If you've been riding a cruiser motorcycle for any amount of time, more than likely you have wanted to change the bike to fit your riding style. Modifying your motorcycle is at the heart of the cruiser motorcycle culture. For over 40 years, J&P Cycles has been at the forefront of supplying the best parts to help you fit your motorcycle to your riding style. Here are our favorites for 2022.

The Selection Process

We simply can’t leave our bikes alone. The J&P Cycles crew has been building and modifying motorcycles for as long as we have been selling parts. We are constantly on the hunt for the latest parts and accessories to upgrade our motorcycles. Our wrenches stay spinning and we are constantly looking to find the best parts to make motorcycles run better, be more comfortable and fit riding styles.

Best Tuners

To get the best performance out of your motorcycle, all of your modifications have to work together. If you change your exhaust, for example, you'll likely need to change the fueling of the engine to take advantage of that modification. That's where these tuners come in.

Vance & Hines FP3

The FP3 is going to be a great tuner choice for those folks with fairly light modifications to their bikes' intake, exhaust, and engine.

The FP3 allows you to leverage your smartphone for easy and fast fuel management. J&P Cycles illustration.

Vance & Hines offers a wide range of map support for bikes with different intakes, exhausts, and even some cam profiles. One of the best features of the FP3 is the ease of use. You can connect your FP3 to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth and access factory sensors to see live sensor data such as speed, rpm, cylinder-head temperature, voltage, gear selection, and more so you can customize performance. You can download an assortment of performance upgrades from Vance & Hines' virtual library of engine calibrations or autotune according to your own metrics, like fuel type and other precision settings. You can even clear codes and read real-time data from your bike.

Thundermax ECM

If you are in the market for the no-holds-barred, capable of anything, true wide-band tuner, then look no further than Thundermax.

The Thundermax ECM provides the ultimate level of tuning for your Harley Davidson. 

 The Thundermax unit is a complete ECM replacement for your Harley-Davidson. If your plan is to take your bike to the next level of performance by adding things like a big bore kit or stroker crank, then the Thundermax is going give you the high level of tuning you are going to need. It comes with 18 mm wide-band O2 sensors that work in conjunction with the Thundermax software to allow live monitoring, recording and examination of diagnostic codes and datalogging, including number of starts, engine temperature and rpm operation. It allows you the ability to set your desired air-fuel ratio of your choosing in specific spots in the rpm range and continuously monitors and adjusts air-fuel ratios via the wide-band sensors. You will need to use a laptop to set up your software, but if you are looking for a high-level tuning option, then this is the tuner for you.

Best Intake

S&S Stealth Intake

The S&S Stealth Air Cleaner Kits are a great choice for those motorcyclists looking to add extra airflow and style to their engines.

The S&S Stealth Intake can be use with your stock air cleaner cover or a S&S aftermarket cover. J&P Cycles illustration.

The S&S team draws on its over 60 years of racing heritage to produce performance parts for today's street motorcycles. Their R&D team produced an intake system with an extra-strength synthetic polymer backing plate with a built-in breather system that works to reduce the heat that transfers to your intake. This also makes installation really slick. No weird rubber hoses and fittings are involved because everything is contained in the polymer backing plate. It comes with a lifetime, serviceable, high-flow filter element and you can re-use your stock air cleaner cover for a stealth look or use one of S&S Cycle's chrome or billet covers for a little extra style.

K&N Replacement Air Filter

If you don't want to break the bank but want to add some extra air flow to your engine, then a K&N replacement filter is for you.

K&N offers a quick upgrade in performance with a high-flow OEM replacement filter. J&P Cycles illustration.

Installation is very easy. You simply swap out your stock paper element for K&N’s high-flow filter. The large filtration area delivers high capacity and long service intervals, as well as low restriction for increased airflow. The filters come pre-oiled and ready to use. Specifically designed to fit OE air filter assembly.

Best Exhaust

Vance & Hines Hi Output Slip Ons

If you are looking to swap out the stock mufflers on your bike or you have replaced the headers and need some matching performance mufflers, the Vance & Hines Hi Output slip-ons are just what the horsepower doctor ordered.

Milwaukee 8 Fat Bob Hi Output Mufflers shown. J&P Cycles illustration.

These 4.5-inch pipes unlock the rumble of your V-twin powerplant and deliver maximum horsepower by improving the volumetric efficiency of your engine. Pair them with a high-flow intake and FP3 to get maximum performance from your machine. They are available in chrome or black with CNC-machined end caps and the touring fitments also fit nicely with saddlebags and extended skirts.

S&S Cycles Sidewinder two-into-one exhaust

The S&S Sidewinder two-into-one exhaust system is for those looking to pull the most performance from their engine.

S&S Cycles Sidewinder is available in "race" and 50-state legal versions. J&P Cycles illustration.

S&S’s 60 years of racing heritage shines through in the stepped stainless steel header that is equipped with both 12 and 18 mm O2 sensor bungs that allow the use of either the stock or wide-band O2 sensors. The 4.5-inch muffler delivers a deep exhaust note that can be adjusted to your liking with the included dB reducer. The Sidewinder comes in show chrome or guardian black and is finished with a billet aluminum end cap. It is also available in a 50-state legal version that features a high-flow catalytic converter.

Best Seat

Lepera Kickflip

Lepera’s 50 years of experience is sewn into the Kickflip and it's available for a wide range of Harley-Davidson models.

The Kickflip's supportive shape keeps you tucked in the saddle. J&P Cycles illustration.

The Kickflip maximizes back support and features an 11-inch-wide seating area that is filled with Marathon foam for maximum stability and comfort. The supportive shape keeps you tucked in the saddle and delivers comfort on those high-mile days. The Kickflip is covered in top grade vinyl and is available in five different stitching options and has a carpeted bottom to protect your fender. It is offered in standard and “daddy long legs” for taller riders.

HogWorkz Detachable Backrest

The Hogworkz detachable backrest allows you to walk the line between function and form with ease.

The HogWorkz Detachable Backrest can be installed or removed in seconds. J&P Cycles illustration.

The quick-detach function allows you to snap the backrest on or off in a moment's notice with the trigger lock system. You can give your passenger peace of mind by increasing their level of comfort or use it for a place to easily strap on luggage for a road trip. They are available for a wide range of models all going back to 1997, with or without a luggage rack, and come in chrome or gloss black and both standard and shorty heights are available. They work with stock Harley-Davidson docking hardware or you can purchase docking hardware separately. Installation is simple and can be done with basic hand tools.

Best Luggage

Street and Steel Saddlebags

If you don't have a touring motorcycle and are looking to add storage capacity, Street and Steel offers a variety of options.

Street and Steel Slant Saddlebags can add storage capacity to a wide variety of motorcycles. J&P Cycles illustration.

Street and Steel Slanted Saddlebags are great for adding that capacity you need for anything from a trip to the store to a cross-country road trip.  They are a heavy-duty buffalo leather throw-over-style set of bags. That means they will work with basically any style of cruiser motorcycle. The three-millimeter full-grain buffalo leather bags are available in a small and large size, have a full coverage lid with leather over straps featuring quick-release buckles so you can get at your cargo easily. The adjustable yoke in the center allows you to tailor the bags to fit your ride and mounting is very simple. You lay the bags across your bike, either over or under your rear seat, and tie the bottoms off to a point on the frame.

If you want to step up your luggage game, you can always add a set of saddlebag brackets for a bit more stability. This is a great way to add storage capacity to your ride and easily remove it for aesthetics or if you change motorcycles.

Biltwell EXFIL-80

The EXFIL 80 is an extremely versatile and functional bag designed to mount on a wide range of motorcycles.

The Biltwell EXFIL 80 is loaded with functional features. J&P Cycles illustration.

The EXFIL-80 is made from UV-treated 1680 denier ballistic-grade nylon with an integrated tool compartment. The roll-top closure has a Velcro strip and nylon quick-release buckles to keep things sealed up tight with a PVC-coated nylon bottom panel that is impervious to water. It has zipper pockets for roadside repair essentials that can be opened without removing the bag from your motorcycle. It's a well thought out piece with features like a hi-vis orange lining in the main and secondary compartments to help you see your gear and a padded backrest for your comfort. Interior volume is 51 liters (or 80 beers) and includes a weather-resistant cover for 100 percent waterproof protection.

Best Grips

Ness Knurled Fusion

The Ness Knurled Fusion grips feature a knurled rubber grip area and billet end cap for excellent hand traction with a clean look.

Ness Knurled Grips provide tactile feel with a touch of custom. J&P Cycles illustration.

The one-inch diameter grips are made from anodized aluminum and rubber, with the billet end cap featuring the laser-engraved Arlen Ness logo. The functionality of the knurled rubber surface is tactile without feeling like the grip is too bulky and gives you the feedback from your bike you need to stay in control. The anodized end caps come in a variety of colors to add that custom touch that Ness is known for. The grips are available in both throttle-by-wire and cable-driven fitments.

Avon Air Cushion Grips

Avon Air Cushion grips are like an air ride system for your hands.

Avon Air Cushion Grips are meant for comfort. 

The air pockets in the Kraton rubber help absorb unwanted vibrations that can cause hand numbness and fatigue when you are putting down miles. The soft serrated texture on the grip surface helps you hold on to your bike with no-slip confidence. The rubber grip surface is wrapped around an aluminum base with a wide variety of end cap options, including those with a throttle assist, and are available in a chrome or black finish.

Best Cup Holder

Ciro Big Ass Drink Holder

A Ciro Big Ass Drink Holder is a great way to bring that ice-cold soda or tumbler of hot coffee with you.

Bring your favorite beverage with you with a Big Ass Drink Holder from Ciro. J&P Cycles illustration.

The durable neoprene rubber construction has a 4.125-inch opening and is designed to work with 30-ounce tumblers. It will grip your drink securely so there is no worrying about losing it. There are a variety of mounting options, from perch mount to handlebar mount depending on how you want to attach it to your motorcycle. The ball mounting system allows you to adjust the angle as well as easily remove it from the bike. They are available in both chrome and black

Thanks for joining us for the rundown of the best parts of 2022. From free-flowing exhausts to comfort items like seats and luggage for the long haulers, there's something for every type of rider to make your motorcycle work better for you. Don't miss out on our other guides as we bring you the best of 2022.