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Crash Bar Bags

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The worst always seems to happen a hundred miles from home. Crash bar bags let you store all those items that otherwise might get left at home — and what good is that? J&P Cycles knows that a crash bar bag makes the most of a spot on your bike that would otherwise go unused. We want to fill you in on all the perks of a crash bar bag no matter if your ride is a long-haul cruiser or an ADV bike that needs to be self-reliant.

Crash bar bags aboard engine guard rails

You could wear a backpack and waist bag, with storage strapped to your bike’s nose and tail, and still not have all the storage you need. A crash bar bag, which firmly mounts to the engine guard rails, makes the most of space that usually sits vacant. Strapping one of these leather or nylon packs to the bike instantly increases storage space while utilizing features like waterproofing, reflecting materials and multiple attachment points for easy install. Just double-check the size and capacity, or run it by our customer service team, to make sure these motorcycle crash bar bags will easily attach.