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Motorcycle Rain Gear

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Motorcycle Rain Gear

Are you really going to let a little drizzle stop you? We didn’t think so. Motorcycle rain gear, available now from J&P Cycles, should be part of every serious rider’s kit. It’s something that is worth its weight in gold once the weather turns sour and those who’ve been caught in a storm before will certainly agree.

Motorcycle Rain Gear For Men & Women

As our Common Tread crew says, “riding in the rain already sucks, but if you’re going to have to dig in and push through a storm, being dry makes a world of difference.” Motorcycle rain gear and rain suits are the tipping point between pulling off to the side of the road to wait it out or putting on your stashed-away apparel and continuing on. If you’re wondering how to choose rain gear for your motorcycle, consider past experience and horror stories from your riding buddies. While motorcycle rain suits will provide more complete full-body protection, the features found in rain gear (think separate pants and jackets) are certainly worth investing in. Waterproof shells on the outside of this gear do the majority of the work, but leading brands like Bilt, Frogg Toggs and Nelson-Rigg have placed plenty of effort elsewhere. You’ll find storm flaps and high-visibility embellishments on the outside plus airflow-improving inner liners as well as elastic cuffs and waists on the inside. 

Ready For Anything At J&P

If you’re a year-round rider who has to get to work despite a little wet weather, this is the rain gear for you. The same goes to those who don’t mind pushing forward once donning the appropriate apparel. If you’re about to pull out of the driveway and it starts pouring, we’ve got another suggestion: Check out one of these 10 great rainy day motorcycle flicks.