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Product Description:

Aspect Ratio: 70
Load Range: 59 - Maximum Capacity 536 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number: 8822
Model: T31 Sport Touring Battlax
Overall Diameter: 24.8"
Position: Front
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Sportbike Tires from J&P Cycles

If you need a new set of Sportbike tires look no further than J&P Cycles. It doesn’t matter if you are going out to rail some turns in the countryside or if you are headed out to a local track day, J&P Cycles has the right set of Sportbike Tires for you. We carry all the top sportbike tire brands in stock every day. A huge selection of popular styles including the Dunlop Q3+Continental Motion-Sport Touring, Michelin Pilot PowerMichelin Pilot Power 3Michelin Road 5, Pirelli Angel STPirelli Diablo and the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II all at great prices. If you are into speed, then you will be happy to know there is no waiting here at J&P Cycles. We strive to provide fast delivery of Sportbike tires all year long reaching most destinations in 2 days or less. Need help choosing the right tire for your riding style? No problem! J&P Cycles has knowledgeable staff to answer all your Sportbike tire questions. You can also try our easy to use tire finder to help you find the right tire size, load, and speed rating for your bike. So when you need to replace that worn down tread look no further than J&P Cycles, we have all the sportbike tires you need!

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