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Vance & Hines Straightshots HS Slip Ons Chrome

J&P Cycles Part Number: 441-389

Manufacturer Part Number: 16819

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Important Fitment Note

2004-06 models require 443-405 O2 Sensor Plug Kit for installation.


Description for Vance & Hines Straightshots HS Slip Ons Chrome

• Show quality chrome

• 2-1/2″ diameter plasma arc cut full coverage heat shields

• Baffles, hardware and instructions included

Product Specs

Product Specs for Vance & Hines Straightshots HS Slip Ons Chrome

Baffles Included:
Heat Shields Included:
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Fitment Note:

2004-06 models require 443-405 O2 Sensor Plug Kit for installation.

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Compatible Models

Harley-Davidson® Models

  • Sportster 1200 50th Anniversary XL50 : 2007
  • Sportster 1200 Custom Anniversary XL1200C : 2013
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200C : 2004–2013
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CA : 2013
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CB : 2012–2013
  • Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CP : 2011–2013
  • Sportster 1200 Forty-Eight XL1200X : 2010–2013
  • Sportster 1200 Low XL1200L : 2006–2011
  • Sportster 1200 Nightster XL1200N : 2007–2012
  • Sportster 1200 Roadster XL1200R : 2004–2009
  • Sportster 1200 Seventy-Two XL1200V : 2012–2013
  • Sportster 883 Custom XL883C : 2004–2010
  • Sportster 883 Iron XL883N : 2009–2013
  • Sportster 883 Low XL883L : 2005–2010
  • Sportster 883 Roadster XL883R : 2005–2013
  • Sportster 883 Standard XL883 : 2004–2009
  • Sportster 883 SuperLow XL883L : 2011–2013
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for Vance & Hines Straightshots HS Slip Ons Chrome

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Very happy with these pipes! Quick and easy to install. Great sound! Neighbors love me even more!


My Vance & Hines '04-'06 Straight Shot HS Slip-Ons arrived quickly and packaged safely. They replaced the stock exhaust from H-D. I'm not mechanically inclined at all, but I installed these in no time. At this price, I'm very satisfied with their sound and performance. If you're on a budget, I would definitely recommend this product.


The best investment I've made so far for my Sportster! These pipes allow my motor to breathe right! No more carb farts since Igave the ham can some more breathing air holes and I slipped on these slip-on's. Plus you get a great hot rod sound and improved horse power, Did i mention no more carb farts? You know what i'm talking about. I recommend the Vance and Hines straight shots. Best bang for yer bucks!


Super sound!!!! Not really all that hard to install, but remember the special gaskets for the cross over pipe.


Not only do these sound great but they look awesome. I recommend these to anyone that's looking for a great looking set of pipes for their bike.


Got my pipes! It took me 2hr to put them on and thay sound so good. To bad thay don't come with full heatshields.


awesome sound and if i bother the neighbors o well


sounds better than I ever imagened


Awesome product...especially for the money. I bought an 09' Iron 883 a couple weeks ago. The thing practically sounded like a 250cc Honda Rebel from the factory. In only an hour and a half, my father-in-law and I had these things installed and it sounds like a big twin. I especially like this set up because I didn't have to have the computer remapped.

Blues Rider

The Vance & Hines Straightshots Slip-On Exhaust could be the best if not THE BEST in this price range. The sound, I couldn't even begin to describe how AWESOME the sound is. All I can say is, DAAAAAANG!! Installation is easy and the instructions that it came with is easy to follow. Top quality, sound and performance from legendary Vance & Hines. If you want your Harley to sound and perform like a Harley, don't get anything else. You would not be disappointed. My 2007 XL883L Sportster was transformed from sounding like "Disco" on the stock mufflers to full-blown "Death Metal"! It was better than what I expected. For the first time I'm hearing what my Evolution V-twin is supposed to sound like. Vance & Hines Straightshots: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


HOLY COW! Great sound got them and replaced my stock mufflers. The stock mufflers were a b*tch to take off but these slips ons were easy to install. Make sure you where some mechanics gloves when you work on this, the heat shields will eat your hands up. I cant get over how diffrent of a sound I have now....LOUD PIPES SAVES LIVES!!!!

P Taylor

I have a 2008 Sporster 1200L. These mufflers were not too hard to put on - easier than removing the stock mufflers. Be sure to purchase a new cross-over gaskets (HD p/n 65927-00) before removing the stock mufflers. At first I thought they were too loud, but now I really like the sound and the guys I ride with like the sound too. ...and cars can hear me coming! I do wear ear plugs for long rides, but around town I enjoy the sound. I would definately buy these again if I had to do it all over again.


Great product !!!! Easy installation, took me about an hour..start to finish !! Now I have a True Harley..Love the sound !!!


These pipes are everything I had hope they would be. The sound is awsome. A deep throaty resonance. And they're loud! I ride with guys who all have after market pipes and was always hesitant to start my bike first. Not now. Bike also seems to have more get-up-and-go.


Excellent sounding slipons. Bought for wife's 1200 sporty and after hiflow a/c and rejet bike is humming.


Over all I like them.


Huge upgrade from stock! Made my Iron 883 sound like the Harley it is. Installation is a breeze as long as you follow directions. Try to have someone give ya a hand. Removing stock mufflers will require some strength. oh, and dont forget to buy new exhaust crossover gaskets!

P Taylor

Loud pipes save lives. These for sure could save your life. Easy installation once the stock pipes are removed. Get the gaskets first.


Watching the little giggle dance my fiance made when she first fired up her Sporty with these slip ons was worth every penny. Perfect, deep, mellow rumble. Great idle sound. 2010 Sporty 1200 Custom. Super easy install. Beautiful chrome.


Pipes sound and look great. Easy installation


just them easy install and they sound great.


It's like custom fit for my 2k9 sportster 1200C. Luv it and the sound is awesome. Thanks


Loud Pipes Saves Lives !! Now my Harley sounds like it is suppose to !!


Sound great!

Honey Pie

love the sound of these mufflers - they were alittle diffucult to put on as they didn't want to line up just right


Receive numerous compliments on these! My bike now sounds like a real bike:)


sound great after adding quiet baffles need to put on heat shields before bolting to bottom bracket


I got these for my wife's 2011 Nighster with stock pipes. Came with great instructions and we were able to put them on in an afternoon. Immediately, she heard her bike rumble like a true Harley! Great price, great shipping, great product! Thank J&P!


They were easy to install, look great. And the sound is awesome on my Sportster. They arrived on time and the packaging was excellent.


Great Sound easy to put on. had a harder time getting the old muffler off.


These Slip ons were easy to install and sound Great!!!!


With the naked air kit and fuel pak my xl1200c now sounds like a harley - you can hear each cylinder firing. Quiet bafflels made it a richer tone.


Good deal all the way, still a bit loud but thats ok


Excellent sound & simplicity in installation. The price wasn't bad also


Great Price




great exhaust the sound is amazing. The install was pretty simple. rear adapter for 2013 sportster was off just a bit and took some tweeking


one of the best things I ever did for sporty and V&H straightshot pipes are excellent finally sounds like a Harley


great sound and perfect fit


Good sound. No installation issues on 2013 Harley seventy two. If you have extra cash go for the full exhaust for a deeper sound.

Ozz Becerra

Love the sound!!!! Sounds like a real Harley!


These slip-ons are awesome!!! They sound great and were very easy to put on. The hardest part of putting then on was getting my old ones off. Great sound now. Very Very pleased with them. Recommend them to anyone who wants a nice bold sound.


i love these pipes couldnt ask for better


customer service was awesom pipes are awesome overall great service and product


Great pipes great rumble. VERY LOUD.


I live in Seoul Korea and these let all cars know I'm coming to get the h€ll out the way. By far the best for the price. They're loud and they look great, I will buy these again any day


I bought these with hesitancy for my wife's 2011 Sportster superlow. WOW! These pipes are absolutely phenomenal! They give her bike a true, deep Harley sound! I highly recommend them. J&P Cycles shipped them right away. I received them in 3 days! AWESOME


I was really impressed at the sound, they make my Sportster feel more powerful and dominant on the roads. The other drivers look at me coming now and I am sure they hear me too. I am very please with how easy it was to install, and everything fit perfect. I would purchase again. Thank you


I have a 2006 sportster and just put these on. They sound amazing! I absolutely love them. I received them very quickly (thanks JP!). I unfortunately did not read all the info, and did not realize I might need new gaskets, but a quick trip to HD and I was good to go. Thanks JP!


Improvement all around was great. Increase in horsepower and the sound alone is worth it. They deconstruct let drivers know you are there.


Great Sound. Best thing I've changed on my bike.


Bought these for a 2009 XL1200N Harley Nightster. Stock exhaust is dangerously quite and these were a perfect replacement for the price. Installation took be a little over an hour, make sure to buy the gaskets you will probably need them. Have put about 500 miles on them and they sound amazing, perfect sound for the Sportster, I highly recommend the straightshots.


Wow! No more jokes or wise cracks. This is what my Harley was meant to sound like. Thanks guys.


Incredibly straightforward to install, no issues. Look great and sound just like a Harley should sound. No issues at all.


My Vance & Hines Straightshot Slip-On’s arrived earlier this week, but I waited until Saturday to install on my 2013 883 Iron Sportster. After reading other reviews, I thought I’d better leave adequate time for install. I’m glad that I did. DO NOT approach this as a “quick change”! Give yourself 3-4 hours and take your time. Be prepared that you need the right tools also. The 9” ratchet extension is critical. As most reviews say, getting the stock mufflers OFF is the hardest part of the job. One post that I read somewhere suggested using Blaster silicone lubricant on the head pipe/muffler junction. BUY IT! I went to Lowe’s to pick up another unrelated item and bought a spray can for $3.99. The recommender said to spray it on, wait 5 minutes and the mufflers will slip right off. Uh – NO! While the stuff is useful, it isn’t as magic as that. Here is a tip that popped into my head as I was attempting to get the front muffler off (the harder one for access). You will need to manually rotate the muffler a bit first so that the mufflers mounting holes are accessible. This is easier said than done, but by using the Blaster, and some good non-slip gloves, get it rotated. The whole key to getting the mufflers off is rotating them slightly, back & forth. Now use one of the mounting brackets that come with the new mufflers and bolt it to the stock muffler using one of the original 1/2” mounting bolts. Orient the bracket 90 degrees to the muffler and use it as a leverage handle to rotate the muffler back & forth. When rotating gets tough, spray more Blaster on the joint AND in the slot on the muffler. Take a break for a few minutes, and then come back. Eventually, the back and forth rotation will suddenly get easier and the muffler will slip off. Wish I thought of that method on the rear muffler! That one took awhile! Once the stock mufflers are off, the Straightshot install is fairly easy. Again, take your time and plan it out. ONE item that the instructions miss: you are told to leave the new mounting bracket loose at the muffler, then tighten it and the two other bracket mount bolts. That works OK on the rear muffler, but I found NO way of reasonable accessing the muffler bolts to really tighten. Be prepared on the front muffler to slip it on, align the brackets and tighten the muffler bolts as snug as possible, then REMOVE the muffler to REALLY tighten them. Reinstall and tighten the bracket to the mounting bar. ALSO – do not ignore the warning sticker on the box that you NEED FuelPak! These new mufflers are just a minor step above real straight pipes and will make the bike run even leaner that stock. FuelPak install is a whole different chapter that I won’t get into here. After install, tune the FuelPak to the required settings. I love the look and the sound, which is RADICALLY different from stock! The test ride today sounded good, but I’m keeping the optional “quiet baffles” in mind.


Absolutely an amazing exhaust! Sound is rich and loud. Not raspy or drone like. This is how a Harley Davidson should sound like. Definitely recommend this and would by again in a heartbeat! Make note that even though the site said I needed the o2 plug (05 sportster 1200c - carbed) I did not need it. Going to see about returning it. Otherwise fast shipping and good jpcycles customer service so far.


Nice.Running them on a 1200 Sportster without the baffles. Sounds and runs great!!!


THESE PIPES ARE AMAZING. I have a Sportster Custom and these fit this bike perfectly. I bored through my stock baffles which was definitely louder than stock but it didn't have the quality low harley rumble. These pipes BRING THE RUMBLE. I do not recommend taking out the baffles on these slip-ons. Leave them in. Its a great sound as it is. It took me 40 minutes to get my old pipes off (you'll need WD-40) and then I had to run to the dealership because my equalizer pipe gaskets were WELDED to my pipes. GO GET NEW GASKETS. Do not plan on reusing them, they are skinny and cheap they are not made to last multiple uses. 40 more minutes to put the new pipes on. Could not be happier. Just a side note, if you've punched out your stock baffles, these won't be incredibly louder, but they are INCREDIBLY higher sound quality and low rumble. Totally worth every penny.


I purchased Straighshots for my2013 1200 custom. Took quite awhile to get my old mufflers off, otherwise pretty basic installation. Fired up the bike and the sound was more than I could have ever hoped for. You won't be disappointed!

paul hartman



Very nice workman ship. The instructions were very easy to follow. Pipes bolted on like they were put on at factory. Love the looks and sound!


These slip on's are the bomb! I was debating on getting full pipes or the slip ons. Glad I went with the slip ons as they have kick as sound and they turn heads. Highly recommened the to anyone looking to buy!


For the price I love the way the sound


Love my pipes, deep throaty growl on my sportster. Nephew said he wish his new street bob sounded as good. JP is the best, fast ship.


These pipes completely changed my bike. They sound great and were easy to install. Very fast delivery. A++++




What a great value. I opted to go with slip ons because of price and couldn't see a reason to replace perfectly good (and new) head pipes. I added a K&N high flow kit and V&H FuelPak for the price of a full set of pipes. THe high quality finish matches the stock heat shield perfectly. They are a piece of cake to install and the bike sounds great with more power. WARNING: If you like quiet pipes, these are not for you.


Great sound and even better value. They look great and a pinch to install. Could not be happier. If your looking for a set of slip-ons that fit the bill, these are the real deal


These slip-ons were easy to install and look great on my 1998 Dyna FXDL. The sound quality and volume are perfect!


Look Good, sound great!


I love the sound!


Love Them they are perfect


Good sound, good looks. Easy installation. The quiet baffles also seem to give them a lower rumble tone.


Great pipes - now it sounds like a Harley but not on the extreme end . Easy to install and the others we ride with say they sound awsome . Also my neighbors still don't hate me at 6:30 a.m.


Unbeatable shipping. Received in just 3 days. Fantastic Vance&Hines quality and sound. You won't be disappointed. Krob


Awesome mufflers! Fast shipping from J&P. Replaced the stock mufflers on my Superglide and WOW, what a difference. Sounds like a Harley is supposed to sound. Super directions made the installation easy.


Great sounding pipes! Installed on a Super Glide. Installation took about 30 minutes and was easy to do following the instructions provided. Disappointed with the technical help from J&P when ordering, the person I spoke with really didn't know the differences between the different pipes, but it all turned out OK.


Easy to install and arrived faster than anticipated.


Added performance and sound to my '98 FXDL.


Excellent, should have bought these years ago.


Simple to put on, and sound great out of the box! I don't regret spending the money for these, I'd do it again tomorrow!


looks and sounds great!


Little bit pricey for what it is , The removable baffle is nice in case I ever wanna put it back in though .


These slip-ons are high quality-in looks, performance and workmanship. The price was right on. They exceeded my expectations and they were easy to install! They sound fantastic! Highly recomend.


These were very easy to change out. The difference in the sound is incredible, it sounds like a Harley, and with these pipes, a Harley on steroids LOL. Would never again use anything but Vance and Hines.


Easy to put on and sound great


Sounds great!


I have a 2010 Street Bob, this is the 2nd HD that I have owned and neither sounded like a HD. I ordered the straihtshot V&H slip on mufflers. They were no problem to install and they sound great


These are Awesome Pipes! Easy to Install look incredible and absolutely Roar! Lots of pipe for the Great price!


This was all around a great experience. Super fast shipping with no hassles at all. This seemed like a great price for such an amazing product. Vance and Hines really does make some great exhaust. They were very easy to install so it took about an hour. Now the bike sounds amazing!!!! Thanks J&P!


On time arrival,, sound is AWSOME!!!


Best deep sound good price


great mufflers. put on a 2002 wide glide. They are loud.


Love the Staightshots. And the online help I recieved to help clear up a possible fitment issue was top notch! Thanks!


These slip on mufflers met all my expectations. Excellent!


Dollar for dollar these are the best sounding and easiest to install. If you are going to throw down $300 bucks, these are the best. Great sound, bike ran great. Like a completely different bike.


Great sound! Easy install.


Awesome sound...easy install. Real headturner


i like it


Nice pipes, good sound and easy to install.


Excellent product and excellent service. The slip ons were received in excellent condition, packaged perfectly. The installation required almost exactly the amount of time the tech I talked with predicted. I put these on my 2006 HD FXDWGi and they fit perfectly. The sound from these is awesome! I definitely recommend them.


I ordered these on a Saturday and they were on my Doorstep when I got home from work Tuesday..Fast!!! I put them on my 2009 Dyna FXDC. Install took about 45 min..the look is great the sound...WOW! People will definitely hear you coming. I recommend these to anyone who wants to be heard before seen. LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES!!


Overview: I love the look and sound of these. I installed them on my 2014 Street Bob and they look great. Other Mods: I also had the Stage 1 down load and air kit. There is some popping on hard deceleration, but that is to be expected. Control the throttle and it is minimized. Installation Ease: 6.5/10 - I am by no means a mechanical person, but I had a friend help over a couple brews and we got it done in about a hour and a half. The tough part, as everyone says, was getting the stock pipes off.


Great sounding pipes for slip-on exhaust. In my opinion they are loud but not to loud. There is a good bit of popping back on deceleration but it can be managed when necessary by being gentle on the throttle.


Got these very quickly and in perfect condition. Took about an hour to remove old and install new exhaust. Fit is perfect and they sound great on my Dyna. Louder than I expected but it was a pleasant surprise.


Pipes installed in 45 minutes BUT don't fully tighten nuts until the pipes aline then snug them up and use a broom handle in the pipe to get them perfect before fully tightening. Now about the sound. Take the baffles out, trust me. These are some ground pounding, noise makers and worth every penny. If it bother your neighbors, offer to help them move. Vance & Hines at its best at a great price


Time to install, 1 hour. Snug up nuts as you go so nothing binds. Take out the baffles before you start. Your neighbors won't be thrilled but you sure will. These bad boys will give you the ole school Harley sound that won't empty the wallet.

Bill Jones

I have no real complaints. Product arrived when promised. Installation went about as expected. The resulting sound from the new mufflers is what I was looking for.


Just installed these on my 14 xl superlow 1200t and let me tell you wow do they sound great.If you're into loud and harsh these are for you


These mufflers are very nice and easy to install. Hardest part of the job was taking old mufflers off. Only took roughly 30 minutes to complete. Huge difference in sound and performance of my bike.


Best pipes for your money. Make sure to buy the gasket if you want all the horsepower and don't want any leaks!


These are nice quality pipes and install was easy for me as I've done this before. Just read and follow the instructions. One thing is these pipes are LOUD. I'm purchasing the quiet baffles which I hear will quiet them down just about right. For me anyway. The pipes look fantastic on my 07 HD Dyna superglide. If you want a quieter pipe without changing baffles you might look into some of the other pipes out there as there are many. I'm happy though. Thanks.


love them perfect fit and they look great


Easy to install as soon as I got the stock ones off. The sound is so amazing and louder than I thought it would.


Sounds better then though it would. Now they can hear me coming.


Fit on my 016 FXDB with no problems. Sounds like a beast! Suggest spraying your old fittings with Liqued Wrench and let them sit overnight before trying to remove old slip-ons.


Completely happy with product and J&P service.


absolutely perfect. all of the reviews that said the stockers were a bigger pain to get off were true. the slip ons went on easy and in light of other reviews i did not destroy original hardware


Absolutely amazing! Easy to install with the step by step instructions. Great quality chrome. The sound though....simply AMAZING!!!! My bike went from a non-descript cruiser to an attention grabbing "Harley". I LOVE this product!


These pipes are without a doubt AWESOME!!! This is the sound that I was looking for to come from my Heritage Softail. Thank you guys for a quick delivery and for a quality product. They have to be the best investment I have made for my ride. Thanks a million. You guys rock.


Pipes sound real good. Now my Harley sounds like a Harley. Thanx J&P


Great pipes


Good quality, easy installation and awesome sound. Everything I wanted.


AWESOME Sound! Great price Defiantly worth every penny


I replaced my stock mufflers on my 2012 Heritage and the look great and now the bike sounds like a Harley!


Very nice slip ons great sound and an easy installation. Made a huge difference in the sound on my 2012 Heritage


Like many other reviews, I absolutely love these slip-ons. Install was a piece of cake. The hardest thing was getting the factory mufflers off. Nice and mellow at cruising speeds, but just crack the throttle to feel the rush. I can't help but grin with every twist of the wrist!!


Absolutely love the new sound! Installed in about an hour and a half.


easy to install, GREAT sounding pipes!


I'm very happy with my slip-ons. Easy to install and great sound


Great sound and easy installation. It only took me about 30 minutes to complete.


very nice looking mufflers and have great Harley sound. Had some problems with deceleration popping but the sound out weights the popping. Not easy to install but worth the effort for style and sound.


I love the sound of them and the ease of installation.


Love them....I put them on my 2012 STC and now it sound like a Harley, If you are thinking about buying these do it you will love them


Easy installation looks good. Very loud, too loud for me. I then ordered smartpartz baffle, great combination. Good sound.




I am very pleased with these. Easy installation and the perfect sound.


WOW! Incredible sound on my new 2013 HD Heritage Anniversary. Hardest part was getting off stock mufflers. This kit includes everything you need, well thought out. Highly recommend. You will be heard!!!


ez install great sound


Super fast shipping from J&P! Pipes fit perfect and install in less than an hour! They sound better than I expected and for a guy just doing Stage one fit my budget just rite. Recommend to anyone not interested in motor upgrades in need of a full system!!


love my new slip ons,they sound like a harley should.


I just put these on my 07 FXST, gotta say, they sound AWESOME!!! Haven't rode it yet, not quite out of the cold n snow, roads still too salty, but I'm jonesin! Gonna install the fuel pak before I do, just in case. Old pipes definitely the toughest part, but if you spray a little wd40 in there, let it sit, then apply a little elbow grease, they'll come off pretty easy. New pipes pretty straight forward, though the new muffler heat shield clamps had to improvise a bit to get around new crossover/muffler bracket. Otherwise user clean setup, lovely throaty sound, wife said it shook the living room, so I guess I succeeded:D order came in quick, completely satisfied, can't say enough what a huge difference these pipes are over stock, sounds like I actually have a 96 inch motor instead of an old VW \m/


Live these pipes. Makes my 2014 Heritage Softail sound like it should. Great price.


Excellent sound! Easy to install. Instructions could have been a bit more comprehensive. Bike now sounds better than a singer sewing machine!


Awesome and super fast shipping thanks.


easy install great look awesome sound


Awesome pipes. For the price, theyr'e unbeatable. Slapped em on my heritage softail and they sound great. They came with heat shields, new clamps and easy to follow instructions. Took me about an hour and a half ...mostly because I had a heck of a time getting the stock pipes to come off. Low, throaty rumble. Wont bust out the neighbor's windows, but they definitely know that Im going to work in the morning. I'd recommend these slip ons to anyone, weather you are on a budget or not. Vance and Hines kicks tail. Very pleased.


I suppose after 500+ great reviews this product doesn't need another, but also wanted to shout out to J&P Cycles for greats service, fast shipping and solid info on the site as well as the videos. I'm no mechanic by any means, but had these on and off riding in 72 minutes... I know rookie! :)


Replaced stock mufflers, Sounds awesome, wakes up auto drivers who are daydreaming or on their phones..great buy


They sound Great! EZ to put on.


Pipes sound great, replaces HD Screaming Eagle pipe. Installation was time consuming but, easy ,access to bolts (Harley design)) New pipes fit like a glove, no problems whatsoever.


The only part that I didn't care for was the stock mufflers had 1/4" tapped holes to hold the mufflers on. (great) The Vance & Hines just had holes. It was hard to hold a nut and line it up with the bolt while reaching between the swing arm and the muffler. It would have been a easy if the new mufflers would have had the same size tapped holes.


Great Deal! Perfect fit.


These mufflers sound and look fantastic. Installation was a breeze.


pipes are great but no mounting bolts or hose clamps to install the heat guards had to make a special trip to hardware store


Just put these on a '13 Fatboy. The install was a nightmare. The mounting holes on the mufflers that attach to the muffler bracket on bike were not threaded. It came with bolts and nuts. It is next to impossible to the nuts under the mounting bracket on the muffler, it would have made the job so much easier if they had of welded a nut on, or better yet thread the hole at the time of manufacture. I ended up welding the nut in place. On the positive side they look and sound great! But install was a mess.


Very nice, a little bit work to fit it on my bike but its GREAT and the sound.... I will perheps add the quite baffles, perheps !


They sound great. Self-install is a chore for an amateur. An offset or swiveling 7/16" ratchet is a must. Two would be even better.


Look good, Sound good. Easy bolt on and good fit. Only problem I had was a ripple in the stamping on a heat shield, but J&P hooked me up with customer service at V & H and a new shield is on it's way.


Easy to install, and they sound great.


Great looking and easy to install but a bit too loud. I had to purchase quiet baffles for an additional $60. It seems to me that they should have come with quiet as most people would pay to upgrade to loud. not the other way around


MAN OH MAN do these Mufflers sound good. Delivery was great and right on time. The instalation was super easy and Im a first time bike owner. Simple set of tools will do the job. Taking the old Mufflers off was the only thing that slowed me down. All you have to do is get rough on them and they come off. I recomend theese Vance and Hines mufflers to anyone who wants a perfect sound for thier bike.


The straightshot mufflers are great.Put them on in about 2 hrs.My 12 Softtail sounds like a HD should.Thx.


Went on easily and sound very good.


Somewhat too loud,I purchased the quite baffles and now just the right sound!


Great product and totally worthy of all the positive reviews. They were pretty easy to put on and the sound is fantastic. Finally people can hear me! Great alternative to full set.


Order was shipped very prompt and received in excellent condition.


Order was shipped very prompt and received in excellent condition.


Gives me the sound and vibe I was looking for! LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES!


Beautiful finish to these mufflers. Great value, fantastic sound.


Fast order and fast shipping can't go wrong


In a word, these pipes are AWESOME! Exactly what I was looking for. Sound is great and J&P Cycles got my shipment here FAST. Thanks J&P!


Always very easy to order from J&P Cycles Quick Delv. Boxes in great condition always enjoy buying from your company. Thanks for the great Service. Anthony C. Harwell


All I can say is---great price,great looks,great sound and great performance over stock Harley mufflers


Bargain! Fast delivery to Australia.


Great sound and a awesome look!!!!! Easy install and I was back on the road.


I had these on a 2008 Cross Bone and liked them so I bought another set and put them on my 2013 Deluxe. These are much deeper sounding . I have a big sucker air cleaner and a FP3 also on the Deluxe . Yes they are loud but not to loud .


Thanks jp for selling me a great set of slip ons. The delivery time was awesome. Vans and hines slip ons are the way to go if you don't want to spend a lot of money.


Thanks jp for selling me a great set of slip ons. The delivery time was awesome. Vans and hines slip ons are the way to go if you don't want to spend a lot of money.


Very easy to install on my 2013 Harley softail slim.. Tho the bracket had to be fliped from the picture on instructions.. Overall only took maybe 20min..


Easy install and great sound. It made my motorcycle sound like a motorcycle.






Love the look and the sound. No need for expensive full exhaust. Also make sure to get the Gold club membership and you ll get a discount straight away on these ones.


I love the look of these pipes but I do not like the sound

Usernames SUCK

Took one hour to disassemble the stock exhaust slipons, and this is pretty good for someone like me who watched a YouTube video and did it myself for the first time. This is on a 2010 Softail Heritage Deluxe. Remember this, muffler clamps ARE NOT INCLUDED. Take a trip to your local Harley shop and pony up $8 for one if any of the two you need are wasted. I guarantee the bottom one will need to be replaced. Don't be a tightwad over $8. The mounting bracket for the slipons attaches to the already in place bracket on the bike. On mine, that meant the predrilled holes in the Vance and Hines bracket lined up with only one hole on the frame bracket. You will need a longer 7/16 bolt than the one that the stuff comes with. Getting everything mounted, lightly screwed in to make adjustments, and ready to tighten down took 34 minutes. Once the pipes were cleaned of any residue and ready to listen to, get ready for a sweet tune to your ears. Not so loud as to draw ugly stares, but at normal riding revs, and idle, a deep rumble that lets you and anyone else know just from the sound, that's a Harley.

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Important Product Notes

Note: Please see U.S. EPA and your respective state and local regulations to confirm noise and emission compliance.

Important Exhaust Notes:

• Note: With any new exhaust, we recommend changes to carburetor jetting or use of an aftermarket fuel injection control module.

• There is no warranty on exhaust pipes and mufflers with regard to any discoloration. Blueing is caused by tuning characteristics, cam timing, carburetor jetting, overheating, etc. and is not caused by defective manufacturing. No refunds on exhaust pipes once motorcycle is started unless there’s a manufacturer’s defect.

• Flanges and retaining rings are not included with most aftermarket exhaust for 1984-2013 Evolution and Twin Cam models. Re-use your existing hardware, or purchase replacement hardware.

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Additional oversized shipping charges will be applied for expedited shipments within the contiguous U.S. Shipping charges outside the contiguous U.S. are calculated by weight and dimension during checkout. Due to state regulations we cannot ship this item to the state of California.

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