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Michelin Commander II 130/90B16 Rear Tire

J&P Cycles Part Number: 534-983

Manufacturer Part Number: 46650

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Description for Michelin Commander II 130/90B16 Rear Tire

• Motorcycle rider reviews are positive when comparing the durability of the Michelin Commander II tire to its closest rivals

• The Commander II tire is manufactured using a unique rubber compound that gives the rider better traction on wet surfaces without any sacrifice to tire durability.

• Michelin incorporates a highly dense, more rigid casing in the bias-ply construction of the Commander II, making the tire highly maneuverable

• The aramid tread pile Michelin uses in the Commander II rear tire reduces weight and tire diameter growth, making the tire more stable at higher speeds

• The Commander II's square-bead sidewall adds to the tire's stability and helps make this motorcycle tire easy to install

Product Specs

Product Specs for Michelin Commander II 130/90B16 Rear Tire

Aspect Ratio:


DOT Approved:
Load Range:
73 - Maximum Capacity 805 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number:
Commander II
Overall Diameter:
Rim Diameter:
Sold in Units:
Speed Rating:
H - Rated up to 130 MPH
Commander II
Tire Construction:
Bias Ply
Tire Size:
Tire Width:
Tread Depth:
Tube or Tubeless:
Tube Type, Tubeless
Warehouse Part Number:
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for Michelin Commander II 130/90B16 Rear Tire

Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (based on 97 reviews)

5 stars (88)

4 stars (5)

3 stars (3)

2 stars (0)

1 star (1)

0 stars (0)


Nice looking tire. For fatboy. Got 9,000 miles with same tire on my 1995 lowrider.


Brand new bike....great control


used these tires before-love them to death-love it even more that my favorite online store can ship same to me for free-happy trails!!


Read all the reviews ask people who were riding on them people said nothing but great thing . Replacing my Dunlap Elites O.E.M H.D.style tires on my Heavy 90 Ultra Classic ordered and Install front and rear added Ride-on self balancing sealer. I was Skeptical if the ride and performance of non O.E.M. tires or all hype 1st off a 20 mile test ride Smoothest and quiet ride ever on this bike and handle like a dream and stop great (OK I am impressed) returned home pickup my bride/riding partner of over 30 years for a 2 up test ride and 300 miles later we agreed it was not the same bike smooth ride quiet tires no more road reflector banging no crack loud popping no road/bridge transition hit or road seam chasing/tracking This is what a touring dresser should ride and handle like. OK next the higher mileage and rain claims report back later


Tire looks and performs great


Great tire, noticed the difference quickly.


it took three weeks to get here then it was a 17'' tee when I ordered a 16 took 4&1/2 weeks to get correct tire never would of dreamed one tire would take that long to get


While they took a while to aririve, I have been incredibly pleased with how they function. I will likely use these in the future when I need new tires.


I have recived goods from three of there shops, service was over and beyound ask for.


Good tires but should not take 2-3 weeks to get.


I put 16,000 miles on this back tire with an aggressive riding style. I ride an '03 Electraglide Classic and this is my 35th riding season so I have tried a lot of tires in my day. Love the Commander 11 tires, wlii be buying more.


Excellent deal on this tire.


Price and shipping unbeatable!


Good handeling tire grips road well


Super fast shipping. Great price like always.




so far so good, you should request feed back after miles have been put on the bike. **After buying Avon cobra tires from you last year for multiple bikes, we had poor milage on different bikes, not to mention dry rott on a 3 month old tire! Customer service requested I remove the tire and send it back for inspection, Avon no response? they SUCK!!


I am on my 2nd rear commander II and will never buy another style tire got over 11,000 miles on first set and still have the front from my first purchase


I installed my tires myself and they hold the road in some really bad weather. Very impressed


First time using the Commander II. So far so good! Handles and grips great!


I hope its the best, this is the first Michelin bike tire I've ever bought


Seems like a real good tire. Bike handles better than it did on the HD Dunlops. Have a Commander II on the front also. Almost 9,000 miles and looks like new yet!


I really like these tires and so do my friends. I've tried many different tires for my bikes and so far these have the longest mileage while still having good grip when it counts.

4 aces

Fast delivery! Great tire at a great price! You won't be disappointed!!


great tire, these tires have made this bike ride and handle great, so much smoother ride. these are well worth the price. i won't even consider buying any other tire


This is my 3rd one of these tires, "FABULOUS TIRE", I road to Fairbanks, Ak. and back and ended up finally replacing it at 11,989 miles on the rear of my FLHTC kept riding the front and replaced it at just shy of 24K. Road west coast Hwy 1 my brother on his Goldwing with Dunlop tires he could not corner and keep up in the curves these tires track well in dry or wet conditions. These are the only tire I'm buying. Oh all these trips were from my home in Missouri.


Great handling, long wearing, what else can I say? Got about 2K miles on the rear and liked it so much I ordered the front to match even though I had some wear left on the old one. My little '92 Vulcan 500 rides well in all weather conditions and the tires are holding up on the patched, frost heaved roads I commute on 70 miles each day. Great service from J&P as well!


Good so far, fit perfect, we'll see whether or not I get the mileage they claim. mileage starting is 19,500 on the bike presently.


I give this tire 4 out of 5 because it feels soft what i mean besides ride feel at proper PSI you can take your finger and press on the tire and indent it at psi on bike sitting on ground.. over all the tire grips well but it's just too soft for my liking i am going back to the 888s


Great tire, handles well!


Awesome grip and handling!!!


Great Quality at a Great price.


great tire an added milage

War Cry

The best Gilroy era Indian Scout tire created.


12,000 miles on last Michelin. Handled great.


I'm a Electra Glide daily rider, long and short trips. Great handling wet/dry. I just ordered My second rear tire, I got about 15,000 miles out of it, Would recommend this tire and JP Cycles to any rider, always been satisfied!!!


ok this is a GREAT tire i ride 2 up most of the time i have over 11000 miles on this tire and i need to replace. but there out of stock hope in soon. I do not want to change. i bet i get 30000 out of the front Cant say enough about you will love these tires


Have not put many miles on it yet but so far very satisfied. Great looking tire. As always very fast shipping.


These tires are the ticket. Already rain proven. If I get more than 6k-7k miles out of them, (compared to the Dunlop tires that I normally purchase) I will raise my rating to a 5 star.


Great tire for any bike, any weather. it is a must have...

EL Rancho LOCO

Shipping was right on time. Tires made my Road King handle better than ever and the ride is smoother. Thanks


Almost time to replace the rear tire. Got 12,000+ miles on the old one and still have some tread left. Very happy with the ride and grip. I've tried Dunlop and Pirelli tires on my 02 Ultra Classic. I'll stay with the Commander II. In my opinion is the best buy $$/mile.


I ride a Road King with a sidecar so tire wear is a big factor for me. I've heard great things about this tire. I haven't had time to put a lot of miles on it yet to check wear but the bike feels smoother on the straights and more stable in the curves. with just over 200 miles on the tire I like it already.


delivery service was fast, on my second tire this year,i ride hard and two up all the time.replaceing a Dunlop 402 tire.


I have 2003 FLHTC with 80,000 miles I've always ran stock Dunlop tires but they didn't last long I have 2500 miles on the Michelin commander II 300 of that is in rainy conditions on back roads they handle a lot better than the Dunlop time will tell if they last longer but overall I'm very pleased with these tires.


i read all the reviews before buying this tire and they all correct but my tire went flat running 80 mph and something i learned is the sidewalls are soft.The dunlops are real stiff which allows you to almost run on a flat but the commanders are way to soft which in turns them to last a lot longer.I'm going back to 110 years of Harley know how and buy the dunlop i've never had a tire go flat with them.You can have the extra miles.My commander tires only had a couple of thousand miles on them when i got a nail in the tire and my world as i know it almost changed forever!!


bought these just about a year ago have 6800 miles on them. I would say I got another 2000 left I ride most of the time two up and hard miles. GREAT TIRE!


Great tire, have about 350 miles on it and went from the OE Dunlop. The improvement in ride is alarming!


I received the tires very fast as with all J&P orders. The tires look fantastic, I have not had a chance to mount them on the bike


Good install; sharp turns feel better; wet handling very good.


Great looking tire. I'm a big Michelin fan so I'm sure I'll be happy with them. J&P was great as always.


The 1st mile I rode on these I could tell it was the best decision I could have made in choosing a tire! 100% better than the stock Dunlops. Kudos Michelin


best price any where, fast shipping.


Great Service and Great Tire!!! Have received lots of comments on how good they look on my 03 Road King!


Great deal!! Thanks!!!


I really like the tire it handles and corners so much better than my other tire, thank you J&P Cycles




This tire rides so much smoother than the stock brand!


Nice tire great price


this is my second set of Commander 2's excellent wear and performance


Stiffer ride than Avon Venom tires I was used to only have 3,000 miles on set.


Great tire, Great Price


I put a pair of these Michelin tires on my Road King, (note: I have 90K on this bike and it has always had Dunlop’s.) Simply said it is a much better tire overall, better grip, no crack tracking, stick like glue in the rain, and 7K later on them and they show little sign of wear. Needless to say I will be buying the Michelin again, and they will replace the Dunlop’s on my Heritage ST soon.


1300 mi and it still has the nubs on the tire. I do not notice the tar snakes as much as the avons


Great Tire, the best till now


so far good tire smooth ride, ill see how it wares


The absolute best tire i have ever put on a Harley.


I like these tires


awesome tire and awesome experience. got the tire in two days. i was expecting a lot longer. thanks.


First 500 miles are excellent! Great ride, great cornering, good braking.


Good tire at the best price anywhere.


Price was great, shipped on time & looks good.

Johnny Bridges

Nice tire, handles well...Michelin, what do you expect? I've been looking for a higher mileage tire than the Dunlops I've run for years...time will tell if the Commander II is what it claims to be.

Curtis Freeman

Good Price and good Tire


Came on time, tire looked great, and rides awesome. We'll see how many miles I get out of it as time goes on.


love it


good tire fast shiping thank you j&p cycle


Way better then the OEM Dunlops, best tire yet!


Great price, great service. The tires look great.


Went on 500 mile w/wife the next day after mounted these tires(F and R), great ride, grip, and cornering. Can't wait to see how long they last on 2002 Ultra !

north ferry choppers

great handling tire

rambo 2320

excellent service & fast shipping. i order the wrong tire and your customer service corrected the problem very quick and took care of my pay pal account. very professional people, quite knowledgeable. thank you: ron m.


Great time, slightly wider tread results in more stable cornering while not requiring extra effort. Very happy with everything about the tire.


Tire has same tread pattern I had before. I am very happy with this purchase


I've only put 200 miles on them but they feel great!! Hope they last longer than the Dunlops.


Best tire,great price, Delivery time was excellent


Love these tires so much my friends got hooked lol


great looking tire. Handles nice would definitely buy another

MLW 27529



EXCELLENT TIRE!!!!!!!! J & P is the best place to get your parts. GET THESE TIRES !!!


I have been running on Michelin Commanders for a few years, this is my first Commander 2. I will not use any other tire. They hold the road wet or dry. Excellent lifetime mileage


Great Price and amazingly fast delivery! Happy with feel of new tires. 150 miles and have yet to wear the little rubber tags off!


These things stick like glue! And track very well. Graded bridges...no more wobble! Simply awesome! And have a nice tread pattern too. Look Sharp. I actually went with a 140 instead. No clearance issues what so ever


Thanks J&P Cycles for a seamless online ordering and a less than expected, 3 day delivery to my door. I have owned many types of road bikes from cruisers to crotch rockets and tried nearly every kind of tire, up until now, Continental Road Attacks were my favorite. I can’t attest to the reputed “longer life” as I have only put about 1,800 miles on these Commanders but I will say I love the ride, the feel and the handling on any road condition from hot and dry to cool and wet, concrete to asphalt and hard pack dirt through “tar and chip”. Even the grooved pavements of Ohio’s new Craig Bridge on I-280 over the Maumee River or the crazy surface of Michigan’s Mighty Mack on I-75 left me confident of these tires. I’m pretty positive these will be the tires for me and my Road King for a long time to come.


another Quick shipping and great looking tire for my Sportster!




best handeling tire yet even in the rain.

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