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Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge

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Kicking, pushing and pinching is no way to measure pounds per square inch. A motorcycle tire pressure gauge, on the other hand, can provide exact readouts that let you know if all is well within the tire and tube. It’s a rather important measurement to make, too, given that your ride is depending on those two rubber donuts rolling beneath you. So if you’re serious about safety, gas mileage, traction, tread wear and overall prolonging the life of your tires, read on and get the exact motorcycle tire gauge you need here at J&P Cycles.

Motorcycle tire pressure gauge: Choices for the shop and open road

There’s a sweet spot for air pressure on street and dirt bikes. Those figures are about 30 PSI and up for the road and 12 PSI in typical off-road conditions. To dial it in, select from the dozens of styles of motorcycle air pressure gauges we carry. Some of these tools present incredibly accurate figures with a digital readout, others offer built-in perks like tread depth checkers, 90-degree air chuck heads for easy filling, braided hose covers, bleeder valves and other elements that’ll prove this is no simple tool. Of course, we’ve got small motorcycle tire gauges you can stick in the tank bag and periodically check in on your tires. Getting a read on things at the gas station (and not stranded on the side of the road with a clearly under-inflated tire) can save your skin on the next tour. Need some guidance on which one to pick? Call 1-800-318-4823 or click here to contact the J&P Customer Service team.