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K&N High Performance Black Wrench-Off Oil Filter OEM 63731-99

J&P Cycles Part Number: 740-484

Manufacturer Part Number: KN-171B

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Description for K&N High Performance Black Wrench-Off Oil Filter OEM 63731-99

• Designed for todays high performance synthetic oils and are unaffected by racing fuels

• Each filter includes a check valve to prevent oil drainback and dry starts as well as a new pressure relief valve

• Has an 11/16″ nut welded to the top for easy servicing in tight spaces

• 50% thicker walls, stronger inner core and a heavy base plate with double rolled seal

• TUV endorsed and TUV factory production monitored

Product Specs

Product Specs for K&N High Performance Black Wrench-Off Oil Filter OEM 63731-99

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for K&N High Performance Black Wrench-Off Oil Filter OEM 63731-99

Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (based on 91 reviews)

5 stars (84)

4 stars (5)

3 stars (2)

2 stars (0)

1 star (0)

0 stars (0)


Easy to use although I found my oil lines going to the filter housing were backwards when all my oil gushed out of the air cleaner. Seems the check valve in these filters only allow the oil to flow one way. In looking at the HD manual it is very vague as where to put the oil lines so I suppose this filter is a good thing


Easy oil filter removal/w nut on filter. Great quality!


Nice, but I ordered the wrong size.


Good price and quality.


Easy off and on and I always use K&L filters on all my vehicles


Got lazy in my old age. Just like using nut on end of filter


K&N products always excellant quaility


good price, good filter


Great place to buy parts for my bike . The prices are low and shipping is quick. Way to go J&P.


fits great! is it better than a stock filter? dont now!


Does what it is supposed to do.


K&N is the best in filters. I like the hex bolt removal nub.


What can be said but it's a K&N, wouldn't use anything else


Fit my 1981 FLT Classic.


Probably one of the best if not the best oil filters out there for your Harley. They're a little extra but I don't mind paying a few more bucks for peace of mind and ease of removal with the nut on the front of the filter housing.

Ev Card

Nut stripped. dented the hell out of it to get it off


Looks Great!!


The built in nut for removing the filter is great since my filter is down under.


Spins on and off with a breeze, just what I ordered


Quick delivery


I always use K/N filters on my bikes and vehicles.


Easy to install but the nut is useless if you've over-tightened the filter. I hand tightened the filter (guess I don't know my own strength) and still had difficulty getting it off at the next change. The rounded edges of the nut made it difficult for a wrench or socket to get a good grab and the nut strips easily because it is made of very soft thin metal. I ended up having to destroy the filter to get it off using the screw driver method since HD put the filter where a filter wrench can't get ahold of it. Grrr.


realy like the built in nut, makes install realy easy


Simply the Best


easy filter to install!


Good price


This thing cleans particulate matter from the oil!


at least i know i'll be able to get this one off without having to destroy it like the filter that came on the bike from the factory overtorqued.


Great quality product


seem to work fine


Very pleased with the product


Did what it was supposed to, filtered oil utnil it was time to change.


k&n filter. top quality. great fit. replaces stock filter on my 09 flhx.


There is no better oil filter than a K&N oil filter. The bolt on it makes removal so much more user friendly.


Best oil filter on the market, in terms of protection and ease of removal/installation.


Quality item at a great price.


Great replace for H/D...don't need that special oil wrench, but you should get the filter drip catch it works too


better than stock for oil change


excellent and with the hex on the end I don't need to buy any special tools to replace it!


excellent and with the hex on the end I don't need to buy any special tools to replace it!


good product. a little hard to get off, but gets the job done


Nice Oil Filter from K & N. I used their air filter too on my bike! Fit easily on my bike and no drips!!


Theses filters are great. Easy on easy off, no fancy wrenches needed. Would recommend to anyone.

Big Buck

Good deal with the nut on the end. An accessory on my frame makes it difficult to get a cap style filter wrench in there.


Like the black filter as I have blacked out most of chrome with powder coat. Besides it stays better looking than chrome.


awesome products,fast shipping.always great service from j&p.


the filter is exactly what I ordered


A fine looking oil filter....


What can I say? It's a K&N! Nut on the end makes changing your oil a breeze.


Nice easy to change filter. Oil appears cleaner when checking it and when draining it after 3,000 miles.


Much better than I can get at Harley. Nut makes the filter change easy.


Why not use the best. K&N has more filtration than most all others and it is easy to take off and replace with the nut on the end.


Lot easier to get on and off compared to filters that need an adapter. Adapter always seams to slip will use these from now on.


Does what is needed to do.


I only use K&N filters, they are the best.


Great filter at a great price


Great filter at a fair price!


The little nut on the end should be on every filter. Back to 10 minute oil changes.

ole trucker

The best as far as I am concerned! The chrome looks nice, but retains heat, do not need anymore heat around Florida.


K&N rocks the filter world and these meet or exceed my expectations


Top of the line filter. Has a nifty end on it so you can use a wrench to snug down the filter.


Received very fast, and K&N always has great quality


This product was all I hoped it would be!


As far as I can tell, this is as good as the last one, I would prefer a chrome one.


EZ to install and EZ to remove with a 17mm tool


Easy to Change!


good product and service


for 2007 V-Star 1300..great replace for stock.


Very convienient .. one stop shopping!


Great filters


great product




fast & fit great


Worked very well...I think I like the maxim chain wax better though as it is less messy.


As expected. Good condition. Good price.


Love the 17mm nut, no more oil filter strap wrenches!


Great deal!


the sales man was very help full. I got the right filter and oil for my bike.


great works like a champ


No cardboard or cheap filter elements inside. Nothing bad to say about it...it filters and being black is almost invisible on the bike. Works for me...


Not having testing equipment all I can say is that this filter is the one that I always use and it has never caused me a moment's problem. I could buy cheaper and I could buy much more expensive but I trust K&N products having one of their cold air intakes on my Honda Civic Si. I change the oil and filter every 5K miles.


We only use this oil filter from you guys. Have had no problem with them. Very satisfied.


Best filter for the money.


Does what it is supposed to do.


Wouldn't use anything else.


Have used KN products for years. They are just the best out there.


shipped fast.


Great filter


Works like it is supposed to. The built-in nut on the end makes it easier to get off during your next oil change.


Good filter and easy to install and remove.


Great price, awesome customer service!! Thanks Again J&P!!

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