Custom 2018 Street Bob

Custom 2018 RSD Street Bob

The RSD Milwaukee 8 is a bit of a mash up. Let’s call it a “what’s in the shop now” kind of bike. The time line for the build was two weeks, so even in our position getting wheels in special sizes built on the quick is a challenge. So a spare set of 19 x 3.0 Traction Hooligan wheels along with DUNLOP DTX tires and matching discs were borrowed from another project and fitted. We wanted the bike to appeal to the Dyna crowd so we built a set of one of T bars we borrowed from an FXR project we were working on. Front number plate/wind diffuser was mounted direct to the T bars for a bit of race flair that also works to reduce the neck pains at high speeds. Finished just in time to launch the bike were the Clarity engine covers in black ops. The Milwaukee 8 is all new, so a complete line of covers had to be redesigned from scratch to fit.
Custom 2018 Street Bob Seat
Custom 2018 Street Bob Bars
Custom 2018 Street Bob Rear Wheel
Custom 2018 Street Bob Number
Custom 2018 Street Bob Engine
Custom 2018 Street Bob Exhaust

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