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Reda Innovations 1 Gallon Saddlebag Gas Can

J&P Cycles Part Number: 721-352

Manufacturer Part Number: RGC1001


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Description for Reda Innovations 1 Gallon Saddlebag Gas Can

• Never run out of gas again!

• Custom fit gas can made specifically for a variety of saddlebags

• Gives an amazing one gallon of extra gas; two gallons if you chose to put one in each bag for those long trips

• Made of 6-ply HDPE NANO plastic creating a vapor proof (no fumes) barrier

• EPA and CARB certified and meets all the environmental standards for all 50 states

• Spout stores internally and it fits in both right or left side bags

• Product dimensions are 6″ wide x 7″ long x 10-1/4″ tall

Product Specs

Product Specs for Reda Innovations 1 Gallon Saddlebag Gas Can

1 gallon
Manufacturer Part Number:
HDPE Nano Plastic
Sold in Units:
Warehouse Part Number:
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Compatible Models

Harley-Davidson® Models

  • Electra Glide Anniversary FLH : 1978
  • Electra Glide Classic FLHC : 1979–1982
  • Electra Glide Classic FLHTC : 1983
  • Electra Glide Classic Side Car FLHCE : 1979–1981
  • Electra Glide FLH : 1974–1978, 1981–1984
  • Electra Glide FLH-74 : 1980
  • Electra Glide FLH-80 : 1978–1980
  • Electra Glide FLHF : 1974–1975
  • Electra Glide Heritage FLH : 1981
  • Electra Glide Police FLHP : 1981
  • Electra Glide Police FLHP-74 : 1979–1980
  • Electra Glide Police FLHP-80 : 1979–1980
  • Electra Glide Police FLP : 1974–1975
  • Electra Glide Special Edition FLHX : 1984
  • Electra Glide Sport FLHS : 1977, 1980–1984
  • Electra Glide Standard FLHT : 1983–1984
  • Tour Glide Classic FLTC : 1981–1983
  • Tour Glide FLT : 1980–1984
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic Anniversary FLHTC : 1988
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic CVO FLHTCSE : 2004
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic CVO FLHTCSE2 : 2005
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic EFI FLHTCI : 1996–2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Classic FLHTC : 1984–2013
  • Touring Electra Glide Police EFI FLHTPEI : 2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Police EFI FLHTPI : 2005–2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Police FLHTP : 1986–2001, 2004–2015
  • Touring Electra Glide Police FLHTPI : 2002–2003
  • Touring Electra Glide Sport FLHS : 1987–1993
  • Touring Electra Glide Standard EFI FLHTI : 2003–2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Standard FLHT : 1985–1990, 1995–2009
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO Anniversary FLHTCUSE8 : 2013
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO EFI FLHTCUISE : 2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE2 : 2007
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE3 : 2008
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE4 : 2009
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE5 : 2010
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE6 : 2011
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE7 : 2012
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO FLHTCUSE8 : 2013
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic EFI FLHTCUI : 1995–2006
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCU : 1989–1998, 2005, 2007–2015
  • Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low FLHTCUL : 2015
  • Touring Road Glide Custom CVO Anniversary FLTRXSE2 : 2013
  • Touring Road Glide Custom CVO FLTRXSE : 2012
  • Touring Road Glide Custom CVO FLTRXSE2 : 2013
  • Touring Road Glide Custom FLTRX : 2010–2013
  • Touring Road Glide CVO FLTRSE3 : 2009
  • Touring Road Glide EFI CVO FLTRSEI : 2000
  • Touring Road Glide EFI CVO FLTRSEI2 : 2001
  • Touring Road Glide EFI FLTRI : 1998–2006
  • Touring Road Glide FLTR : 1998–2003, 2007–2009
  • Touring Road Glide FLTRX : 2015
  • Touring Road Glide Special FLTRXS : 2015
  • Touring Road Glide Ultra CVO FLTRUSE : 2011, 2015
  • Touring Road Glide Ultra FLTRU : 2011–2013
  • Touring Road King Custom EFI FLHRSI : 2004–2006
  • Touring Road King Custom FLHRS : 2004–2007
  • Touring Road King CVO Anniversary FLHRSE5 : 2013
  • Touring Road King CVO EFI FLHRSEI : 2002
  • Touring Road King CVO EFI FLHRSEI2 : 2003
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  • Touring Road King CVO FLHRSE4 : 2008
  • Touring Road King CVO FLHRSE5 : 2013
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  • Touring Road King EFI FLHRI : 1996–2006
  • Touring Road King FLHR : 1994–2015
  • Touring Road King FLHR Anniversary : 2013
  • Touring Road King Police CA EFI FLHPEI : 2005–2006
  • Touring Road King Police CA FLHPE : 2007–2011
  • Touring Road King Police EFI FLHPI : 2005–2006
  • Touring Road King Police FLHP : 1996–2001, 2004, 2007–2015
  • Touring Road King Police FLHPI : 1996, 2002–2003
  • Touring Street Glide CVO FLHXSE : 2010, 2015
  • Touring Street Glide CVO FLHXSE2 : 2011
  • Touring Street Glide CVO FLHXSE3 : 2012
  • Touring Street Glide EFI FLHXI : 2006
  • Touring Street Glide FLHX : 2006–2015
  • Touring Street Glide Special FLHXS : 2014–2015
  • Touring Tour Glide Classic Anniversary FLTC : 1988
  • Touring Tour Glide Classic FLTC : 1984–1992
  • Touring Tour Glide FLT : 1985–1986
  • Touring Tour Glide Ultra Classic EFI FLTCUI : 1996
  • Touring Tour Glide Ultra Classic FLTCU : 1989–1995
  • Touring Ultra Limited Anniversary FLHTK : 2013
  • Touring Ultra Limited CVO FLHTKSE : 2014–2015
  • Touring Ultra Limited FLHTK : 2010–2015
  • Touring Ultra Limited Low FLHTKL : 2015
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for Reda Innovations 1 Gallon Saddlebag Gas Can

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can is good idea. spout fell apart every time it was used. buy a funnel!!!


A lot smaller than it looks in the picture. if it holds a gallon...good, but it doesn't look like a gallon. I haven't put fuel in it yet but I like the fact that I will have it with me on the long rides in case I get out in the boonies with low fuel. Looks like a quality product. I am satisfied with the product just for the thought that I will have it with me just in case. The only issue I have is that the JP store label sticker was taped right over the top of the instructions (not that its hard to figure out, but I have seen some reviews about the o-ring on the spout so I wanted to make sure I have it in the right spot) so I had to do some NCIS kinda stuff to get the label off. Other than that I am happy with the purchase.


Fits perfect in my HogWorkz hard bags.


Fits Perfect


Fits perfectly into my 2015 saddlebag. It is nice having extra gas on you for those days you get "lost" on the back roads!


Great product


Great product. Saved my a** last year on a ride to the pacific northwest via 395. This purchase was for a buddy who was impressed at the "salvation" last year and therefore wanted his own. I would definitely recommend this item to others and, as always, I would recommend JP as the go to source.


Even though I am supposed to have a range of approximately 240 miles on my '12 Ultra Limited, it's nice to have that 1 extra gallon for 'just in case'. Mainly bought it for piece of mind and when riding with the wife when she is on her '04 Sporty with only 3.3 gallons. And should I roll up on someone who has run out of gas... It's nice to know I can help get them on down the road.


great can, works like a charm.

Long Distance Rider

I bought 2 cans for a cross county trip in July. I did not need them but the peace of mind knowing I had extra gas along some of the long stretches between towns was worth price of the cans. Never had an issue with fumes and we regularly hit temperatures in the high 90's to low 100's. I highly recommend these cans if you are going on a road trip through some more remote areas.


Worked great! No fumes. Saved one of the guys butts on I-90 in SD coming home from Sturgis. It DOES fit in a Triumph R3T saddle bag!

Johnny Bridges

I ran out of gas in Nebraska last year... no more.


Reviews are great. I have had the can for a few days. Put 1/2 gallon of fuel in it and put it in my saddlebag. Checked on it 2 days later. Was surprised to see the sides collapsed which created two sharp creases on the sides at the bottom. Tried to push them out but they appear to be permanent. Can isn't leaking but can't say that I will trust over time.


Shipment was very fast, and the gas can fit perfect in my FLHTK saddlebag.


The can fits great in my 2015 Roadglide bags.


Great to have on those long rides out in the hill country. Just a little security!


best purchase I have made in a while!! My saddle bag doesn't smell like gas and it fits perfect!! I actually had to use the gas can when going thru Wyoming and our fuel stop was closed so we had another 50 miles to go when we was already on reserve. Great idea to have this product when traveling!!

Garry Huff

Awesome product fit my saddle bag great with no leaks or gas smell


Fit perfectly in my Harley Road Glide. No fuel smell. Great product.


Very good design will be in bags on every trip


Works well, fits perfectly in my saddlebag


this is a nice can but.... IT DOES NOT FIT SHOVELHEAD BAGS contrary to what the ad says


very nice product

Mad Dog Mike

great stuff..all must have


Fits great. One item you are glad to have, but hope you never have to use!


This gas can fits perfectly in my HD hard bag. While it doesn't hold exactly 1 gal of fuel, it does provide another 30 or so miles to find a gas station. I'm very happy with this purchase.


awesome life saver!!!!! lol

Dah General

Well, iI've had this gas can for a while now. I do like it very much and it fits in my saddlebags fairly easy. It gives a biker a piece of mind knowing you've got a backup plan for bikes with a smaller tank. BUT, There's always a but, make sure that you have the supplied gasket installed correctly around the filler neck and not between tank & filler neck or it will leak. Yes! I learned this the hard way. LOL! ! Overall its a very good product and i do recommend it. As always J&P gets it to you asap.


Good fit and after I removed the spout lock 'safety' feature it does what it's supposed to do.


Very good quality, would buy again


Excellent. The design and shape make this seem to take virtually no space in the saddle bag.


All other gas cans must kneel before the REDA can. This dudes the sh*t! The moment you open the box it's clearly evident this can was crafted with quality and longevity in mind. It's thicker and the spout is the finest I've seen since the do nothing's at the EPA concocted their hairbrained scheme to "improve" the portable gas can spout. It works flawlessly without spilling petrol all over yourself and your beautifully painted gas tank. If you're thinking about getting another can, don't be a dummy, get the REDA can immediately.


I have not had to use the gas can yet but it is comforting to know I have it.


Just what I needed for a gift.


Excellent product. Does not leak and fits perfect. I cut some foam water pipe insulation and put on the bottom of the saddle bag to cushion the can.


Great can. Fits great!


Works jut like its supposed to got it quick


Works jut like its supposed to got it quick


Works just like it is supposed to got it quick


Works just like it is supposed to got it quick


Perfect for what we need, fast shipment as always


Capacity is closer to 3/4 of a gallon


Fits very good in 2005 Road King bag. Nice to have back up gas while using a Harley gas gauge


Worth the price for piece of mind. Fits perfectly in saddle bag and does not leak or smell of gas, that is of course if you don't spill on the outside when you fill it.


Fast Shipping Great Product Thanks


Have not used yet,here in AZ it is easy to find yourself in the middle of nowhere,it does fit in saddle bag nice,I will have it full on way to Sturgis this year


Love it.


looks great


great fit!


comes in handy


comes in handy


Great quality. Purchased for my upcoming ride to Sturgis. Fits great in my 14 Limited and provides a level of sanity to know theirs a spare gallon.

Rican Joe



I use the Reda saddlebag gas can when travelling to and from Fairbanks Alaska on the Alaska Hwy. Haven't needed it yet but it sure does give me peace of mind. Fits in my 2014 FLHXS just fine and hasn't leaked...


good fit well in hard sadle


Great product, came just as it was posted. Great service and shipped in very timely manner, as usual! Very happy customer! :)


The do not hold one gallon. Other than that work great.


first time buying it, and will use it in September going to Arizona. Hope I will not need it! good quality


Fits saddle bag just fine. No gas odor yet.


Very well built and no gas fumes in saddle bag.


I wanted a spare gas can for long rides. This one fits snug in the end space of my bags.


Great concept, poor execution. Had a couple of buddies who had these and thought it was a great idea for long trips in unknown areas. It doesn't spill or leak, but whatever you pack in the saddlebag with it WILL smell like gas. I finally ended up taking it out and airing out my bag for a couple of weeks. It now sits in the garage. On the positive side, it does fit in the bag nice, and I suppose if you didn't carry clothes or anything in that side, you wouldn't care about the smell. Overall, disappointing.


Well made


Good quality fuel container. It fits nicely into saddlebag & I feel will be very useful on those long rides when fueling stations are scarce .


I haven't fitted the gas can in my saddlebag yet, but it seems to be well built and of good quality. The design to fit the profile of a saddlebag is innovative and efficient.


Ordered two gas cans to carry in the saddlebags of an Ultra Classic and they fit very good.

19841st evo

Saves your butt on long rides!


very nice fit right into saddlebags


Not much is scarier on a ride when you look down and realize you've been riding on fumes! One would surely get me to the next gas station but I bought two because I often ride with a friend that doesn't quite think as far ahead as I do.


Great! very sturdy well made


Love the gas can, perfect fit for bags


perfect gift


Fits nicely in any of my four different saddlebags. Both modern and vintage.


fits perfect. very durable. no leaks. fine item and price is very reasonable.


These ingenious "cans" fit Harley saddlebags and boost fuel onboard by about 40% -- whatta deal!!!

Allied Signal

Fits right inside my saddle bag and works great. Helped me twice on long rides.


fit in the bags perfect

Dah General

I liked the 1st gas can so much that I ordered another one. It's a solid can. Hard to believe it does hold a gallon of liquid for its size. It just looks small.


Road trip from N.Y. to N.C. with friends not everyone gets the same gas mileage handy to have.Fits perfectly inside saddle bags 12 SG


good product


These gas cans are very convenient to use. The spout stores inside the can. Easy to use, just have rag handy to catch any spills. The cans fit perfectly in my saddlebags( I bought two!). Will be trying them out the end of August when I leave for Milwaukee.


Fits, works as intended.


giving peace of mind to to wife re: her 883's smaller tank


have not used it yet but sure like having it as we ride out in NV


I haven't needed it yet, but it's a great design and very substantial, even better than I was hoping


Very nice!


Doesn't leak, fits great, but makes your bag smell like gas, and everything in it. So I took it out about 2 months ago, still smells like it. Not that I mind alot...


Reda has out done themselves on this. Works great don't spill and fit perfect in the Mustang saddle bags I have, like they were custom made.


These are slick and fit in bagger hard bags perfectly. I have leather Boss Bags on my 03 FXDX and the cans fit well enough in those also.


Fits perfectly in bag good piece of mind on a long trip.


The can fits perfectly into therear of my 2011 H-D Streetglide bags, and leaves plenty of space for other articles. I feel better knowing that I'll have extra miles "in the can" if I really need them. Thanks J&P Cycles for a great product!!


Can is great. Fits well in the Road King Custom. Already saved a fellow rider out here in the desert of CA.


Handy on my long trips.


Perfect solution to reduce anxiety on running out of gas!


Been wanting one for awhile. Nice trip insurance.


This fit well in my 87 FLT hard bags, traveled well and came in handy, good piece of mind on the long open highway!!!


Didn't fit in heritage softail bags


it's so nice


Excellent idea to go the extra mile.


Never run out of gas!


just the right tool for a long back road trip!


I deal for me tks


Planing a trip from Ne. to the Grand Canyon in late May and just want some backup for fuel.


The can does not hold 1 gal. of gas as stated. I was filling it watching the pump for 1 gal. and about at .9 it over flowed.


it's a great can but it does not fit in the 70's era FLH hard saddlebags.


A must have if you ride long distances. Perfect fit. No smell or leaks in saddlebags. These cans did not drip one drop of fuel onto my bike while refueling, which I am extremely thankful for.


very handy, a little tight on heritage bags, but it does fit


The can is great, I bought two. I dont have to worry about long stretches of roads if I have enough gas or not. The cans fit perfect in my mustang bags and are out of the way.


Great Price! Great idea!


Gladly, I didn't need to use it on my trip to Sturgis this year, however it was a nice piece of mind that it was there if needed. It fit well into the saddlebag and I couldn't smell any hit of gasoline at all. Very good product.

Tim Elsen

I had the gas can as a back-up on a recent trip to Sturgis. It's well made, solid, and fit perfectly in my saddlebag. Having an extra source of fuel made for a great trip.


Good quality gas can. The bottom is flat and because the saddlebag is not, I have to place a towel underneath the can so it stills flat when I carry it. The first time I used it, it spilled gas inside the saddlebag. What caused this was the o-ring was not fitting properly. It fell out when I initially opened the top cover to fill the can, so obviously it didn't get back in where it was supposed to be. It took me a while to determine that the o-ring was slotted inside and was supposed to fit around the filler tube end and not placed inside the top cover which is where I put it when it fell out. It didn't arrive installed properly so maybe there should be instructions showing where the o-ring should be installed for old guys like me. Also, the can holds less than a full gallon.




i've been looking for something like this for a loooooong time.


Nice piece of mind on long road trips. No fumes or spillage in saddlebag. Matching bag fits all road tools with room to spare.


I bought two gas cans for a long trip (4300 miles). They fit well in my saddle bags and didn't take up too much room. Also, usually you get the smell of gasoline when you confine or store gas, but these gas cans don't reveal the smell of gas or leak. They are very durable and I'm pleased with the workmanship. Using them is very easy. I especially like the controled way the gas is confined in the can until you want to pour the gas into your tank. You just align with the green collar teeth with the black notches and slightly push down the can to release the gas. Such an ingenuous invention. I would recommend this can to anyone that travels alot. They are wonderful!


I was worried it wouldn't fit in my soft sided saddle bag since I think it is designed for a Harley bag. Works great for me though. I also took it on a car trip. It did not emit any fumes even though I went from sea level to 9000 feet.


Great item. I've already needed it and was glad I had it.


going to use it next week on our trip...feel safer knowing we have an extra gal of gas considering where we are going.


The gas can did its job already. It took a minute to figure out the lock/unlock process for the spout but its been happily carrying around a spare gallon for me and brothers. It doesn't leak and it fit nicely into the saddlebag rear.


What's to review? It's a gas can. It fits into the side bag as claimed and I didn't notice any fumes in the bag when I opened the lid.


good quality doesnt leak so far definately a good buy


Fits great. No gas smell be in saddle bag for 600 miles. Have not had to us it yet


This is my second one! Works well as long as you take care of the O-Ring.




this is the best place to purchase this gas can,,,,


No more worry about distance and fuel!


Others thought it was a good idea and maybe ordering their own


I've been wanting to buy one of these for a couple of years now and the free shipping made it worth the while.


fits good in a saddlebag, can be bulky in some bags. looks like it will work good when needed.


Fits like a glove even with liners.


Very useful and hellpful! Thinking of getting another for myself and for my buddies. Fits very evenly in saddlebags and does exactly what it says!


This was just what I was looking for however, I thought they were quite pricy.


Very tough can: can withstand lots. I travel cross country and have almost run out of gas a number of times with gas stations few and far between. This can will be a life-saver in those circumstance and is shaped to fit snuggly out of the way.


Perfect fit.


very happy with performance no odor or spills


now the new 6 gallon tanks ain't got nothing on my scooter. I don't worry about comming up short.


I have not had to use this item, however it fits very nicely in the saddle bag with no smell of gas at any time.


built like a tank. nice knowing I had this going out west. money wise spent. dont smell gas in my bags either


Excellent product. Great service.


I haven't used it yet, but I think it is a great idea and can certainly come in handy in the middle of nowhere, being low on fuel.

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