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Partner Collab: "Dirt Davidson"

2002 Sportster 883R

Dirt Davidson

Check out the gallery, video, and Q&A with the builder below

Build Sheet
H-D 883 Evo
Size: 1200 ci
Intake: S&S Cycle Mini Tear Drop air cleaner
EFI/Carb: S&S Super E Carburetor
Other Engine Parts: S&S Cycle Hooligan Big Bore Cam Kit, S&S Cycle Quickee Pushrods; Feuling Race Series solid lifters; Cometic engine gasket and seal set
Primary Drive: Tracker Die chain conversion with "Bulletproof" sprocket cover
Chain: BikeMaster 530 BMOR O-Ring Chain
Shocks: Legend Revo ARC
Forks: KTM forks with new internals
Woody's Wheels
Lighting: Denali D4 LED light pods
Battery: Antigravity ATX-30
Foot Controls: Biltwell Punisher pegs
Miscellaneous: KTM front and rear fenders; V-Twin Manufacturing 2.4 gallon replica tank

Q&A from the Builder

What inspired you to build your motorcycle?

Our motto at @GoFastGarageCo is "Build the Bike you wish to see in the world" - and we wanted to see a Harley Davidson, the bike our grandpa's fired up with loud pipes and unapologetic American attitude, ripping across the desert and through the mountains on road and off road. We built this bike originally to race with our friends at Biltwell at the Biltwell 100 in the Mojave Desert. It Now has about 217 Desert Race miles on her and every time something breaks, we build it back stronger and radder.

Kinda like the Japanese art from of mending pottery with gold - the broken pieces make the story. Dirt Davidson lives to shred another trail and tell another tale.

How many hours do you have into your build?

Probably 50 all together - its been a build/ break/ rebuild/ test/ break/ rebuild process.

Is there any custom fabrication? If so, what?

Yes - Custom triple clamps to fit the KTM forks we're running; extended the swingarm by 3 inches and added optional mounting points to be able to adjust the shock angle. The fenders front and back required some light fab for fitment and the headlight bracket is made of metal we had lying around in the shop. All of these are subject to change as we're constantly wrecking and rebuilding this bike better and better.

Who painted your bike?

Our very own crew - Dan and Danny collaborated to give it a hand painted and lightly gold flaked combo of playful and fancy. It's my favorite paint job.

Anything else you'd like to tell us about your build?

This bike raced in the inaugural Biltwell 100, a 100 mile Desert race through the treacherous sands, whoops and rocky climbs of the Mojave desert. That year, within' about 15 seconds of the rubber band start, 3 men had died and a few more were worse for wear.

(Ok they didn't die, luckily they were wearing a shirt that reminded them not to - but they did go fast and they DID bump hogs in what was a very gnarly series of one Harley goes down and the next uses the other as a ramp to try to jump over the front runner.)

Patrick Garvin of J&P knew to stay out of the sand pounding pack of hooligans and we were smart enough to follow his lead. We would only make it 17 miles that year due to a catastrophic braking failure and ended up sitting with Jason Rodgers by a rock and cheering on the other racers until help came. Since that 17th mile, we were hooked on building a bike that could compete and finish the race, and we've since had 2 finished and one second place podium.

We don't care too much about the podium stuff, we're more of a peace in the process, joy in the journey type bunch. In the words of the great Ol' Pops, "Winning is important, but RACING is importanter. Go Fast, Don't Die."

Our idea of a proper build is one you can ride across the country, into the mountains, across the desert and into a bike show and turn heads the whole way.

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