kit.


What can I say S&S Carb. It woke up my 80inch EVO and J&P Cycles had the best price on the web!


great carb easy to install very happy thanks JP and tech staff.


There is no alternative :) Pony up and get it.


This Complete Carb Kit is the way to go if you want to bring life back into your tired EVO, both early and later models..including aftermarket version of the EVO motor (All CC/ Put this complete kit on a 2001 RevTec 100in. EVO, with a perfect fit and new petcock and this old "Bike in a Box" is pounding the ground once again ! S&S Rocks the best Carbs, Bar None..No B.S. !!! - Hoot, Maryville, TN.


Everything I need in the kit- can't wait for Spring.


Great parts. Quick delivery. Thanks


It looks good


Installed on bike fairly easy. Started right up. Too cold to ride though.


I looked around before ordering from J&P and found they had the best deal on the parts I needed.


I am totally amazed with this carb kit! Excellent craftmanship & quality, very easy to install, even for a first timer, & best of all MADE IN THE USA! Would more than recommend this to anyone looking to boost HP & appearance. DStout Indiana


I recently replaced my stock Harley CV carb with an S&S Performance Super E kit. Wow what a difference! My bike never ran very good before this, hard to start, difficulty maintaining idle RPM and was always trying to run too lean. Despite my best efforts to correct those fuel delivery disorders there was very little I could actually do since HD CV carbs only have an idle adjustment and enricher/choke on them and nothing more. So I invested the money and bought the S&S unit which is a finely honed piece of equipment compared to the CV and has plenty of adjustment options to keep the motor running smoothly under all conditions. My bike never ran near this smooth before I made the change and it looks really good too. Well worth the money! Not cheap but quality things rarely are. Thanks S&S for designing and marketing a really fine carburetor that fits on my HD.


You can't go wrong with S&S. Very good carb.


I haven't had a chance to feel the pull of this carb yet wate for whether to brake but love all ss carbs


Overall good quality, minus the manifold not machined wide enough on the carb-side bolt area to easily get everything aligned at the backing / head breather bolts - had to force it together. Box stated it was jetted 0.0295 / .072 - found .070 installed, but came with a full jet kit. Won't know the full (hopeful) potential until the weather warms a bit


My brother and his buddies all ran with an S&S Crabs on their Harleys. So when I inherited my Father's 1992 Daytona Dyna Glide, I too had to run with the S&S Super E Carb. I installed it myself and it was easy to install and it run great and has got the power omg! So Sweet! Biker,


I have to say it took a long time to commit to buy this product. I recently purchased and put it on and WOW!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY!.. Made the 97 FXDWG scream like a banshee...The instructions need to be read carefully but they do cover a few different models but if you have ever worked on a bike it should be no problem.Thank you JP again for another wonderful upgrade for my order incoming!


Great quality Look great Extra HP Fast shipping


This carb solved all my cold-natured problems. It literally bolted up and fired the bike right up. The only adjustment I made was a very small amount on the idle. Of course, that is my preference to have a really loping idle. So, this is a true bolt-on-and-go product. Thanks J&P and S&S!!!


The carb kit came with excellent instructions for an easy installation. I had already been familiar with S&S products and was comfident in the quality of what I was purchasing. In short I'm very pleased with the unit and would recommend one for any similar application.




super simple install fired up easy


My 1990 fxrs has never run so good. This kit is very easy to install and had it shipped overnight to make a ride next day, and everyone said my bike never sounded so good.




This item was what the retail industry calls a "repack", and it was missing the intake manifold to cylinder head bolts. I had to go to ACE hardware and purchase substitute bolts to complete installation, although the S&S Super E performs well.


A great kit. It fit perfect per instructions and started on the first crank.


Bolted right up, easy instructions! Wish every change I made to the bike packed this much punch.

Ronald 1959

100% sold best performance and excellant fuel milage 48mpg Id spend the money again if I had to Ron M


The new carb works fantastic on the bike. The acceleration is much better than the original harley carb.


Was easy to install once I customized an Allen key. Its easy to adjust and the bike runs great.


great kit, had all the goods,could not get any better


little pricey but i needed it.what can i say


My Harley wasn't breathing right for the past couple of years, until I put a s and s super e carb on. My bike came back to life,no more spitting and coughing, If I had of known it would of had a s and s carb a long time ago. s and s from here on for me. Thanks J and P ,for selling a GREAT product. Carl


Worked well on my Evo.


Excellent product and great performance.


The kit had everything needed to install the carb, my FLT fired right up and the kit had enough jets to figure out the correct jets for running above 5000 ft.


worked great


I have an original 1986 Electra Glide Classic. The 80 cu in eve motor was lacking something and this carb was just the ticket. I could not be happier. thanks J & P cycles


Relatively easy bolt on for a do-it-your-selfer. slight problem fine-tuning but was my inexperience more than anything. Very good bang-fo-the-buck performance increase!!!


awesome carb. very easy installation. AAA+


Long story, I replaced the butterfly carb with an upgraded CV. Better but, still not happy. Finally installed the S&S Super E kit and wow, very happy. Wish I would have just installed the Super E to start with. Awesome setup.


It may take a little time to get everything set and the correct gets installed for it to run perfect but once you get everything properly set your bike will run the best it ever has.


Tried to save some cash, replaced the stock manifold first and thought I could just buy an S&S E carb and mount my own filter etc. Complete waste of time!! Ended up buying this complete kit and this is the way to go. Everything fits perfectly, all the little bits, jets, hardware, etc. come in the kit, tuning was dead easy and my old 87 evo now runs better than it ever has. Love S&S!


S&S don't need to say anything more... Bolt on performance.


Love this carb. Put it on my 1992 FXSTC and it looks amazing and it is a great addition to any bike


Wanted to buy one 30 yrs ago, finally have one now, love it !


I put this on my 1996 sportster, and I have to say it made a huge difference. I did have to change the throttle cable but that was inexpensive and easy to do

Ernie Larsson

Very fast shipping, very happy!


I'am very happy with the product, but the customer help was very poor, I'am in the middle of install and my throttle cables are to long. I can not be the only one this has happened to. I feel someone should of said something to this effect. now I needto buy cables which I was not ready for and nobody stocks them localy, so again I wait thanks.


The S&S E carb kit is fantastic, the response and power of my XL1200 Sportster is night and day difference to the CV carb with the SE kit. I would highly recommend this upgrade, the kit was complete and only required the fabrication of a cable mounting bracket because the cables bound up slightly. Well worth the effort. J&P Cycles shipped my order very quickly and I had my kit in hand in just a few days, the kit exceeded my expectations. Well worth the effort. I also recommend upgrading to single fire ignition, the combination is awesome. The E carb alone exceeds the performance of the SE kit on the CV carb. IMHO this is a great value upgrade for the performance gain.


For a first timer puting the super E carb on my bike it was slow going, But everything fit as you said. I also had to buy the taller cable bracket.


its an S+S carb, what more can you say about it?

john david matthews

excellent price point bike runs better than i could have hoped for


Excellent product have used S&S before


great carb - happy bike, happy biker.


Great product, worked right out of the box, just have to patiently follow directions.


Awesome. Great performance increase and excellent sound on my 01 sporty.


great product easy install


Love this carb, it really opened up my bike, but they need to have better info on the "cable" adaptor.


best i have ever had.


Easy install. Great performance.


The best upgrade I've made to my bike! Best carb on the market.


It's perfect and the best fix for the age of my bike. The international shipping by USPS was faster than I had anticipated (just less than 2 weeks). thanks Steve


shipping was fast.all stock Harley's should have S&S carbs.brought my 90 1200 Evo back to life.


Great product, great service.


Easy to install. Looks beautiful.


product is shipped without crankcase ventilation parts that are clearly part of kit.


Perfect fit,Great kit

Instructions & Manuals
Important Product Notes

• S&S Cycle Super ‘E’ and ‘G’ carbs require the use of a dual cable throttle, one push and one pull. If you bike is not equipped with one, a dual cable system must be purchased separately. Use 500-388 or equivalent

• S&S Cycle Super carbs will not fit 1957-1970 XLCH Ironhead Sportster models with vertical magnetos due to clearance issues with the fuel inlet and magneto, S&S Cycle no longer offers the alternative fuel inlet

• Riders who own a Knuckle, Pan, Shovel or Ironhead Sportster that presently equipped with a 1-7/8″ S&S Cycle carb and wish to convert to an S&S Cycle Super ‘E’ or ‘G’ without purchasing another intake manifold can do so by ordering 400-998 and an air cleaner

• Super ‘B’ cables and air cleaners will not work with Super ‘E’ and ‘G’ carbs

Warranty Information

S&S Cycle Super ‘E’ and Super ‘G’ carb kits are not legal for use on motor vehicles operated on public highways in the state of California, or in other states where similar pollution laws may apply. The user shall determine the suitability of the product for his or her use and shall assume all risk and liability in connection with.

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